My favorite thing is that none of the girls put together that they were on shrooms until coach told them, meaning they thought they did the maenad orgy thing while slightly buzzed on berry wine.


Lmao at Misty labeling her tupperware and registering to vote so she could be on jury duty.


Honestly Misty labeling her Tupperware "Misty's - DO NOT TOUCH" was the most Misty thing ever next to shooting the cigarettes with Fentanyl and burning the corpse bits with the dead lady and RUNNING towards Nat at the reunion and...damn it this was a great Misty episode in general, wasn't it?


Yeah, Christina Ricci really shined in the finale. She deserves an Emmy


That was SO funny how she left the conversation she was in to join the others for their cool "entering the reunion together" walk


Caligula Inn!


Seriously, don't accept food from Misty! Just don't do it!


Or cigarettes. Or anything that is in any way injestable/inhalable/insertable.


Lol at Misty saying “those things will kill you” or something like that when she was begging for them back


>Lol at Misty saying “those things will kill you” or something like that when she was begging for them back Fucking brilliant wasn't it


You can check in, but you'll never check out.


You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave


I bet Nat is regretting destroying that owl cam now…


Please you know Misty had a back up


My god. The bite on her hand was from the dog!


Holy shit, I think you’re dead on! I thought auto cannibalism would’ve been an odd thing for Tai to do, all things considered. When they showed her washing off that bite in the sink, I remember thinking damn she’s got some real chompers to make those bite marks. But what the fuck is the doll supposed to represent…


They are sacrifices of things that were precious or loved. Maybe she did it for the election.


I agree I think she did it for the election.


It showed it in direct juxtaposition to her winning, so that's a safe bet.


Oh damn, you must be correct. Biscuit fought that bitch for his life.


News: Local artist is missing. Shauna: I burned it. 🍿


The tone shift in that family room..... MAGNIFICENT


I love it - Jeff seems to have found newfound awe and respect for his wife and Callie might actually take the roast out to defrost the next time mom asks her to do it.


Callie, pulling the roast out of the freezer: better you than me.


Callie: ​ ![gif](giphy|55itGuoAJiZEEen9gg)


I was absolutely thinking that if I were Callie, I would never miss curfew again. Or do anything else to even slightly annoy my mom.


I would stay at Illana’s indefinitely.


And when Callie comes in they are just casually joking about eating a cat. Like regular parents do.


Jeff and Shauna are so much made for each other


A ship i did not expect to be aboard. But here we are.


I thought that was hilarious and slightly disturbing how Jeff just casually threw out that the cat better behave or it will be dinner. Then they happily invite Callie to join and hang out with them because they blackmailed their friends and killed a man.


First I’ve seen mentioned about Shaunas little problem - her daughter definitely knows !


Need to get Simone on speed dial for when I hear a noise at night


I was watching alone in a big house with my dog and all the lights out and when I realized she was going to open the grate instead of doing literally anything else was when I said NOPE out loud and turned on a light.


Cult emergence gives new fuel for “Tell Nat she was right” theories. Who has one? One thing that’s odd about that - it’s not the kind of note you’d write as a “memo to self.” So he was trying to pass it to someone he thought was safe? Who might that be? And how did it go so wrong for him?


It she was right about something regarding Lottie, that's probably why the cult targeted her!!


And shit. New meaning to the others being “off the grid.” And Shauna sounding ominous about hearing from “the others” in the diner in the pilot. Do Shauna and Nat and Daytime Tai know about the cult?!?




Misty DID warn Jessica the cigarettes would kill her...


I knew as soon as she took them out of the trash that Jessica was fucked. We don’t know if she’s dead or knocked out, but Misty is pretty lackadaisical about death and killing. Christina Ricci totally disappeared into her role. She was fucking incredible. Everyone was great, but Misty was something else.


Christina Ricci needs a fucking Emmy for this show.


I was just thinking how sometimes I forget that Misty is even Christina Ricci.


They also do an intentional long shot of her taking the cigs out of the trash. It made me think about how when she and Nat were at Travis' house, she was talking about how much trash can reveal about a person. Most of the items were nondescript-a banana peel, a crumpled up paper, a plastic carton, but in the upper left there was some kind wrapper like from a coffee cup or fast food item that had a logo on it I couldn't quite make out, I felt like that was significant. Edit: Someone [posted](https://www.reddit.com/r/Yellowjackets/comments/s5u5ji/wtf_is_jessica_roberts_smoking/) a pic of it, can anyone tell what it is?


Remember how Adam said he had a friend who had a cabin in the woods and he wanted him and Shauna to go there? Bet you anything they were trying to lure her there. The cult Lottie is running.


I think this is the best take in this thread.


There is little doubt that Adam, with his specifically spooky tattoos. is a cult member, sent by Lottie to lure in Shauna. Shauna is one of the 4 who ultimately thwarted her and doubted her powers. Travis, too, but he wasn’t an object of her anger in the same way. Lottie doesn’t just want to kill our 4 women remotely. She wants them to be judged and punished, I would guess. A possible twist: There are a few signs that Adam authentically fell for Shauna, and might have been delaying or deviating from Lottie’s plan. As time went on, he certainly got more jumpy, looking all around when, say, Shauna visited his room, maybe worried that Lottie had eyes on him (seems like she had eyes on Nat!). Is it possible that the secluded cabin in the woods isn’t the obvious attempt to lure Shauna into Lottie’s lair, but is actually a real attempt by Adam to spirit Shauna away from being harmed/killed by Lottie? And Shauna responds by stabbing him? I mean, Shauna has a terrible habit of not trusting/lashing out at men who are crazy about her and trying to help her. I bet that we will see more of Adam’s back story, learn how he ended up in the cult, and see the Shauna relationship from his POV, in future seasons, and it will take some twists and turns.


Wonder if/when/how Lottie brought her cult to civilization? When did Misty part from it? What revenge is Lottie seeking? Why kill Travis? Did they leave Lottie out there because of this cult behavior?? Pls let this year go by fast. I need season 2 ASAP.


Hell, are any other survivors in the cult now or is it all new folks?


Yea, is Van a part of it still?!!


I imagine we're going to see an adult version of Van. We'll meet her first masked or in darkness. Then we'll see the scars . . .


>I imagine we're going to see an adult version of Van. >We'll meet her first masked or in darkness. Then we'll see the scars . . . I would legit lose my shit


Congratulations to Allie for graduating high school her freshman year and spending the next 25 years developing a thick Long Island accent


lmaoo i don’t get why they gave her the accent! it makes her seem so much older. as for why she was there, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was an honorary member of their class because was on the team, married a senior, or was on the committee.


I thought in the first episode she was so excited to go to prom because she wasn’t a senior like most of the varsity girls. So how is she in their graduating class? Am I misremembering? Help me 😩


My friend and I were laughing at her accent while watching and texting each other!


Poor Nat, she continues to be the most morally sound character (the competition is not that tight) and has the most heartbreaking current day storyline.


The fact that she’s the most morally sound is probably *why* she’s the most openly fucked up as an adult


Exactly! She breaks my heart the most. She’s the most sensitive, delicate soul on the show.


She has a pure heart and she’s not able to trust herself. Shauna on her high horse with a “normal” life convinced her that Travis really did kill himself, then Kevyn with his normal life made her feel even more alone. Made me sadder than the Jackie storyline


Nat is 10/10 my favorite character. She's the heart of the show, and honestly the only one with enough courage to follow her gut that Travis was a murder, not a suicide. Shauna just wants this mess to be over and will clearly do anything to go back to normal, and Taissa...well, she's got her own plans. Nat is the only one whose pursuit of the truth isn't tainted with her own agenda, benign or otherwise. Misty's just batshit but I love her.


If the snow had fallen the night before, Jackie would be the only one left alive!


& I'm assuming Javi froze to death too. :(


We are going to find Javi’s head on an alter. Lotti paid for the bear somehow.


What if the bear ate Javi so it was tripping on shrooms and that’s why it was acting so strange. Lol don’t come for me!


That would be an acceptable resolution for Jarvi. Was Javi wearing his dad’s ring? We could find it in the bear


Could we call him a ringbearer?


Shauna was really making popcorn for the NEWS y’all 😭😭😭 she’s more messed up than I thought


I use any excuse for popcorn so I get it


Shauna doesn't like soccer... I feel like Jeff finding out there was no book club


I like the quick flash to coach when she said that


That scene was so intense but I laughed when they cut to him.


Remember being a teenager and being able to be good at sports you didn't even like? Sigh..


About damn time! Van is one of the bad guys?? Do we think Tai is still part of the cult or just did that for her own gain? Even so she seemed super spooked about being in the tree and bleeding, so makes me think she doesn't remember doing that to poor Biscuit? Jackie died in such an anticlimactic way but was still so good!!


That was so sad. She had a perfectly normal reaction to what she learned- and after a plane crash nonetheless - and they all alienated her


Jackie had the only normal reaction to whatever the fuck happened the night before. probably bc she was the only one that didn't take the shrooms. my girl jackie deserved better


To me Jackie officially represents the last of their innocence out there. Javi is gone. Coach Ben let Jackie die along with everyone else. Jackie, besides being terrible at survival skills and a bit lazy, didn’t do anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done. She had every right to be upset with Shauna and with everyone. They really would’ve killed Travis had Nat not showed up in that moment. But Jackie would only be there in the “before” time. She never had to eat a single person. She was banished from their shelter and died that very night. She represents their selfishness and their sins, and this will for sure be the catalyst of so much evil to come.


Personally I found Jackie’s death really poetic. In the first ep, the coach told her she was team captain not for her skills but for her influence. When she lost her influence she got “froze out”. She dreamed about everyone loving her again and shauna coming to get her omg. Makes sense why shauna is so fucked up. She had a horrible fight with her best friend, and then NEVER GOT ANY CLOSURE CUZ SHE FROZE TO DEATH IN SUCH A MEANINGLESS WAY. It was way more painful to see Jackie die like that, alone, rather than in a blaze of glory. Chilling. Literally.


I totally agree and beyond that there’s something so necessary about Jackie’s death to allow crazy stuff to happen. Jackie represents society in a lot of ways because of the influence she had in the regular world. Her death reflects the end of her influence and also the end of society’s influence on the girls. It’s definitely making room for this supernatural Lottie cult to take charge.


Absolutely. Huge turning point for the show. And we all know Ben is next, he is so not gonna be down for Lottie’s bullshit


She has had to sush him multiple times to mess things up. Coach allowed them to freeze Jackie out because of her telling him. Once he realizes what happened he's going to raise hell.


I can’t believe he didn’t go outside to get her after everyone fell asleep! He really lost his leadership to lottie already


I think the cold genuinely snuck up on everyone! They’re in an unfamiliar landscape and probably have very little grasp on how much time has actually passed. Girls were just sleeping outside after doomcoming. Everyone knew it was a bad idea for Jackie to sleep outside but I don’t think anyone actually thought she would freeze to death.


Yeah, Coach Ben also represents the influence of the regular world. That means he's likely gone soon too. To some extent, Nat does too, as I can't see her going along with all the craziness, so I think that's why they're targeting her in the present day.


also its interesting to compare who was okay "freezing out" allie in episode 1. nat was against it, and nat was nowhere to be found amongst those who froze jackie out


Interestingly tho, Tai came up with the “freeze Allie out” plan and now she’s the only one in the cabin remotely opposed to Jackie sleeping outside


I noticed that, too! Tai also encouraged Shauna to go out and talk to her, which we know because of the death/cabin scene, is all it would have taken for Jackie to come in from the cold.


The senselessness and finality of it really got to me. There's no ambiguity in her death at all, she didn't disappear. Her corpse is just there, and long past revival. Fucked me up.


I'd bet my fucking lifeeeee that this is how they descend into cannibalism and that Jackie is the first one that they eat and that just adds to the whole fucked-upness of it all. They will be starving in the winter and someone (Misty?) will suggest that they dig her up because her corpse has been frozen and preserved this entire time. They'll all reject the idea at first but eventually do it out of necessity and be able to justify it because she's already dead. Maybe Tai sleepwalks and starts digging her up.


But surely they still have bear meat??!


“It was more painful to see Jackie die like that, alone, rather than in a blaze of glory.” And that right there is exactly what made the whole thing so fucked up. Watching it, it didn’t feel real. For such an impactful character to have a death like that is so heartbreaking. The thing with hypothermia is there is no pain. She was probably long asleep before it took her.


Tai mentioned that in no compass, that "freezing feels like going to sleep" cold was coming


That scene was full-on movie flashbacking through my head when they showed us her body...WILD WRITING goddamit it.


Initially hypothermia is quite painful though. It's a misconception you just fall to sleep. You're shaking, which can build into almost convulsions, breathing gets short and shallow and feels like scorching in your throat. You then enter a state of delirium as the shaking dies down. Then comes the illusion of being warm and often euphoria - this is the painless point and also when you're in grave danger. Finally you lose consciousness and die. I just assume everything hit Jackie much quicker because her body size, lack of nutrition as of late, etc.


YES!! You are 100 % correct!! It IS (posted earlier about my having had this) it’s freaking horrible. This description is absolutely accurate. The muscle cramping and convulsions are what I remember the most. Then friends sort of literally slapping me and fighting w me to stay the hell awake. This happened on a misplanned fishing trip.. my clothes all got soaked and the temp dropped. Later on, the cramps hurt like the worst flu aches ever…for hours even after being warmed up. Terrifying experience and I felt sad for her.


you know what the more I think about it the more that it makes sense that Jackie dies that way. like Shauna would probably be a completely different person if she’d had to kill and eat Jackie to survive. instead Jackie dies in her sleep for nothing. everything between them is unresolved and Shauna is mostly stuck. colder and more callous after everything but she’s still with Jeff and still fighting petty battles with a teenage girl, in the same place where she grew up. idk maybe she thinks it’s penance or something.


Yeah, I found Jackie’s death super disturbing. I had a feeling it always would be but this really was a chilling scene.


Okay no fucking way I’d climb into a sketchy ass murder hole like Simone.


“Blood in the grate? Sure! I’ve got a kid upstairs and an iPhone light and a suit that looks expensive, but let’s crawl all up in this bitch!”


Truly my biggest concern was her threads. Like ma’am whatever’s going on in there can wait til you change.


Like I pop into sweatpants whenever I’m home for more than 2.5 minutes, but she’s all “Goonies Never Say Die” in Chanel.


"Let me just explore this hole in the basement I never knew existed which is covered in blood after my wife sent me out of our home because she was worried she'd hurt me and our son, who is also upstairs alone." Absolutely fucking not.


Right??? Oh there’s a breeze blowing from this old vent in my basement that appears to be smeared with blood? Why don’t I hop right in?!


And, like, what fucking smells must have been coming from there? No. Immediately no.


Torsos matter for identification if they have a large tattoo on them. Misty should have looked at Adam's body.


“versez le sang mes beaux amis” translates to “shed blood my beautiful friends.” Bring on season 2 bitches.


"And let the darkness set us free" Love it!


That shot at the end with Lottie, Van, And misty… SHIT THAT WAS GOOD


I loved all the big surprises, but honestly the best scene of the whole episode to me was when Jackie and Shauna finally confronted each other. So well written and so well acted, it was incredible. I love the weird stuff too but it’s the drama and relationships between the characters that really make this show shine. Hats off to everyone involved, it’s amazing television.


“Are you quoting Beaches at me?”😂🤣


The way the music cut out when Jackie says no was hilarious.


Okay is Tai involved in this cult? Or is it “the bad one” who sacrifices the dog? It seems like at the end she knows what’s going on. It feels like it would be in cults best interest to have power? Maybe the reporter is involved too?


Someone posted on Twitter that they had to sacrifice to leave and she had to have a sacrifice to win the election.


The idea that they had to sacrifice someone to get out is FIRE and I feel silly for not having thought of it.


You think you could buy a house and live in it for years & never notice there’s a secret room off the basement? Tai might not be involved in Lottie’s crazy but she knows what’s up. Also who crawls into a crawl space they have no idea where it leads? This ain’t Coraline.


Man, that’s a fun finale. I have no idea where it’s going and I can’t wait to find out.


A sacrifice to Lottie with spilling which granted her the victory


So the ‘spill’ on the door didn’t mean spill secrets… it meant spill blood and dark Tai was sending a message to regular Tai. Wow.


Or was dark tai messaging regular tai like, “hey girl you spilled some make sure to clean that up so Simone doesn’t see?” Hahaha I’m high


I know that young Tai is very logical and anti-supernatural. I think, somewhere along the line of those 19 months something happens that cracks her. Maybe her love for Van causes her to join their side? Maybe she starves and they have food? Or it’s her coming to accept the darkness in her to join Lottie’s “darkness”. I wholeheartedly thinks she sacrificed her dog to win. I think that’s why the sleepwalking started back up. I think that’s why she started seeing wolves and the man with no eyes.


Idk but her sinister smile after she won the election was extremely telling. Why does it seem like she knows what’s going on?


I think neither. Lottie and her present day cult is out to destroy them like Travis


Right, i can see that. I wonder what’s up what’s up with tai though. That shit with the dog fucked me up


Ya that was sad :( The heart at the alter just like Lottie at the end. I guess anything is possible with these gals lol


Was that Adam’s heart? It was too big to be Biscuit’s


I definitely think she stole Adam's heart from the suitcase. I actually originally thought Simone was just going to find the suitcase full of organs and Tai was being sloppy.


I think Tai suspects that she's doing "bad things" but I don't think she actually knows the specifics. My guess is that enough of her creepy sleepwalking happened in the woods so that she knows she is capable of some truly disturbing shit without realizing, and she's worried that it'll get worse now that she's in a more public/stressful role.


I thought back to when Tair asked Simone to leave and she started to say "The last time I was sleepwalking people got hurt". I wonder if she is referencing doing something more sinister than just climbing a tree and leaving her teammates without a weapon....


Are we going to talk about how Jackie didn’t thank the wilderness for the food and just like that it snows and the wilderness kills her 🤭


Noticed that.


I think we all knew Jackie was on her way out but that was way more heartbreaking than I expected it to be. Excellent performances by Nelisse and Purnell.


I genuinely thought all the talk of her dying was going to be a fake out. I'm low key shocked that she just died like that.


Grand scheme of things —- probably was one of the better ways to go out there.


Was anyone else super creeped out by cabin dude during death dream???? I’m gonna have a hard time sleeping!


I just can't believe that ANY of them let Jackie spend the night outside


Especially coach! Did he forget he's the adult in this situation?


I think his adult privileges were revoked by the Queen


He told her not to. Nobody's listening to him anymore


I’m like traumatized by Shauna’s screaming and crying 😣 I did not expect it to hurt that much


Right?!!! And it just all hit me at once the guilt that she must carry around as Adult Shauna


She sits through those lunches with her parents as a kind of penance it seems.


So fucking heart wrenching. So tragic. Couldn’t have been done better. This is the most I’ve felt about the death of a character in forever. My poor cold baby all alone in the snow after being banished and breaking up with her best friend omgggg And shaunas reaction - oh my god. Horrifying. I love the remaining jackets but omg I hate them all so much for being such dicks to eachother. WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER OUT THERE!!! WHERE IS JAVI!!


"Shut the fuck up, Doug! You're a grown man."


this had no right to be this funny and yet 💀


Honestly the most shocking thing in this show is that Coach Ben somehow survived the season. This man has had more death flags than anyone else combined lol. I doubt he actually makes it out but at least he managed to survive for a little while longer.


Every episode I’ve been expecting him to die lol, 100% thought misty was gonna kill him while they were on mushrooms




Sooo. Doesn’t Adam have a back tattoo? Wouldn’t that be uhh… still part of a torso chunk that someone would find


Shauna being haunted by teen Jackie makes sense. Can’t imagine her guilt. Also, maybe Adult Misty is still involved with the cult? She seemed pretty onboard with it at the beginning.


I really wanna know what Shauna told Jackie's parents about her death


Probably that she froze to death. (But excluded her involvement with it.) TBH knowing some of the other girls' fates, it's not the worst way to go.


Jackies nightmare is going to stick with me for awhile. Truly haunting.


Oooof yeah, and the banality/preventability of her death is also SO eerie. Gonna have nightmares tonight!


I knew she was dying the moment she walked in and everyone was standing around her. It just seemed so weird. I couldn't imagine the other girls being so welcoming. Yes, Shauna woke up startled but the dream was shown from Jackie's perspective. Also, Laura Lee welcoming her to the other side and Jackie freaking out was a big indicator that it was Jackie's dream. Shauna hasn't really had any "supernatural" things happen to her yet, so I don't believe that to be her dream at all. I think she just woke up started because she realized she was sleeping for awhile with Jackie still outside.




Natalie going full hairnet first was the best laugh of the episode.


Mine was "Word definition.net defines Reunion as..." Had to pause the episode I was laughing so hard.




I feel like Misty has to be operating on a level deeper than we know. She has a huge file on all the survivors, likely she knows everything about Lottie’s cult and might be in on it/playing both sides for optimum attention.


I think she has to be at least playing both sides. She’s kneeling to Lottie at the end. I think she’s very much involved with this. I won’t rule her out of killing Travis


I loved the joke Jeff made about the cat needing to be good or it'll end up in the chili. I'm team Jeff these days.


Me, too! He started off being made into a bad guy but he’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He’s such a goofy himbo!


that second dress he got Shauna was fire


So I guess Lottie is alive in the future and basically has a cult that works for her years after becoming the “antler queen”? Love to see it lol


Adam’s tattooed torso gonna come back to haunt the 4, especially if it’s found before decomposition really sets in. Misty’s line about “torsos are useless” when they were on cleanup duty was some serious foreshadowing methinks.


Torsos contain a heart that one could cut out and add to a shrine to win an election.


Simone is gonna lawyer up and get the fastest divorce in history.


A literal freeze out, I was not expecting her to be the one to go out of the survivors in the finale. But she was the least fit to survive in the wilderness. I can’t believe we have to wait until next season to confirm if Javi is dead or not! Worst case scenario he was the “blood sacrifice” on doomscoming night that earned them the bear. It might explain why they haven’t found his body yet. RIP biscuit ETA: I didn’t forget about Laura Lee lol, I was expecting the death in the finale to Javi since he was alone during doomscoming night and missing the entire episode. I fixed my statement lol


*Laura Lee is typing*


This thread is the #7 post on Reddit's front page. Well done everyone 👏


Jackie died the same death as the Little Match Girl. That was hard to watch and heartbreaking when she was imagining the hot chocolate. God.


That was depressing, all Jackie wanted was to be warm and have her best friend say that she loves her.


Already on a rewatch & just realized when Misty asked if any neighbors saw Shauna & said, "Great! We're just cleaning up evidence then," she meant they wouldn't have to get rid of any witnesses 😳 Homegirl is definitely a serial killer, I will die on that hill


I mean... they're basically still in the woods because she destroyed the black box, so yeah she's a serial killer haha. How many nursing home patients has she probably taken out?


I knew Misty poisoned those cigarettes, but like Tai is in some real deep shit now that she's a senator. Blood sacrifice with her dog? Covering up a murder? Her fixer being murdered by a fellow crash survivor? Imagine learning this about a sitting senator omfg...


I mean, let's be real - we have sitting members of Congress who've probably done worse


Was Taissa sleepwalking? Or did she knowingly sacrifice Biscuit and do all that weird shit to win the election? Like how much of this is she cognizant for? Do we think she has anything to do with Lottie’s cult?


I keep thinking of when Lottie says ‘it’s all in us’. Maybe even if they ‘don’t believe’ it’s still a part of them? Also found it interesting that once Laura Lee left Lottie’s ‘prayer’ was not at all Christian based. What if Lottie is seeking revenge for Natalie breaking up the cult? Assuming that’s why tai and shauna thank her for saving them


My biggest miss is I would have bet plane crash settlement money that we see a new survivor. Although I guess Lottie was confirmed alive at least. Javi has to be dead. There’s no where else to be for that long in the wilderness and as another poster pointed out an Ep or two ago, the actor is too young to not age visibly between seasons. That’s why they wrote out Walt on Lost. Reunion was fun, but the best scene was really the teaser they put on social media this morning. I do hope Tai is disassociating now, because Basement Biscuit Altar Tai is clearly #TeamLottie, and I like Sleepover Bestie Tai for my girl Shauna. There’s gotta be a new adult next season and now I’m worried that casting news will spoil us as to who it is. I’m sad if Van is evil now. I hope the cult has Netflix so she can keep up her movie recap game. I’m adding this via edit this even though people are not likely still reading this one: I’m not saying 96 Van is evil. She’s my fave, and I’m aware no characters on this show are innocent. But there’s a world of difference between following a charismatic leader when starving and recovering from wilderness surgery and kidnapping/faking suicide of your friends based on those beliefs once you are (presumably) home safe. And I still said “if!” 🐝❤️😂




Smoking that cigarette was a REALLY rookie mistake. Girl just take your shit and go.


should’ve just made a stop


I’m so sad season 1 is over now! The ending was brutal. Poor Jackie. I thought she was going to be murdered.


Just curious how Simone never realized her house had a creepy secret room perfect for shrines


On this very special episode of House Hunters: it has everything this family wants in a home, but does it check all the boxes for Sleepwalking Tai?! Has: Secret shrine room, Tree for hangouts, Dirt for snacktime Does not have: Bespoke face masks, Dead Cabin Séance Guy


Get ready of 10 months of speculation on who plays adult Lottie.


Adam definitely in the Lottie cult.


Yesssssssssss!!! I totally think that. That’s the mountain tattoo and that’s why the news had him as not interacting with his family for weeks when he was dead a day!


And why they kidnapped Nat… they mad. Eye for an eye


Yes! And Tai said Nat has no one. You can’t kidnap a senator or a mom with kids cause people ask questions when people with people go missing.


posted in another thread but: 1. devastated about jackie 2. wtf taissa, rip biscuit 3. adult nat broke my heart 4. van is most likely a member of lottie’s cult 5. i cant a week for an ep, let alone wait a year for season 2 6. brb, crying


I’m in total shock. LOTTIE F’ING MATTHEWS


I want to be as happy doing anything as Misty is organizing body disposal. Look at her, just having a grand old time getting rid of bodies with her pals. Happy memories.






She really was playing the long game of her revenge. 25 years later Shauna will never get over the guilt.


episodes 1-9: ugh jackie kinda sucks lol episode 10: JACKIE NO COME BACK PLEASE JACKIE


She didn’t die a virgin 😢


I'm just going to say what we're all thinking: can't believe they didn't eat anyone.


A theory: the girls will come to believe that there's a force in the woods that want sacrifice. After their near-orgy/sexual assault and attempted murder of Travis, it sent them a bear. Next time, it'll want more and will give them less. Taissa's dissociative self functions by that logic, leaving horrifying trophies for the malicious entity she thinks she has to appease.


I think Lottie did end up sacrificing Javi when the Travis sacrifice didn’t work out which in turn brought to bear to surrender.