Funny how that works

Funny how that works


This morning on the news, there was an RN who had refused the vaccine and had been forced to take a class about its effectiveness which of course, changed her mind. She’s an RN, she shouldn’t have to take a class on the effectiveness of vaccines.


I mean, this sounds like a GOOD thing to me, it feels like most of the anti-vax crowd wouldn’t change their mind if Zeus himself descended on a lightning bolt and explained it to them. If even a fraction of them will change their mind provided the right educational approach then yes, it’s frustrating as hell that they weren’t already convinced but it’s a net positive for society that they finally got there.


Honestly I wouldn't believe a single thing Zeus told me because it's 100% just a scheme to get me knocked up


Eh, he rarely came down on a lightning bolt to do that. He would come to you in the form of like a weird looking monkey or a lizard or some shit. Somehow convince you to bump ugliest with him and 9 months later Hera is pissed off at you because you just gave birth to a god


Your argument is more valid than the antivaxxers.


How is that a bad thing? You know he's got to be good, and you'll make bank one way or the other with your demigod spawn. "What's that Zeus, I should shoot a magic potion up my arm? Sounds great, let's go to my bedroom!"


This. These ppl are scared and our ruling class is taking advantage of them by validating all of their nonsense for political gain.


Fuck the stupid, let them lose their jobs. It's their choice to deny facts and science, they can face the consequences for holding society back. Fuck giving them ANOTHER course to explain how vaccines work. Quit, get fired, either way better for all patients


It always blew my mind that hospitals had to run “wash your hands” campaigns. Our bonuses were tied to medical staff actually washing their hands between patients.


Plenty of jobs require continuing education hours, she 100% can go sit through class again and learn something new. She’s a nurse, she isn’t the whole medical and epidemiology profession


I’m in nursing school now and they really don’t teach us that much about vaccines and immunology


I mean, ideally no, but the fact she changed her mind is actually a pleasant surprise.


It all it takes is informing their employees about the efficacy of the product, then the hospital should be far more proactive with disseminating that information. They're the ones most readily able to tell people how well it works with actual data, so they should be spreading it as much as possible as soon as possible, not after people are already making decisions that might irrevocably effect their future prospects.


Wish I knew which video it was so I can show my mom!!


In a global pandemic, hospitals should absolutely have a vaccine mandate.


The thing is most already did before covid for things like flu shots


I'm a hospital pharmacist. We have to be vaccinated against hepatitis B as well as document immunity to measles, rubella and chicken pox. Not all hospitals require fly shots but many do. I expect that it will increase quickly. Requiring the COVID vaccination is nothing new.


People also screaming about the "Vaccination password for COVID" as if we never had a booklet that has all of our vaccination history. Or as if the mandate was something new to anyone that ever went to school.


My state stopped using the booklet when I was little, but that was because they added a statewide vaccine database. I can apparently go to the state .gov website and upload my drivers license and get my entire childhood vaccine record. I imagine signing a form at most doctor's offices would allow them to access and give me this record as well.


The fact that there was a measles outbreak just a few years ago probably means we're going to be cracking down on vaccinations in the future.


In the 90s most hospitals also required TB testing at regular intervals. Do they still do that also?


I feel like there's a pretty significant portion of antivaxers that are saying "i had COVID i don't need a shot!" You mentioned that you needed proven immunity, how would you feel about something like antibody tests, or something other than a vaccine card, to show immunity to COVID? FYI I got COVID last winter and am currently fully vaxed. I have no skin in this game


I also am familiar with mandatory tb screenings. I'm quite positive that those will become more relevant outside of hospitals in the future.


My ex worked at a coffee shop in a hospital and had to follow vaccine mandates and TB testing




That was true at my hospital too, but you also had get a medical/religious exemption approved.


I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. This was true for the hospital I worked at. You didn’t have to get the flu shot but if you refused you were forced to wear a mask at all times during the flu season while at work.


Going to need a source on that. Edit cause lock: thanks for the source. The VA needs to get its shit in order.


Here you go. This one is for the VA though. https://labblog.uofmhealth.org/industry-dx/flu-shot-mandates-for-health-workers-rising-except-at-vas




He responded to someone saying most require a flu shot. He said “they” just have you wear a mask instead. That implies most, not just their personal hospital.




You’re just reading it that way. Lol [this](https://old.reddit.com/r/TooAfraidToAsk/comments/q6m7zn/are_you_aware_of_any_antivaxxers_that_have_been/hgd1eyg/?context=3)is the guy you’re going to bat for.


They do. I'm a new nurse grad looking for a job. It's incredibly easy to find a job in a good hospital. Even before the epidemic, hospitals do a blood test to check your titers to make sure you have all your shots. Mine did 4 years ago and the job I'm a candidate for is doing one as well.


It's similar with the military. Right at the begining you walk down a hall getting stabbed in both arms as you go getting all your needed shots. Why is the covid shot suddenly different to all the others they get?


> Why is the covid shot suddenly different to all the others they get? Briefly put, it’s not different at all. It’s just that certain politicians realized they could use it to their advantage, and these dumbasses are stupid enough to buy it. And those same politicians are all vaccinated. It’s a con.


Manufacturing outrage has never been easier.


Same for immigrants. My mom kept records from our home country but they still redid all our shots when we got our social security numbers and things like that.


I didn’t know about the blood test. Interesting… we have a vaccination passport for all vaccines so I didn’t even think about how you would proof flu vaccine.


The blood test is because, someone who recieved a vaccine as a child (at the appropriate time) may not be covered anymore. The blood test checks currently levels of immunity. So for example, I’ve had my MMR vaccine twice as an adult because, even after a dose as an adult, I showed no immunity. I have to get a pertussis update every 5 years for the same reason.


And the TDAP too. Some people don't know when the last time they had it or if it's needed. (10 years)


Oh the flu vaccine is yearly paper proof cause they need to know more details about it too. And they usually have nurses give flu vax to staff during work hours as an option too.


Wait, hospitals check your tits?


I was going to make a similar joke too but looks like it would have bombed


Never be scared to crack a joke


I’ve heard of ppl not taking to vaccines and so it doesn’t stay in their system. What happens then?


They already require MMR, TB, Tetanus and a flu shot


You can be fired from many hospitals for smoking….at your home…..and they blood test you. So GTFO with your “personal freedoms” BS.


Why can't they smoke


Insurance ... https://www.littler.com/publication-press/publication/court-extinguishes-smokers-claims


At the Cleveland Clinic, employees can’t use tobacco. It’s just about being a healthcare system and taking a stance….how can you work in healthcare and do the single thing that most dramatically decreases your own health? It’s also about controlling healthcare costs. Smokers are much more expensive to insure.


The odor. No matter how much you think you can get it off you, it’s still there and lingers and can be a problem for some patients and the care they need.








I'm surprised they didn't already. It seems like a liability issue the insurance companies would have economically forced onto hospitals.


Yes, agreed. But it doesn’t help to tell hospital staff not to get the yearly flu shot.


Their disdain for science and civic responsibility makes them unfit to work in the healthcare sector.




Covid is doing more to root out anti science nurses and anti community cops than all the liberal lawmakers in history


Well to be fair, the liberal lawmakers are responsible for the mandates.


Get your reasonable and correct responses outa here


It kinda turning into a blessing in disguise


600,000+ dead in America. A steep price to pay for this “blessing.”


Unless you lose someone close to you




Wait really? I didn't know this.


I think you mean a blessing in the skies?


As a student in an allied health care program, I literally am bamboozled by the fact that these people went through nursing school and have jobs in healthcare but have a problem with getting a vaccine. Before even starting my program, I had to sign papers saying I would get all necessary vaccines prior to working in our clinic or going on internships. Like if you didn’t want to get the necessary vaccines to work in healthcare… then you shouldn’t have gotten a degree/job in healthcare!


"Anti-vax nurses". What a time to be Alive...


I just landed a job at a company that requires 100% vaccination. It's a breath of fresh air


She's going to need someone to nurse that burn for her.


Let us hope, that nurse is vaccinated. 😇


If they're still a nurse there's a good chance they are


Oh no the consequences of your actions.. ..anyway


Was it this bad when the polio vaccines was mandated?


You can thank Elvis partly for how successful it was.


Yes, actually. Everything happening right now is just a recycle of the past. Because apparently we don’t learn shit from past mistakes here.


We also don't properly teach the past, hard to learn from it.


There's a subset of people that think teaching the bad part of history makes America look bad so they don't want it.




My mom sent me something written by a “vet who has studied COVID extensively and has concluded the vaccines aren’t safe.” I was just like, yeah no I’m going to trust Fauci over a veterinarian. Thanks.


Every single anti vax nurse on my floor who as applied for the religious exemption has gotten it, even a couple of well known atheists. Apparently my hospital in the prominent Bellevue WA area cares more about losing too many staff ugh.


The fact that the phrase “antivaxx nurse” even exists still blows me away.


There're plenty of immunocompromised patients at hospitals. These stupid mfs can gtfo and pick up other jobs during nation wide strikes.


Turns out karma is covered by my HMO. Cool.


All the anti-vaxx dimwits keep chanting "how can it be safe if medical professionals are quitting because they don't want ThE JaB?" Those are professionals at the low end of that career: nurses, techs, EMTs. No one who studied immunology, virology, did research in the lab, etc. That's like NASCAR implementing new driving rules for race car drivers, and the Pace Car driver quitting cause he thinks it's bullshit. Edit: seems it looks like my career comment chafed some cheeks, let me clear something up. I'm not diminishing the importance or skill of a nurse, and why they're needed. However, knowing how to administer IVs, write down vitals, check patients, perform CPR, etc, does not and should not give anyone the audacity to undermine the experience of a doctor or researcher who spent their life studying or performing specific high-end task, without having experience in said tasks. I doubt a nurse should question an anesthesiologist, or brain or heart surgeon if they never studied or performed such tasks. My whole issue was that these so called "medical professionals" are undermining the entire healthcare field with their bullshit. I bet you'd find it odd if a private pilot who just got his license for a single engine propeller airplane would question and argue about flying with a seasoned captain of a 747, even though they're both pilots.


nascar analogies could be the way to go in convincing a bunch of these idiots


We’ve been trying to convince them for almost 2 years now, but those dumb fucks will die (and a lot of them are) before they change their mind.


SAY THAT SHIT LOUD FOR PEOPLE IN THE BACK! Then ask why physicians are 96% vaccinated! And everyone else struggles to catch up. https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-survey-shows-over-96-doctors-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19


Funnily enough the Formula 1 medical car driver just quit because of the vaccine requirement.


I am vaccinated. My husband is as well. His only concern is we don't know if there are any long term issues with the vaccine. But we both still got vaccinated and we are both going to get the booster.


The vast majority of longer term side effects from vaccines have occurred in then first 2 months of clinical trials. That’s not to say you can’t have a side effect a year later but 1. It’s VERY unlikely and 2. The odds are basically nil of it being an unknown side effect.


As I sit in the ICU that I work at caring for people who were worried about the vaccines side effects I can tell you the long term side effects of covid are way worse than anything the vaccine may (but wont) end up causing in some folks.


Yep I got Covid in 2020 wasn’t in icu but I now I have me/cfs and am disabled, side effects from vaccine 1000x better than this deadly virus ( I am a healthy 30 year old male was in the best shape of my life)


While I am glad y’all are vaccinated, the “we don’t know long term issues of the vaccine” argument never made any sense. It assumes that you won’t ever get COVID in your life, and that there are no long term implications of COVID infection.


Nurse here. While I agree that these antivax nurses are idiots, if you think nurses are somehow the low rung of the medical profession, go fuck yourself. Best of luck next time your in the hospital. Nurses: making sure your doctor doesn't inadvertently kill you since 1833. But for you, not so much.


Nurse: That comment wasn’t a “low rung”. It was a comparatively helpful analogy. And if you think a nurse would treat anyone LESS THAN because of an opinion, while they are in the hospital, then please don’t nurse.


I mean, how much immunology and virology do nurses study? I have a PhD in Molecular Genetics and I’ve given my Intro to Adaptive Immunity lecture to about a dozen vaccine-hesitant RNs/NPs. I’m pretty sure you don’t cover PRRs or the mechanisms of clonal expansion. Nurses are amazing and essential but there’s a huge knowledge gap driving the anitivaxx movement in nurses. Edit: TBF there’s a huge experience gap that requires nurses to watch MDs and keep them from accidentally killing their patients so it goes both ways although that’s not really what we’re talking about right now.


He was referring to the knowledge level, not the skill level, nurses do know less than doctors, but they are a lot more aware about some things, I am an engineer student and this is like comparing it to a technician, I mean, they have more practice with manual labor in my area (electronics) but they dont have the knowledge of why and how it works, in your case you were taught a few things about it, but not in the same depth than a medic, because it is not your work to know those things, is good that you know it, but in a multidisciplinary setting your work is to monitor and do what has to be done, the doctor is the one in charge of major decisions, you are in charge of quick and minor ones. Anyways, the reason why doctors and nurses commit errors is mostly because the work hours, it is too much time to be focused enough after half a shift.


Man oh man do you guys try hard to be offended. He didn’t say that. It’s clear he didn’t say that. And yes, there are PLENTY of nurses who aren’t all that bright, got into the profession because it’s a well-paying career with job security, and have very little understanding of the science behind vaccines. They’re the ones who got wasted every night and barely made it through nursing school. It doesn’t do you a disservice to acknowledge and condemn that portion of your profession. As an aside, my wife is a CRNA.


Where exactly would you place nurses on the medical profession hierarchy compared to doctors? Higher or lower?


Not just doctors - also practitioners, therapists, radiologists… There are lots of people working in hospitals that study lots longer than nurses.


Radiologists are physicians who went to medical school.


He said low end of THAT career.


Not a nurse or medical practitioner here, so no dog in the fight.. but that makes no sense. A nurse is not in the same career as a doctor, just like how a lawyer isn’t in the same career as an accountant. They may both assist on a merger, but are in two separate careers. To say the accountant is in the low end of “that career” (for example, M&A) makes no sense because you’re comparing apples to oranges. They’re in their own respective careers. A graduate in an accounting firm is in their low end of their career relative to a seasoned accountant with a CA/CPA. They should have just left it as “nursing school doesn’t require classes in immunology/bla, just as the F1 pit stop crew won’t be good at driving fast - they’re not trained in that, they’re trained in something else”. The f1 pit stop crew engineers aren’t at the low end of their career just because it may be harder to become an f1 racer.


They probably meant sector. I agree with their overall point but think ~~it’s hey~~ they didn’t express it perfectly. Another comparison could be that I’m an aircraft technician, I know that I’m more easily replaced and less skilled than an engineer or designer. I am the nurse in that example and the doctors are the engineers or designers. No need to get butthurt, it’s not disrespectful to acknowledge that certain jobs require less skill/training and are therefore more easily replaceable.


In a hospital, which is the context here... You are the low rung. Didn't say you're not important but you're not above a junior resident, senior resident, or Attending in terms of schooling. And none of those are really considered doctors by the layman.


You’re. I guess that guy was right


Better statement would be amount of education and knowledge of biology Nurses are obviously critical to the healthcare system and making sure patients get safe and adequate care


The spectrum is pretty massive, though. You can be a nurse with a two year degree or be a NP with 6 or 7. But an associates is surely on the lower end of the spectrum in the medical field even if serving an important role.


I understand the sentiment and the ego behind your statement, but in a Healthcare setting nurse's are definitely among the lowest rung of the ladder. That's not to say that nurse's aren't important or very needed, but their scope is much smaller than that of an NP or MD.


I'd say *every* role in a hospital is important. It obviously needs to be a clean environment, so even the janitors are vital. However, there's still a hierarchy, and the janitor is lower than a surgeon. Nurses actually do more stuff day in and day out than most doctors, but if there weren't any doctors, there wouldn't be nurses.


For sure, and I'm not saying that hospitals can function without a specific role. But regardless of who does what, there is a hierarchy system in the hospital. Sometimes ego gets in the way of that and people see themselves as the main character, like the comment above.


NP being .... NURSE practitioner?


Are you really trying to tell me there isn't a difference between an RN and an NP?


As someone who’s life was literally saved by a nurse walking by my hospital room to clock out after being poked and prodded by several doctors that didn’t have a clue, I agree.




Ooof! Please don't refer to RNs, techs and EMTs as the "low end of that career". They're three different careers (I guess your "high end" is doctors?). I know nurses smarter and with better critical thinking than almost any doctor I've met. There's more than enough immunology, virology and infectious disease taught in biology and microbiology to fully explain the history of vaccines and their massive effect on life expectancy and disease mitigation. The people in these professions who do not agree have been effectively brainwashed by rather simple means and they are a MINORITY. I agree, get them out of the profession if they don't support science. But please don't belittle or blame RNs, EMTs, or techs because of their profession being "low".


As someone who is best friends with a nurse who is literally smarter than anyone I know, works harder than anyone I know, and has sacrificed more for her career than anyone I know, I can absolutely attest to the fact that nurses are the bees knees of the medical world. These anti vax nurses are a different breed. The majority of nurses are absolute saints. Don’t underestimate them.


Oh wow.. I hope you're not working in the hospital (or anywhere else for that matter) as a doctor. That's a big pile of disdain for nurses, techs, etc. Being a medical professional means you are trained to be knowledgable in your subjects and have a good understanding of medical subjects in general. Maybe not as in depth as a virologist, PI, internist, etc would have but still sufficient enough to know what's concensus and what's not. The anti vax nurses are not performing up to the standards they should be.


More like half the pit crew quitting. Doctors make the decisions but the "low ends" are responsible for carrying out most of the work.


following orders is not the same thing as doing the research to develop the vaccine and understanding how medicines and diseases work nurses report, doctors educate. we aren't trying to shit on nurses here, but saying they have the qualifications to make calls on vaccines is like saying i'm qualified to be a brain surgeon because I know how to administer meds and check vitals.


No one said the nurses et al have qualifications to make calls, just that they are a vital part of healthcare and losing them in large numbers for whatever reasons reduces the effectiveness of the system.


We aren’t losing nurses in large orders The dumb ones are being filtered out of the system.


Fair point, though those who put conspiracy and politics over the medical science they’re supposed to be trained in arguably shouldn’t be treating people in the first place… Better they jump ship and make room for real professionals.


Hi, nurse here, and in my last semester to be a nurse practitioner so I have at least a little experience in both roles. Just wanted to say thanks for saying that. The comment above you is a piss poor take on nursing, and I don’t mind getting downvoted for saying that. We don’t just blindly follow orders, and we also are the ones to make recommendations to the doctors based on the patients’ clinical condition. We are trained to question orders that are not in the best interest of the patient, and doctors are now being taught in schools (more so than they were) to listen to what their nurses have to say, because everyone makes mistakes, even doctors. I just hate the rhetoric that the nurses are the only ones who aren’t getting the vaccine when there are definitely providers out there that are doing the same thing. It’s just that there are more nurses, so naturally there is more of a percentage who don’t want the shot. Feel like I’m rambling, but I’ve worked too hard to see the general nursing community get dragged and just wanted to say thanks for sticking up for us. Also everyone please get vaccinated.


Uhh, that’s not how percentages work. The whole point of using percent instead of absolute numbers is it gives a way to compare two groups of different sizes. If a higher percentage of nurses are antivaxx than doctors it is because nurses are more likely to be antivaxx, not that there are more nurses.


No ones putting down the nurses who get the vaccine It’s just hard to understand how a trained medical professional, nurse or provider, who neglect to get a vaccine whose science is 30 years old.


And I wasn’t defending those people. But you very much simplified the job of a nurse and that’s where I take offense. Also the fact that you said nurses don’t educate, especially in a hospital setting, is laughable. That’s one of our top jobs. Just don’t go generalizing. Because there’s millions of nurses out there that are attempting to educate the public, and other hesitant nurses, about this crucial vaccine.


I'm 17 and just got my second vaccine today If I can get it then nurses that have to deal with clinically vulnerable patients damn well can


As a nurse, thank you! I appreciate you.


Yup. Lemme tell you right now, you show a lot more concern for your community than they do- wherever that community happens to be.


As a nurse this pleases me! Idk how it is in other places of the world, but where i'm from you do learn about immunology and also had to take the BCG if you did not have it before starting the education. No room for antivax in health professions!


It absolutely blew my mind when the vaccine came out how many of my colleagues refused it. These women were VERY smart and experienced nurses. Unfortunately, what it seemed to come down to when I talked with them about it was them letting their political ideology get in the way. Now I think it’s just they’ve chosen this hill to die on rather than just admit they were wrong.


It's sad.


It's only fair for antivaxx.nurses to lose their jobs for refusing the vaccine.


I have a friend, whose wife is a nurse. She's not even an RN, I think she's an LPN? Which nothing against that level of nursing but it is lower on the rankings, and far from a RN, NP, and ofc a Dr. We're hanging out on a Friday night. Drinking whiskey and smoking a little weed (legal state) and the topic of Covid/Vax comes up and this guy says "well looked into the vax and says it's not safe, our bodies are important to us". I just shrug and smh. I'm fully vaxed, and think everyone should be and those that aren't are morons. But then... Not even 30 mins later, someone busts out some coke, and guess who's second in line to rail some coke? Mr. MyBodysATemple. And that was reason number 10952 of why I hate people.


When I used to be vegan (who also sometimes overlap with anti vaxxers) this was UNBELIEVABLY common. It’s like they think doing other “healthy” things will balance out their absolutely terrible habits. Okay Jessica so you won’t eat a chicken leg because it’s “toxic to your body”, but you’ll rail a line of coke with some ketamine to chase it 5 minutes later? The cognitive dissonance can be real in “health” communities.


I've said this before and I'll say it again. Not only smart peeps become nurses. Mean girls in highschool go on to be nurses too because it gives them a sense of control and power. This need for control is also why, assuming theyve had every other vaccination, they are refusing to take this one. Sure their educational training tells them it's safe, but their *gut feeling* fellas, ooh gee. We're just weeding out the mean girls.


These people never should’ve been in that profession in the first place.


The nursing profession has been going through some stuff in the last decade or so. When my mother became a Registered Nurse 25-ish years ago, she went to night school at a community college for two-years. BOOM. She was an ADN, RN. She openly talked about how the majority of her actual training was on-the-job (OTJ), and that’s with hundreds of hours of clinical during those two years of school. Within a few years, she was a certified critical care nurse. Now don’t get me wrong, my mother is/was a phenomenal nurse. I’d put her level of patient care against anyone in the field. The thing is, there are CORE concepts of anatomy, microbiology, and chemistry that she simply cannot discuss because it wasn’t a part of her core education. Any knowledge she has gleaned from those fields is either from hospital protocols or continuing education credits (which were almost always focused on providing a functional, conceptual understanding of a topic in a very short period of time. Lots of states have been increasing the educational requirements to enter nursing school, or become a registered nurse. There have been several different approaches, but each time it’s done—the pool of potential new nurses decreases. And that’s a huge fucking problem by itself for this country. It’s an incredibly stressful, often inadequately compensated (cause for-profit healthcare), high-stakes career that was experiencing a labor shortage even BEFORE the pandemic. And you know what else? After area hospitals mandated that they would primarily be hiring nurses with a BSN (4-year degree) the quantity of BSN programs exploded and the average quality TANKED (Thanks, for-profit universities and student loan system!). My point is this: your statement is absolutely 100% correct. Anti-vax, anti-science healthcare professionals should NOT be a thing. But our system is currently so fucked that there is no easy solution to the problem. 😕


👆🏼This. As a RN, I can verify this. I hate that the massive departure from healthcare en masse is attributed to opposing the vaccine mandate. The majority of those walking away from careers in healthcare are leaving because nonunion, typically red state hospitals haven't increased pay to keep up with the costs of living, create unsafe working conditions by assigning too many patients or cut back on necessary supplies, etc. More recently, it is directly related to the asinine anti-vaxx community that is perpetuating the pandemic, demanding care while denying the vaccine and disregarding our first hand experience with COVID patients and believing fringe "doctors" that should be barred from medicine. It is such a mind fuck and is causing a lot of moral distress and PTSD across the entire healthcare systems. It feels like we are screaming into a void.


Not to mention taking up beds in the hospitals and ERs that should be used by people who are vaccinated. Have a heart attack? Good luck getting a bed. Much needed surgeries cancelled due to Covidiots, etc. ​ Honestly, people who refuse the vaccination should have to sign a waver that they understand that they are refusing medical care (the vax) and that they are the sole bearer of any Covid related emergencies. And health insurance should mandate the same. I can only imagine how much money they have been shelling out due to all of the anti-vax hospitalizations....


Yup there’s a misunderstanding of the role nurses are supposed to play tbh. They work with the patients and do things they are trained to do only. They don’t have a strong scientific education inherently (I used to teach in a nursing program in college). Many are great but unfortunately there’s a few (and usually it’s the worst ones) that think they have the knowledge base of an md or PhD and won’t listen to anyone who thinks otherwise.


At least here, that is still how most nurses get into the profession. It seems to attract women that did not go to college and are now looking for a quick way to make a decent living in 2 years.


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/SussexHenryVIII/status/1448316152103391236) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


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Sounds like delicious consequences of one's own actions.


My dad's neighbor only went to nursing school because her kids could take care of themselves and being a SAHM was suddenly boring. This woman who told my dad to take down his offensive Obama yard signs, who flies a Trump flag, and who called the police on my brother for playing music too loudly in our driveway - became a nurse. Not because she had a calling to help people, but because she was bored. She is anti-vax and anti-Biden. I hope she has an impossible time finding a new job.


Is denying healthcare jobs to healthcare workers who don't believe in medicine and science such a bad thing?


Wait, they thought they could quit and go be a nurse somewhere else? These people didn't realize they're quitting nursing all together? How stupid.




Word… we got your back!!!


Good any antivax nurse should be removed


I am in PT for rotator cuff issues. I showed up a couple weeks ago and the entire facility had turned over. Corporate had to bring in all new therapists and administrative staff.


I learned something new today. Look up RRR (relative risk reduction) vs. ARR (actual risk reduction) regarding the COVID vaccines. It’s super interesting. Maybe these nurses would have made a different decision.


If you don’t believe in medical science DON’T GO INTO A MEDICAL FEILD! Simple as that


Firefighters who refuse to use water or ride in trucks are also not so much in demand as they might think.


Ita amazing watching the trash take itself out. How are you a Healthcare professional denying the science behind medicine, if thats the case you definitely do not belong in Healthcare.


*sad trombone*


A nurse not believing in medicine is like a rabbit that doesn’t believe in running away from predators.


Who would have thought that sussy Henry the Eighth works in the medical sector


Fucking glorious.


What a wonderful and efficient way to weed out the morons.


Unvaccinated patients should go to the back of the line for hospital treatment.


Just get the shot lol.....my 6 year old said when they make him one he is getting it just like his big sister his daddy and his mommy. No reason an adult can't get it. Especially a Healthcare worker like wtf


If this was a smallpox type disease then these people would be eating eachother to get the vax. They are selfish people who only do things for themselves its really been an eye opener on how society works or has worked for a long time.


My cousin is a nurse who is refusing the covid jab and it pains me to see...


It’s absurd that these people can keep their license while breaking the golden rules of healthcare


They are getting around the mandate already saying they can't because of their religion.


Genuine question: what religion? They had to get every other vaccine to even get into nursing school. What religion exempts them from getting COVID-19 vaccines specifically?


Not exactly sure what she told her job, but I have a cousin in California that is a nurse and she is Christian. She put up a gofund me saying she was going to quit her job if they make her get the shot. Within days she took it down saying she didn't have to get it because of her religion.


Wow, I know of zero Christian passages that say anything about vaccines. I'm genuinely wondering if anyone can enlighten me. I'm Anglican (Christian) and received my vaccine ASAP. Am I destined for hell now /s


Flat Earthers, of course


Or buying fake vax cards. A coworker told our team about a travel nurse that bought one so she could keep working.


Fine... then the requirement is showing test results no older than 3 days. They'll get tired of getting tested twice a week.


Hospitals in the south are about to get a lot dumber…they’ll all head to Florida.




There needs to be a subreddit for this. Some Herman Cain/byebyejob hybrid.


Could someone post something along the lines of the education that is in these classes? I’d love to share it with my anti-vaxx co-worker.


LItTerAllY, first world problems


My hospital will let unvaxxed work if they wear an n95.




Nurses are easily replaceable. There are enough new grads to take their place. The ones getting fired are actually a small minority and will not cause a shortage.