They’ve been giving her a lot more to work with lately and she’s been knocking it out of the park. You could almost tell in that board meeting scene when she told that woman she was embarrassing herself, Ashley did it with the intent of saving her life


Absolutely. She was happy to attain some semblance of power when she took Stillwell's place and then became CEO, but now that pretense has gone out the window with Stan Edgar and Homelander is truly in control and using her as a puppet, her actions lately are almost all self-preservation. This may have been a rare occasion when she's actually trying to save someone else too. She plays such a layered character, I can't wait to see her arc continue as Ashley.


*pulls out strap on*


Oh yes, I’m being fucked by stupid… ma’am.


I actually LoL during that scene... Did he just call her "stupid"?




Not on purpose but i think it was definitely intentional wording on the writer’s part. It got a chuckle out of me


You know what, she's earned it, good for her.


Sigh! *zip*


Uh I read that very differently. For me all the scenes with Ashley show how an organization can rot from the top. She is acting just like Homelander and starting to think like him. He has beaten her down so much she will just be exactly who he wants her to be.


>She is acting just like Homelander agreed, the show was making that pretty obvious with the strap on scene, she loved the power of being able to dismiss a board member. there haven't really been any signs that ashley is interested in saving others, she even hired another person named ashley to abuse this season. this brief scene has been her only saving grace so far.


What's the deal with two Ashley's is it meta Easter egg ?


It's mostly just commentary on the cycle of abuse, i.e: now that Ashley has way more "power", she treats her assistant the same way others treated her when she was one.


i think 2nd Ashley is having a blast with her time so far, much better compared to 1st Ashley's time when she was with Stillwell


Ashley Dos is definitely picking up on the chain of command faster than the first for sure, she knows how to play to her strengths!


i havent watched S1 again other than when it was released, did Stillwell treated Ashley 1 like crap back then? It looks like Ashley 1 is treating Ashley 2 well, and although Ashley 2 does indeed a great job as expected by her, i like to think that Ashley 1 loves having Ashley 2 as her assistant nevertheless how is she doing (but Ashley 1 will definitely lose her shit and go all out on Ashley 2 if she ever does a fatal mistake)


Stillwell fired her pretty quickly after Starlight started gaining traction, and while Ashley is definitely treating her assistant better by comparison, it's more due to her assistant copying her mannerisms down pat as a way to "endear" herself to Ashley 1 more


That's how I understood it. Hence wanting to fuck that Tucker Carlson parody with the Homelander dick, a representation of how she's being fucked by Homelander metaphorically.


Definitely, but in the meeting scene I think she was trying to save Maureen’s life. She knows what it’s like to say the wrong thing to Homelander.


She's scared. The only thing she can do is accept her job and be a "yes man". When Starlight confronted her about HL you could tell she was on the same page but realized HL might be around the corner and could hear her.


Damnnnn I didn't catch that *at all*


That is how I interpreted it too, and based on her acting in the scene here I really think it was spot on.


I honestly believed she was going to take Starlights side.. shame


Supersonic's fate explains on its own why Ashley made the most sensible and correct choice. She clearly cares and feels trapped in her position, helpless and unable to do anything against Homelander and his abuses, so instead of joining the resistance and dying horribly five minutes later because Homelander was probably listening to the conversation, she chooses to stay at her place and act normal. Her self preservation is strong, unlike Alex's.


>Her self preservation is strong Exactly. Which is why the point of the scene was to show that she desperately wants to help but can't.


add the needed nuance to her persona


Not to mention she fucking knows that Homelander is listening 24/7.


my "I'M NOT IN A CONSPIRACY TO KILL HOMELANDER" shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by my shirt


Wait… are you in a conspiracy to kill Homelander? Or like… have you heard about one or…?




AND she likes to get fucked by stupid.


no. she likes to FUCK stupid


The actress portrays Ashley so damn well I genuinely thought despite everything she liked her position of power but that scene the walls came down for just a moment to show a person terrified of their situation and made me really sympathize with her


And to believe that she may have been considered a badly written character in Fear the Walking Dead. After this Boys episode, she got my attention now.


She was great in Jessica Jones!


I saw that she was in that, which I’ve watched all of, but I can’t remember her in it—what part did she play?


She was Jessica Jones loud upstairs neighbor


She was in the only good season of Jessica Jones lol, and memorable. That's how I recognized her. She made a good impression.


So was Starlight. Its funny they went from a dark but genuine take on superheroism to a dark but satirical take on supeheroism. Their characters aren't all that different.


I won’t say ‘desperately’ but yeah she definitely would prefer things are not going to shit with Homelander. But she (in all honesty) very wisely decides that going up against him now would be suicide. Also can we talk about how careless Star light has been trying to plot a coup against someone who can hear you from miles away? Lmao at this point she should be writing shit down instead of talking.


Starlight’s careless scheming against Vaught/HL is basically a plot point now that Supersonic is dead, but it’s been her MO the entire show.


I think naive is closer to the word.


Definitely the word


I'm surprised how homelander hasn't already heard her she's legit walking down hallways and talking about killing homelander like it's a chore she forgot to do a week ago


Ngl that annoyed me abit. I mean Jesus if I was plotting to kill a Mass Murdering psychotic Superman co-worker, I would be VERY fucking careful about what I say and when. Lol I would probably create a fucking code language just to be on the safe side.


IKR!! I was fearing for her life when she was taking down snitch ass A train in the hallway which is so close to where homelander used to stand to stare in Madelyn's cabin, like girl shuushh please


I think Homelander likes having her plot against him because, in his mind, there's no way she can possibly win and slowly breaking her of the illusion she might is worth more to him than simply seeing her dead. I think he is hearing everything, all her plotting and scheming, but he believes himself to be genuinely invincible so having her as a thing to toy with is more entertaining to him than killing her outright.


This was my thinking too. It's something interesting for Homelander to have a plot going against him. He can try and figure out who is against them, etc. If he just kills them and ends it, then life is normal and boring again.


Have we ever seen Homelander read? Yes, right?


He's read scripts, teleprompters, business cards, and contracts.


When she said “I don’t have powers” with such an intense look of fear in her face, I got exactly why Hughie and Butcher are so intent on taking the V24. This psychopath can fly, he has super strength and he can laser through anything. He’s invincible to the point where normal weapons don’t even phase him. I get the fear that Hughie, MM, Butcher and Ashley all feel when they’re around these super powered people who could snap on a whim and laser the shit out of their heads with no consequences at all. The V24 to Butcher is an act of self preservation, evens the playing field. I would kill to see Butcher on v24 against Homelander tho, I think they might be a match except Butcher can’t fly.


Homelander also has more experience while Butcher can barely maintain control of his powers.


Even other supes are terrified of HL. I don’t blame Hughie and Butcher at all, even though we all know the V24 is not good.


but butcher has something that homelander doesn't: maeves panties


I have a feeling she’ll find a way to let Starlight know where Maeve is without directly implicating herself. We’ll see




Never thought about it like that but you’re correct.


Getting fired has a whole new meaning


But at the same time she won’t step away from the power and influence she has.


I genuinely think that Homelander will not allow her to step away. He knows she will do whatever he says and allows him to have full control over the company. If she tries to leave, he’ll know exactly why.


I don't think she can. HL has the person he wants and can control in that position. Her leaving without a good reason would probably tip him off that she's going to talk to someone about him so he'd probably kill her. This scene was about showing how trapped she really is. Kind of the same way Stillwell was.


There's no way Homelander would even let her. He wants people he knows that he can manipulate working under him at any given point. He wouldn't want to shake things up, he'd probably rather just threaten her than replace her.




I'm really loving this season but I'm starting to question why the fuck people are having all these critical conversations inside Vought HQ when Homelander is in? This explanation has now been used so many times that people should be a lot more aware of when they try to go behind his back. Just like damn, you're all coworkers, just agree to meet somewhere else.


Text messages. I don't think homelander has "SMS" vision


"your heart rate is jacked Ashley, is there another group text you didn't invite me to?"


At some point Ashley will be so constantly terrified that he won't be able to mine any useful information from her physical state.


I feel like Ashley's heartbeat would sound like a rabbit among wolves at this point.


*you have requested to join "I hate homelander". your request is pending*


We know he can still see through walls though too.


Yeah but that doesn't mean he can see through a text. If I can see what's going on through a glass wall that doesn't mean I'm going to be able to see something as small as a text message from that distance.


I think the previous seasons established that Homelander can hear you from across a crowded building like the tower, BUT he has to be consciously focusing on you to hear you through the rest of the noise. People were probably used to Homelander not even acknowledging their existence prior to his rapidly deteriorating mental state


Homelander can eavesdrop while he flies past the building, but you’re right that he definitely has to focus on the area. But then again, A Train whispered just loud enough for him to notice, so who knows how sensitive his passive hearing is.


Or he was actively listening for A-Train to do that.


I mean he probably does have phenomenal hearing in general, so he can probably hear someone whisper in the same room without issue. If you get further away and add more noise, that’s when he has to focus.


At least Starlight put on "Rock My Kiss" when she was talking to Supersonic.


That’s one of the reasons I love her character. She’s just trying to live her life in this company with this psychic and narcissist man-child running around killing people while on a power trip. Her actress sells it and I’ve always loved her character.


Yep, and it's too late for her to quit and get herself out of the situation. She might have been able to when Stan Edgar was still in charge, but now her quitting would be leaving Homelander high and dry at the reins of company he knows almost nothing about, and likely prompt a swift reprisal. Even if she has a breakdown he'd probably show up in her home or beside her hospital bed to demand she do her job. Although I'm sure he didn't mean it that way, The Deep actually did all those people in Crime Analytics a big favor by firing them and getting them out of the Vought building.


He has essentially a list of people who have made uncomplimentary comments about HL in a public forum. Not being on Vought's payroll isn't going to help them if he decides to take offense. Now that Deep has made it an issue.


Yeah people just casually speak about homelander like he can't hear Stan Edgar is the only one to openly acknowledge this and express how little he cares.


I definitely agree she made the best choice for herself!


Supersonic fate is he was too trusting.


It's a great parallel with hughie who also wants to help but actually has an opportunity to at least try and help with the temp v. Makes starlight reaction to his choice all the more powerful


Starlight's side means being brutally beaten to death. You can bet he either listens in to anything people of interest do ( which would be Ashley, Starlight, Maeve and the likes ) or has secret surveillance set up to know what people are up to since.. there were multiple conspiracies right under his nose. Ashley isn't doing this out of malice like Homelander, she's just trying to stay alive.


Exactly, especially when you consider that she is only a human. Homelander can kill all the Supes without breaking a sweat, as a human she can never even think about doing something to betray Homelander


She wants to stay alive and still have power.


I think staying alive is the main priority right now. She knows she's not the real power, she's just what Homelander needs to be his face and give him tea about important stuff. She can't just leave Vought, as long as Homelander is alive. Dude can travel faster than the sound barrier so he will find her getting her paela eaten in Barcelona and laser her and all her tinder dates. She's in the ship until it sinks.


>I think staying alive is the main priority right now. I mean she could have walked away at just about any moment up to the point of becoming CEO. If she had quit her job at the beginning of this season, I don't HL would have cared enough to find her. At this point he might, but that's also cause she has chosen to stick around. I'm not trying to paint Ashley as evil. I just think in TV shows sometimes the complict enablers get treated as though they never made decisions which helped them get there


The only point where she could have walked away is when she got fired by Stilwell. After Stilwell was killed and Ashley got the opportunity to take her place, it was over. But she didn't really know the extent of Homelander's depravity, the fact that he's one inch away from just going apocalypse now. She knows too much to just go out and live a normal life. It's been like that since S2.


> I mean she could have walked away at just about any moment up to the point of becoming CEO. If she had quit her job at the beginning of this season, I don't HL would have cared enough to find her. I don’t think so. If HL can kill Stillwell on a whim, he wouldn’t have a second thought about killing Ashley if she falls out of line. He might be a fucking asshole to her while having her employed, but she might prefer that over Homelander stalking her from afar. She knows at least some of the bullshit that’s on HL. I’m not too confident that HL would let someone like her just quit her job.


i agree, Hl is an abuser. he and maeve haven't been a thing for a while, but he still stalks her. he wouldn't let ashley just leave


Homelander and Ashley’s relationship reminds me of a textbook domestic violence relationship. The most dangerous time for the woman is when she tries to leave her abuser.


Honestly though, is Ashley even allowed to quit at this point? Homelander would probably interpret that as a betrayal, and we know how Homelander responds to that sort of thing


We can see the groundwork for her turnaround later I bet. She was really damn close here...


I think she’ll turn around whenever she can guarantee her own safety and survivability. It’s not idiocy or loyalty that’s keeping her back, it’s her own strong sense of self-preservation.


Starlight was a complete fucking idiot in this scene. So much so that I've come to consider it plain bad writing. I mean, come on. Just a while ago Homelander kills her buddy for plotting and gives her the "No more plotting, I own you, if you fuck up again that's Hughie" speech. Naturally, Starlight isn't actually going to stop. But to do in in the middle of the fucking Vought building? Where she's probably going to be recorded? Or simply overheard by Homelander? With a terrified powerless Ashley who kisses Homelander's ass just for her dear life? Come on.


I think she WANTED to. That she knows how much trouble she's in. But that she evaluated Starlights chances of success and decided to stick with evil out of self-preservation.


Yup she chose life.


It's clear she wants to but is scared for her life. She has seen what Homelander is capable of.


Really? With her history I immediately thought, “there’s no way she’s going through with that.” I feel she’s more likely to run straight to Homelander than to risk helping Starlight and lose her new promotion.


I suppose I thought that one person can only handle so much and this was her breaking point.


Lose her life.


You don’t try to overthrow the king unless you’re sure you can win. To be honest it’s kinda fucked of starlight to ask her even. It’s suicide for Ashley. She couldn’t save Maeve even if she found out where she was. Come up with a plan that might succeed before you throw everyone’s life away. In the mean time it’s keep your head down.


It was such a great performance. The character was struggling internally and almost... ALMOST... got there. Will she be on the right side if/when Homelander goes down?


I mean it’s not like she has any real power. She’ll be on the side of whoever comes out alive.


I think she might be the end of the season, but homelander was probably literally in the building and could hear her. Alternatively. Homelander becomes and actual villain by the end of season 3, edgar gets reinstated as CEO and Ashley takes the blame for everything to do with homelander


Her idiot brain wasn't getting fucked by stupid


She does. Kinda. She confirms that Maeve is still alive with a small head nod, but raises her voice in order to throw off Homelander's tracks. At least, that's what I got from it.


Her face goes through a fucking journey in the matter of seconds. Amazing acting chops.


She had us in the first half, not gonna lie.


Seriously. I was blown away.


She and Antony are really remarkable at emoting with their facial expressions.


She stole the show on FTWD too


Yep, amazing actress. I hope Ashley stays on for a while.


For real. I rewound almost immediately just to marvel at the use of micro-expressions again, and that big sigh when she finally lets down the pretense for just a moment. Phenomenal actress.


I find it interesting how she's being a jerk to Starlight like she couldn't end her just as easy as homelander just because Annie isn't that sorta person


Yeah there's no real fear of the morally good girl who wants to fight the baddies. I think at worst Starlight would non-lethaly subdue her if she absolutely needed to


Agreed. Annie won't hurt her. She knows that. Annie might slap her at worst.


I'm fully expecting Annie to threaten to blind her by the end of the season.


I read that as bind her and I’m for it


$19 a minute


Lol Seth Rogan spent almost $400 before she got tackled. $400 to jerk off and not see anything 😂


Hey, he got where he wanted to go in the end. He got his moneys worth


$19.50! That's for old news too, an A lister like starlight is at least $35


Some people believe that, and they have little visible reason to believe otherwise. As an audience though, we know she dropped the driver of the car they (Starlight, Butcher, and Hughie) stole like a sack of potatoes, and didn't seem especially concerned about it. I wonder if any remains might have been recovered and linked back to her powerset, for a leverage reveal later. We can say that Homelander and Maeve had the bigger f/u in the plane, but ultimately, Starlight still acted in a very similar manner and was on the ground. The moral hazards on the road to victory don't all have blinking lights pointing them out.


For the briefest of moments she took off the corporate mask and showed her real self but the fear keeps that mask welded onto her face.


actors playing hateful carachters must be very good to be believable.


Yet Miles Teller manages it effortlessly...


He's getting more enjoyable. Apparently the success of whiplash went to his head


“Yes ma’am, my brain is being fucked by stupid”


She really has a heck of a face on her.


She's like Martha Plimpton's daughter or little sister.


I was thinking Drew Barrymore with Jim Carey’s facial elasticity.


She definitely gives me some Drew Barrymore vibes too.


I'm surprised she still has any hair left


It’s probably a wig at this point






she doesnt have the choppy mini bangs anymore so i'm thinking its this


You win!


She’s been a character I’ve genuinely loved seeing season to season. She started so strong as just an “extra” and now her role really feels like it’s developed well beyond just being a jobber. This scene especially managed to pull me in once again and prove this character has been so prominent for a reason. Phenomenal Acting.


It is funny her new aggressive stance she takes with the non suppe part of company even adopting HL phrase. Is your brain being fucked by stupid. Also her kinks with her previous mental break down. Disturbing and intriguing at same time to watch the train wreck happen


It's power relationships reproducing themselves down the hierarchy e.g. shit rolls down hill


Which scene is this?


Starlight storming in Ashley's office because of Maeve's disappearance.


As a side note: Black Noir being able to subdue Queen Maeve is seriously impressive given just how strong she is.


Let's not forget Homelander was in the room. He must have helped.


I think Black Noir is stronger than Maeve. Remember when she fed him Almond Joy to exploit his weakness? She wouldn’t have to do that if she could beat him on her own.


She was able to easily restrain him with one arm and Homelander stated she’s 2nd strongest on the team


Or perhaps she thought it was less effort to put sweets in his mouth compared to punching him.




I don't think the book strengths correlate to the show from what I've heard about how things go down in them


Do you think BN is gonna be the sameish as the comics? I can’t really see how they are going to follow the same plot


Without saying why... I'll say that there's no chance he's going to be the same as in the comics.


Absolutely not but I bet he is still strong af in the show. They don't really show it off though.


That's when she starts to give a fuck for a sec and then is like I AM the CEO BITCH?


I think it wasn't that, I think she gave into fear and sided with the one she had a better chance of staying alive.


Come along way from screaming at Jessica Jones


Or being gassed on the Blacklist.


I think Ashley made the best possible decision here. She would’ve died of a “drug overdose” too since Homelander’s always listening


I don't see how she leaves Vought alive


It only happens if Homelander is killed or incapacitated for some length of time.


Kinda reminded me of Sméagol when he’s battling the urge to not turn into Gollum but failing


I don’t think you can be mad at Ashley. I mean, you can, but her doing anything heroic will result in her dying brutally. She’s scared and she’s faking it til she makes it


She’s genuinely my favorite supporting character, second is MM.


She's one of those characters that people understandable dislike because she's a bitch, but once you realize she's only a bitch because she has to be, because Homelander is down her throat with every mistake she makes, you can really sympathize with her. We know that she is dying to free herself from Homelander, she's desperate to join Starlight, but like she said, she doesn't have powers, and fearing for your own life is one hell of a motivator to keep being a bitch. Either way, I really love her character. She's hilarious and she brilliantly portrays how absolutely cold and heartless people with her position are in real life corporations and Hollywood especially. I do hope she gets a chance to redeem herself and free herself from Homelander. She deserves some peace, just like everyone else who is stuck in Homelander's grip.


I remember when she started thinking "ah, she plays gross pretty well" but she's now pretty much the normy MVP of the show.


She went through about seventeen emotions in the space of about forty seconds and every single one felt real. Fantastic fantastic actor who steals the scene every time she shows up


Judging by the comments, Ashley gets quite an easy ride from the sub. Sure, she is bullied and under threat from Homelander, but when given power of her own she abuses it with glee. You could see her take great delight in snapping at her assistant and dominating the news anchor. In this scene she clearly knows what's right, but ignores the better angels of her nature in favour of fear and protecting her own petty rule. Ashley is a classic victim-bully, the bedrock on which all despots rely.


Plus, it's not all self-preservation. You can clearly see that she revels in the ability to shut down A Train and talk down to other employees. Plus there's the whole other thing where she's the embodiment of corporate fakeness. Like the "favorite hashtag" dialogue. It's all very well acted. Maybe she's not a full-on villain, but she is a bad person who represents what is fundamentally wrong with corporations like Vought.


Ashley is also a bully. Amplified by Homelander's behavior. She has proven to be just as mean-spirited to those beneath her/she doesn't see as a threat. Look at how she's talked to Starlight and other subordinates since the beginning.


It’s interesting that this sub can see that Ashley is acting out of self-preservation, but can’t give the same benefit to A-Train. A-Train is almost indefensibly a piece of shit, but he has functionally no powers, and is subject to Homelander’s abuse almost to a degree worse than Ashley. Ashley isn’t getting her gut poked in the halls or being grabbed by the neck. This is not an A-Train defense post, I just think there are parallels.


A train has had many opportunities to walk away, Homelander doesn't want him there. If it truly was about self preservation, he would have left a long time ago. Imo it's a mixture of self preservation and not wanting to lose the comforts he has been accustomed to. Don't get me wrong though, I hate both A-train and Ashley, great writing and characterisation but fuck em both.


Yeah, A-Train has had half a dozen times to just flat out leave and refuses to do so.


Homelander basically told him to leave and A-train still wanted to stay so I can't feel bad for him. Although it seems he might finally start changing after the last episode's events, hopefully.


A-Train doesn’t want to get off the gravy train


Based on how A-Train acted when he was on top of the world, I regard his current situation as poetic justice. He's a walking pile of garbage who *occasionally* has a pang of guilt if his actions harm one of the few people he cares about.


I can see where you're coming from. A-Train is unarguably behaving the way he does for self preservation, but unlike Ashley, he's a full on villain. There's no humanity left in him. He's so detached from reality that he's basically a villain. Ashley sees the wrongs of her employer, A-Train has a perverted need of approval by him though, he could just walk away and retire since he lost his speed, but he keep on going along with the shtick.


A-train has a ego. It's his ego that he can't let go. And he will do anything to stroke that ego, including making a deal with the devil. Homelander isn't respected he is feared. That's a major difference. Respected will have people follow to the death. Fear only works till they No longer have fear.


what an excellent point. And for both A-train and Ashley its easier said then done for them than to just walk away. A-train’s whole identity was defined by being the fastest person alive and using that to get his family out of poverty. Its all he knows and without it he’s lost, floundering. Ashley is also now using the same abuses inflicted upon her by Stillwell to uphold an abusive capitalistic structure as CEO. It’s all she knows. That’s the challenge they both face, to unlearn the behaviors of an environment that has beaten them down to conformity. They’re both survivors motivated by fear and trauma doing everything they can to grasp onto what their world views as “powerful” in order to protect themselves.


I mean, the thing about A-Train is that he had an out, when he was let go from the Seven. He chose to return. Yes, he was only "free" in the sense that he didn't need to work with Homelander anymore and HL could come kill him at any given moment, but he clearly had an out. Homelander wasn't coming after him after he was let go. So A-Train's feelings about being the fastest person alive is on him. Plus, very hard to feel bad for someone like A-Train who laughed at a murder he caused and has, at no point, expressed any remorse for it. Now, I do think Ashley still has a role of her own making with this, and I think she has a need for power as well which allows her to enjoy her new role, but she hasn't been given an out, and she probably won't ever be given an out. She knows too much about him, specifically, and Homelander wouldn't let her go so willingly. Plus, she IS powerless. A-Train would be defeated by Homelander, but he has a fighting chance. Ashley really doesn't have that.


Tbh I don't think A-Train is much safer than Ashley in the grand scheme of things Lol He can't run much due to his heart now and even at his peak he was completely at the mercy of Homelander. He might get away for a second but realistically if Homelander wants to kill him its gonna be similar to the Supersonic situation IMO


the way her lips tremble and it looks like she's about to spit about... phenomenal acting


I've been bingeing about 2 episodes a day with my friends over the past week or so and I gotta say it's really crazy to see the evolution of her character that fast. Never noticed it the first time around.


I love to hate her. This performance is on the same level as Hannah New as Eleanor in Black Sails. Just an outright terrible character wonderfully acted.


Is your idiot brain being fucked by stupid?


Would Ashley taking temporary V for self defense be too over the top?


No, actually I was thinking that last episode right when she said, "I don't have powers," to Starlight. I think if she found out about Temp V, she would absolutely keep a few vials on hand to try to keep herself safe in case Homelander goes after her for any reason. I also think that if she got a particularly strong power, she would most likely get caught up in it like Hughie but with 10x the amount of power tripping, and might even try to kill Homelander herself - which of course wouldn't work but would make for some epic scenes. I would love to see her snap and take a few temp supe-powered shots at him, even if it meant her death. And so much the better if she does that in a pivotal moment and distracts him in a way that helps someone else (the Boys, other supes, military, etc) take him down.


Her face during the board room scene was similarly spectacular.


She really went through so many stages of internal struggle. Her mini-me sentence-finisher side-kick is a funny addition too. I hope she gets her "just deserts."


She's a great actress, but her character is so ridiculously written its hard to take her seriously at times




Did she actually punish the VNN news dude?


Cameron Coleman succesfully received cock


Wild that she and Erin were in Jessica Jones.


she does a lot with a little and its fun to watch. right up there with her pegging faux-Tucker Carlson


I bet Ashley will take the temp V and become the one to kill homelander


A real life gollum


You could really see every thought in her head. Every brainwave. Phenomenal.