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Then the baby probably dies shortly after birth because if they're doing a termination at 8months gestation the baby probably isn't viable you dope.


Also let’s imprison the grieving mother just for shits and giggles.


Conservatives treating abortion like it's a bullshit assignment for a class you don't care about.


Too bad they treated biology and economics like this is high school. And history, gym, art, math…


They act like you can get an abortion at 8 months like you're getting your hair done.


They cram it back in then do the abortion obvs /s Seriously though what a collosally shit take from Timmy, even for him.


Dim Tool is a colossal shit.


Also at that point the procedure for abortion is cesarean section. You are giving birth, but forced and early. Again for medical reasons because something is wrong. And the same procedure includes people who want to give birth to a healthy baby...


They don't know anything about anything but they definitely don't know the rules about late term abortions.


"But I was told that all liberals want is to kill babies so why would they abort a baby that's already dying?" - Tim


Then the baby and/or the mother probably die. Someone having an abortion at 8 months is almost certainly doing so for medical reasons.


And then Tim gets an erection.


Oh no, I think I just stepped in one of Tim's pools, gross.


Lol he can’t get hard


untrue, you ever heard him talk about anything marvel movie related? hard as a diamond I think.


Tim also has a fetish for putting his erect member in a hornets nest


I thought he only liked WASPs.


who the fuck is tim


No need for body shaming


Making fun of impotence is not the vibe. Make fun of the assholery they control, not the medical conditions they can't control and that they share with perfectly lovely people.




I tell people that all the time, 24 weeks is a viable pregnancy--the minimum period at which a fetus can be delivered and with medical intervention has a chance to survive on its own. That's five and a half months. A critical problem at that point is most certainly a medical catastrophe.


And 98.7% of abortions are before 20 weeks, with 80% being before 10 weeks. Late term abortions that aren’t a medical necessity are nothing but a fantasy of the anti choice movement [source for stats](https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2019/04/raw-data-abortions-by-week-of-pregnancy/)


Yeah well the right thinks California allows post birth abortions because they said they won't prosecute women who have stillbirths.


Not almost. Just CERTAINLY IS. Nowhere allows late term abortions. Nobody has ever been advocating for the last minute "changed my mind" that's just not a thing. Even entertaining the lie behind the tweet is damaging... The situation is based on a lie and that lie has driven an entire political ideology.


It’s hilarious that people like Tim Pool think there are women out there who suddenly say “Well, I’ve been carrying this baby for 8 months, but on a whim I decided to change my mind.” He conveniently ignores the fact that women who are 8 months pregnant probably already have a name picked out and a room prepared. These were people who wanted to give birth to a baby and for some tragic medical reason found out something was wrong and the baby wouldn’t survive.


Yes. I am so sick of this idea that the right seems to constantly suggest, that a woman gets pregnant, prepares for a child for months and just spontaneously decides they don't want a baby after all at 6/7/8 months pregnant. This just does not happen, and it is hard enough to get a doctor to terminate a pregnancy at this stage even if there IS something terribly medically wrong, so you know that there is no doctors aborting 8 month fetuses for kicks and giggles. People should call this out and correct it every time.


>People should call this out and correct it every time. That's not going to to stop them.


You are probably right but still we have to try. I have met a few people who sincerely believe this narrative so if those can be educated on the reality of this situation it might help.


I personally believe that the purpose of fact-checking these fake narratives is not to convince those who already believed it strongly, they are beyond help. We fact check so that those who are still not firm in their beliefs would not fall deeper into believing these narratives.


And if they don’t die, a baby will be born and conservatives can stop caring


“Why don’t you get a fucking job, baby? Eating all our formula and shit. Fucking babies.”


"Oh there's a shortage of baby formula? Sounds like that's a YOU problem!"


Actually, the true cause of the shortage is trans men getting top surgery (/basically an actual take I've seen recently)


What??! I can't even .... Do these people not even understand basic sex education?!


Meanwhile I’m seeing a trans woman get a lot of trolling for breastfeeding her baby.


That baby better pull itself up by the bootstraps


They don't mind if adult women die, lol.


A baby born that early would definitely need some sort of special services that are funded by taxes


The US medical system begs to differ


Yup, and it would also be happening in a hospital because it would be equivalent to giving birth or having a C-section. It can't be done in an abortion clinic with a few pills or suction.




And is already in the hospital for a month probably. So the answer is likely, they both die.


If the mother dies, the the state saves the cost of trial and execution for the dealth penalty


That's the American way!


I wouldn't put it past texas to do that anyway, 'to send a message...'


Came here to say this.


Are there any stats on these “late term” abortions? My mother in law’s life is completely consumed by the abortion debate and she acts like people are just going in and aborting their pregnancies at 8 months Willy nilly. Would love to be able to have a response for her. There’s no way to even discuss the issue with her because she has been led to believe that women are just like “eh, I’ve got one month left but I don’t feel like doing this anymore, time to abort!” And then throw an abortion party after. It’s insane.


You can't have a reasonable discussion with an unreasonable person. You could give her the most detailed, well researched information proving her wrong and it would likely only make her double down. I tried to explain to my mother what the actual rates of welfare fraud are (about 1.5-2%) and she refused to believe me and got so angry she yelled at me when I offered to show her the proof. Your mom didn't arrive at these beliefs through rational reasoning, so using it to break her out of it won't work. Sorry :/


Is there any reason to even discuss with her? If her existince is based around limiting other peoples decisions and lives she might need a hobby. How many kids has she adopted by the way?


No, and I usually just tune it out. I mean she literally thinks it is murder, so it not like I’m going to change her mind. I do like to bring up some counter points every now and then though, just cause.


In addition to non-viable fetus, there are other tragic circumstances why a woman wants to abort after 24 weeks. Women experiencing such vast despair, their burdens already immeasurable, the thought of another child unbearable. Some women literally do not realize they are pregnant. Irregular menstrual periods, really tight abdomen. Other women are trapped by job, their other kids, can't get a bus ticket, need to save money for the procedure. In some cases they have an abusive controlling man who uses the pregnancy to limit the woman's freedom. The serial killer who posted as an abortion doctor in Philadelphia would perform abortions up to the 32nd week. And some women risked their lives to abort viable fetuses.


which would be an unviable fetus... you cannot abort a healthy child, that would be murder and that is why we have laws that limit the span of time in which an abortion is legal... because before that is just a danm clog of cells without any functional nervous system.But we know that they love to imagine themselves righteous in a world of evil... in this case apparently all liberals love to kill healthy babies.


The only time you could reasonably call an abortion murder is if it was done without the informed consent of the pregnant person.


> you cannot abort a healthy child because that would be murder [not in civilized countries it’s not.](https://globalnews.ca/news/4326287/unborn-baby-human-homicide-canadian-law-saskatoon/) The actual reality is that a woman that far along would not be seeking an abortion for funsies. It’s because her life is likely in danger. She likely very much wanted that child or she would have had an abortion much earlier. Late term abortions are a myth. Please don’t engage with the “when does life begin” argument. It doesn’t matter. Whether a woman gets an abortion or not is between her and her doctor. The reasons are no one else’s business and it most certainly is not murder.


I'm honestly tired of the whole "when does life begin" debate and as a male debating over abortion, I really don't have a substantial say into it. The unfortunate thing is death happens. I don't want to live in this black and white morality of "life begins at conception therefore you are murdering a child if you have an abortion" because it would just get exhausting if you try to apply that same moral outlook onto every other thing. I'll just surrender to the moral gray and say that abortion is not murder. I have debated the issue of abortion with my mom and she is very much of that opinion of life beginning at conception. If she was honest and consistent with her moral framework, she wouldn't be a voting Republican.


> "when does life begin" At erection?


Oh fuck this is bad news


I'm flabbergasted that that person has 90 upvotes with such bullshit.


>Late term abortions are a myth. They are not a myth,but they are a tragedy for all involved since it is certainly a much wanted baby that has had serious complications for this h there is no other option.


They are a myth in that they basically never happen unless something is seriously medically wrong. Conservatives push that lie as if it’s something that happens regularly. It’s not.


Agreed, nobody changes their minds and just decides to not have a child at 5+ months.


Less than 1% of abortions occur during the final trimester.


I always assumed that those geniuses thinking that women get pregnant just to get an abortion is a thing I just imagine, now I am not that certain anymore.


"Some women found it a real pain to squeeze the procedure in before the third trimester." https://www.theonion.com/recreational-abortion-enthusiasts-applaud-repeal-of-par-1819567517


It makes me very sad that this was posted 18 years ago and the narrative is still exactly the same.


I thought you were talking about the late 90’s but no 18 years ago was 2003. Fuck.


Spider-Man 1 is almost 20 years old


But Tobey's 46.


I mean 2003 and late 90s are really about the same? In my mind it's like a 5 year period


Where's that joke op ed written by 'Nicole' Mullen on thought catalog about how erotic getting an abortion is?


99 percent of abortions happen before 21 weeks.


And almost all the rest that happen after that are because of medical reasons. I can't imagine why the government would be involved either way.


Anatomy scans take place between 18 and 24 weeks depending on where you are in the world. Imagine the fetus has already passed. Imagine finding out your very wanted baby has an incompatibility with life halfway through the pregnancy? Imagine becoming a living coffin for a dying pregnancy, and being unable to do anything about it because hurr durr all womyns wants to murders the baaaaaybiiiiiiiez


And putting her own life at risk.


Do you want sepsis? Because that's how you get sepsis.


They legit don't care. That's the sad part


They care. Dying of sepsis is the punishment for sex.


Right? Because if you were right with God and not sinful the baby would be fine! I wish this was hyperbole but I've heard variations on that multiple times.


Nonono... If you're alright with God and you die not only is it part of God's ineffable plan (thank you very much Dogma for reminding me of that word), but you'll be going to heaven because not only are you *saved* by having Jesus as your personal saviour - you sacrificed your **life** to follow the word of the Lord Jesus about not having an abortion and commuting baby murder. Serious: this is unironically, and not sarcastically - **literally** what these forced birthers believe. If you die from not having an abortion, then you're fulfilling God's will. Oh, and also because you've accepted Eve's punishment given by God directly for being the first to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. That's the sad thing. All joking aside: they believe literally this. That's what's so sad. Christianity has become a death cult in truth - voluntarily (and forcing volunteers from the audience, so to speak) to glorify their death God with literal human self-sacrifice - in the Baal/Aztec sense of human sacrifice. It's now no longer enough to give up what you enjoy - be it your sex life, or choice of hobby, or your religion, or science. They want people to die for their God deliberately - not just as martyrs, but as suicides.


When I found out a good friend of mine believed in a literal Satan it blew my mind. It was like someone telling me Santa or the Easter Bunny or Boogyman was real. But you are completely spot on.


One thing is for sure, if she goes septic she won’t be having anymore premarital affairs or “irresponsible” life choices


And she will never compare sex with different men. Their real fear.


90% before 13 weeks Late stage abortions are a right wing strawman.


Most abortions aren't even in the fetal stage, they're still embryos


So you are saying there is a chance.


Yeah well what if she delivers it at six weeks and it looks up and says "mommy, thank you for not aborting me" and everybody claps? What then???


Oh no another one is on the loose! We don’t know what to do! Get me Tim Pool stat!


what happens if someone haves a baby? they have a baby ! lol


Right? Does this guy just think birth happens "accidentally"? The kid doesn't just flop out onto the floor, Tim.


Dim tool is primary incel material, in his worldview, that aborted baby is the reason right wing chuds cant get pussy.


>Right? Does this guy just think birth happens "accidentally"? I always assume someone that says something like this hasn't ever seen a vagina....so yes.


EDIT: Ok ok you are right, though i must note that he is deathly ashamed about it himself. And i still fear the bears.


Shaming someone for physical traits is never okay, especially not when there is so much to actually shame them for.


He's implying they may try to kill the already born baby because he thinks people have abortions for healthy babies at 8 months.


There’s a bunch of misinformation going around that my state is allowing doctors to kill children up to 30 days AFTER birth. I’ve had arguments with grown adults that actually believe this.


"at 8 months" do they not know... That that's not .. allowed... As in do they not know or are they intentionally lying to make people believe that's the case.


Tim Pool makes a living by intentionally lying or misleading his listeners. It's really interesting watching his podcast if you can stomach it. Lots of "I mean, this is what I found. I'm not saying this means anything, but if you just look around you can make up your own mind." He makes his listeners feel "smart" for figuring out the puzzle that he basically spoon-feeds them. All while weaving in sponsored products.


I would rather eat worms for breakfast every day.


I made it to last week before I watched one. One of my oldest friends sent one to me and implored me to watch it. The only reason I watched it is because it's a dear friend of mine and I don't feel like I've completely lost him to this garbage yet. We had a good convo over it and he actually listened and conceded that it is largely trash, but it is good "food for thought"...


Tell him garbage in, garbage out.


You're a better person than I am. A friend sent it to me (same situation basically) and I couldn't get through listening to it. It was just vague nonsense, every other word was 'woke', he just.... wasn't presenting any actual information.


He's just asking questions, man!


Except ofcourse for medical reasons. But most of those are done through hospitals or referrals. Most general abortion clinics would never do that in the first place.


No abortion clinics do procedures past 26 weeks. At least not here in Canada and we have the most liberal abortion laws in the world (as in, there aren't any; it's legal at any time for any reason). Abortion in the third trimester is a major surgical procedure. You can't d&c at that point. You're getting induced or having a C-section. It's not like the baby is just going to flop out of her vagina in the waiting room while she's filling out the paperwork and, oops, guess you're a mom now!


If the mother was that far along and looking for an abortion, it would be because of a severe medical issue and they would be cared for in hospital. Most likely, if the pregnancy is that far along, it is a wanted one and the mother is facing an absolutely heartbreaking choice between allowing the pregnancy to go to term and either dying herself (remember, 8 months means it's a serious issue), or that the baby would be born with extreme health issues that would almost certainly result in a very short life that consisted of pain and suffering, until it died due to those health issues. I know all this because that's the discussion we had to have with my wife's first pregnancy when the baby we wanted so badly was not developing properly and we could choose between aborting and attempting to go full term and the doctors would do everything possible to save the kid whose lungs didn't work properly and whose heart was extremely weak. So Tim Pool can fuck right off.


“Just to be clear,” Chris Wallace responds, “you’re saying you’d be okay with a woman well into the third trimester deciding to abort her pregnancy?” Pete Buttigieg then says that these hypothetical questions are usually posed to elicit a strong emotional reaction from anti-choice people, and Wallace states that it’s not a hypothetical, given that 6,000 women go through third-trimester abortions every year. “That’s right,” Buttigieg says, “representing less than 1% of pregnancies,” he adds. “Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a woman in that situation. If it’s that late in your pregnancy, that means almost by definition, you’ve been expecting to carry it to term. We’re talking about women who have perhaps chosen a name, who have purchased a crib. Families that then get the most devastating medical news of their lifetime. Something about the health or life of the mother that forces them to make an impossible, unthinkable choice… As horrible as that choice is, that woman, that family, may seek spiritual guidance, they may seek medical guidance, but that decision is not going to be made any better, medically or morally, because the government is dictating how that decision should be made,” Buttigieg said.


I don't agree with Buttigieg on a lot of things, but I have to admit he has a gift for quickly, cooly, and rationally disarming this kind of disingenuous bullshit. He'd make an amazing president for his oration and debate skills alone.


You don't grow up a gay kid in Indiana without a witty bon mot always at the tip of your tongue.


He'd make another D president who would effectively change nothing about our society.


Obviously the satanic liberal rich people hiding in the secret back room let out a roar of defeat as they must go with their abortion smoothie.


They must abort their abortion smoothie plans?


Then they don't have to abort it because there was an abortion! Oh god, a paradox!


Timmy is either a lier or ignorant or just plain stupid. Hum come to think of it all three.


Just call him Dim Tool


I believe this is true because I heard it from some tv preacher who seemed completely sane, that as long as they can get the baby into the rubbish bin within 5 seconds, it doesn’t count as an actual birth.


I heard you just had to count to 5, *but* they let the meanest kid in the closest 3rd grade class do it, just to make it challenging. When Timmy shows up like "*deep breath* 1-2-3-4-5", you better hope that bin is close by!


Well yeah I mean it’s obviously just the logical extension of the eternal “Five Second Rule”




Honestly my first reaction was to laugh at how fucking absurd the scenario was


The right can't defend its stance on abortion without the idea that full developed, healthy babies are being executed. Roe v. Wade doesn't guarantee access to abortion at 8 months.


It really shows the intelligence level of that base for anyone to read this or half the shit Matt Walsh tweets and think “yeah this is a smart man that I should look up to”


It is like a logical consequence that the dumbest people of a country always gather in the fascist movement. It is pretty much a requirement.


What if Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me!


Tell me you know nothing about abortion without telling me you know nothing about abortion


Copy paste pregnancy. This kinda implies women are just casually goin pregnant cause it's easy and no big deal instead of the cronenberg nightmare it really is.


Then I’d never be hungry again. … or was that a rhetorical question?




Lol wtf did I just watch?


truly one of today's lucky 10,000


I know he’s being a dick but to answer: Something horrible is about to happen because the only reason you would abort a baby at 8 months is for medical reasons or something else earth shattering has happened… No one is pregnant for 8 months and decides to get an abortion last minute (not even talking about the legality or the fact the pro-abortion standard for life is always “viable outside the womb”)


what if everyone glued a horn to a horse? What if we started dumping cool-aid into the ocean? What if everyone suddenly had a heart attack at the same time? What if birds were real?


What happens is the baby is then born with the innate knowledge of what Tim looks like without his sweaty beanie on


What if.... I were to purchase [California Cheeseburgers](https://i.imgur.com/Na37xPr.jpg) and disguise them as my own cooking.


Man I keep seeing all these anti abortion people have no fucking idea how abortion actually works. I couldn't go through life just being a mad, ignorant, dick like that. When I'm passionate about things I learn about them because I'm not a fucking knob.


People against abortion are fucking idiots who think a clump of stem cells is a person, and think that science backs them up.


tim puddle really is the master of idiotic comments. its genuinely impressive how he can come up with the absolute stupidest fucking thing ive ever heard in my life but for like EVERY SINGLE TOPIC he speaks on. its kind of incredible. really an unappreciated talent.


The “Right to Life” protestors outside the clinic probably would have killed both mother and fetus on their way in, because “aBoRtIoN iS MuRdEr!”


“Wow 35 weeks already. I’d better go get that abortion before it’s too late.” - no one ever


Conservatives love hypothetical scenarios like a fat kid loves cake


Don’t forget that those “hypotheticals” are almost always absurd hyperbole


Ya well if the sun and moon switched places we'd all die! Did you ever think about that, genius? Good luck sleeping tonight.




If she was going for an abortion at 8 months the fetus was already dead or severely compromised


I wish people would actually understand the issues they're fighting about at least know the basics of abortion before tweeting stuff like this and making a campaign to be against it, it's literally so easy to be at least somewhat informed that I don't actually know if they're just lying for some twisted reason or they're genuinely this dumb and confident enough about themselves to fight to make things much worse for many people regarding something they don't even get the basics of but I guess that's what conservatives have always done with basically every issue ever..


Who aborts at 8th month


Women who never ever ever ever ever wanted to abort that child.


Medical emergencies


People who confuse the term "abortion" with "adoption" and sleep with a congressman to get the laws changed.


Nurse here, absolutely nobody chooses to have a 3rd trimester abortion unless something has gone horribly and life threateningly wrong. This tweet is another example why non-physicians need to stay the fuck out of the personal health decisions made between a woman and her medical care team.


do these people seriously think women are just casually getting abortions at 8 months?


Then they shoot it with a gun and republicans celebrate them using their 2nd amendment rights.


What if my cock was a graham cracker Tim? A fully functioning graham cracker cock. Would you like that Tim?


Majority of abortions are 27 year old white women who already have children and choose to get an abortion because of an unreliable partner. But they want to pretend it’s about poor people using abortions as birth control. They’re unhinged. And they’re heavily armed


Realistically? She's probably about to die and you're about to have a father taking care of a child alone. Women that have been pregnant for 8 months don't want to terminate the pregnancy. They likely have gotten everything ready for what will soon be a child, have likely picked out names, clothes, told all their friends and are looking forward to be a parent. And then they're told "If you give birth, the chances of you living are X" (where x is probably less than 50%). So if a woman gives birth at that point she's at best flipping a coin on whether or not she lives.


Or the baby is so deformed it can’t live on it’s own longer than a day or two and it spends it’s entire ‘life’ in fear and agony until the inevitable happens. Or both!


What if the moon was made out of barbecue spare ribs?


I know I would, heck I'd have seconds and then polish it off with a tall, cool Budweiser.


Then either the pregnant person or the baby die, maybe both. Nobody gets an abortion that late into their pregnancy unless a complication has arisen. By 8 months the parents have typically already chosen a name, bought clothes, and gotten a bunch of stuff ready for their child to be. If they need to abort then it’s because of a medical emergency to do with the birth.


These are the sorts of dumb fucking questions you ask as a grown ass bald man when you drop out of school in the 8th grade folks (yes. He actually did). Stay in school kids.


Isn't this the guy that doesn't understand restaurant reservations?


If you need or are interested in supporting reproductive rights, [I made a master post of pro-choice resources](https://docdro.id/s3OwS8u). Please comment if you would like to add a resource and spread this information on whatever social media you use.


She can give it up for adoption if she wants to, but a woman holding a baby in her belly for 8 months May have wanted the pregnancy


What happens when a woman brings her 38th trimester to the abortion clinic and they’re like ma’am, this is a pre-schooler, not an unborn fetus? /sarcasm By the way, is there anywhere that allows abortions at 8 months pregnant without some severe medical emergency?


What happens if a right wing troll suddenly realizes how moronic their “logic” is?


We may never know. Especially with this guy.


Why would any woman put her body through a full pregnancy just to have an abortion? Late term abortions are for women who wanted their baby but the baby wasn’t viable.


What if, Tim Pool wasn't a moron


Are these people okay?


This kind of stupidity... I can't finish my sentence. Wow


The baby obviously gets VIP membership and free abortions for life


They shoot the baby


Pretty sure almost no one is asking for abortions at 8 months, but if it were your mother I'm sure they'd have made an exception.


An abortion at 8 months means the baby is probably already dead. If not then the next likely scenario is that the baby has a serious medical condition, such as missing organs, organs outside of the body to a major degree or a hole in the skull. In these cases abortion is to minimise the suffering of the child, who can feel pain at this stage, as there is no possibility of survival after a few painful days. If it is for the mother’s medical benefit, then congratulations: you have a dead woman and possibly also a dead child. Pro-life, huh.


Probably die in labor and/or give birth to a dead/dying child. People don’t get abortions at 8 months without having fairly substantial issues with either their or their foetuses health or both. Not that Tim pool gives a fuck about anything other than exploiting the culture war for his own benefit.


Okay but no one is getting an abortion at 8 months lmao. Less than 2% of abortions happen between 21-24 weeks. *No one* is aborting in the third trimester. It’s not possible.


I hate these fuckers. Literally not a single country has abortions after 12 weeks unless it's for medical reasons. Honestly.


Nobody does that, and even before the new laws it was illegal to get an abortion after like 6 months or something unless it was literally a threat to the mothers health.


Conservative don't seem to know that you can't get an abortion after the 12th week 💀


Who gets abortions in the third trimester though?


where's she getting an abortion at 8 months? i thought abortions at 8 months are so rare as to be functionally nonexistent.


If she was getting it deleted at 8 months, then it would probably be dead Tim


Is this the view of Libertarians? Against free choice?


I ain't no baby doctor but I'm pretty sure any intervention at 8 months would classify as a premature birth


It's almost impossible to get a late-term abortion to the point where many women are forced to carry a deceased fetus and risk sepsis until they deliver. There are only a few doctors that perform the procedure and it's extremely expensive. And that's now, before they potentially overturn Roe vs. Wade.


Obviously then the staff stomps it to death /s


It's ridiculous how stupid Tim Pool can be.


What if I made a giant machine that teleported every fetus into a volcano what then huh Edit: oh and I also have an everything proof shield protecting me and my machine and it's even everything proof shield destroying laser proof


Is he telling us how he was born?


Reminder that Tim Pool is considered one of the smartest people among the right


Who are these evil women getting abortions at 8 months of pregnancy? Oh right, they’re women who wanted to carry the pregnancy to term but something has gone wrong and they need an abortion for a life they wanted to raise. Every last Right Winger is pure trash. Mostly white trash.


what if the baby slides into home plate, but the short stop tagged the mother as she's rounding second?


after typing this ridiculous "thought" dude decided it was smart enough that he should go on and press enter there's no hope for any of us, when the terminally stupid insist on having a voice


If a woman is getting an abortion at 8 months and then delivers anyways, the baby is probably not going to survive long past birth. Either that or the mother will be in serious medical distress. If you’re getting an abortion at 8 months some awful, scary medical shit is going down.


Lol I’ll take things that have never happened and never will for 500 Alex. Late term abortions are only done when the mothers life is in jeopardy. And if you’ve carried to that point the abortion is likely a medical emergency. There are laws against third trimester abortions already on the books almost everywhere except when medically necessary. These fucking dolts think women are just causally changing their minds 8 months in and having abortions.


What happens if your head spontaneously explodes. Both are equally as likely.


You would shoot it, obviously. That's the answer he was looking for. It's now a US citizen and should be prepared for an active shooter in any situation! *(Not to mention I was standing my ground.)* I bet that baby hated the constitution and was a CIA ANTIFA plant. Get Tim pooled, fetuses. /s




I see this scholar has a strong understanding of how abortion works /s