exacrly!! if she could take down the older versions i think she would - so mean getting taken down means nothing more than a glitch on apple's part


It happens all the time to various artists, and each time the artist’s sun goes crazy, only for the songs to come back any time within a few days to a few weeks.


> a glitch on apple's part Minor, but not Apple, since it's affecting Spotify too. Probably the label at fault. My guess would be that there's an automated process to send desired changes to Spotify, and something got mixed up, causing Mean to get removed instead of some other random song we'll never know about.


Also she has never ever ever taken anything off of spotify/apple music when she's about to announce something sooo....


because we're clowns


The only correct answer ![img](emote|t5_2rlwe|1064)




Clownery 🤡 (all in good fun)


Did you really just ask why this fandom does what it does?


She doesn’t control the masters, so they aren’t hers to put up or take down.


Exactly. Given that, so far, the original versions of the songs/albums have remained on streaming platforms after the new versions have released, I don’t think it’s an indicator of anything.


Not losing my mind, just wondering why that specific song is unavailable in multiple counties on multiple platforms lol I personally don’t think it has anything to do with a TV version, but I’m still a curious being


Labels use a servidor to provide the songs for platforms, sometimes this servidors glitched and as a result the song is not available in some platforms. When labels are carefully this songs are repaired i hours, but who is paying attention to mean? BMR no because they sell masters, Taylor’s team and republics neither, Shamrock is just an investment firm, they may have a distribution deal with BMR or other label but clearly nobody cares enough to fix this ASAP


It’s honestly annoying. My entire timeline was covered in it today. I get that Easter eggs are fun but it’s to the point where everyone thinks that every tiny event could be a clue and it really takes the fun out of it.


People are dumb. Licenses expire and may take a day or 2 to reactivate. It could mean something is coming but until she says anything just chill people.


It is rather irritating when you pay money to listen to your favorite music and it is no longer there. They should have their shit together and make sure there is no gap.


anyone know when mean will be back up?


A lot of songs on spotify aren't available for some time and then some appear again. It could be a while until it comes back or it's taken down permanently. I hate it when they do this


Well this sucks cause spotify is the only site where I listen to Taylor's music.


Why do you lose your mind when other people lose their minds when a song is unavailable???


Why do you say op is losing their mind?


I’m not really being serious


can we please stop calling the original versions stolen versions…


i edited the post to say original. I’m not really sure what the problem with that is but i for sure didn’t mean to offend anyone


The problem is they weren't stolen. She and her parents signed a very lucrative contract that, as most contracts in the industry do, gave the label ownership of the masters in exchange for investing in a very young, unproven artist. The label head was a total dick to not let her bid on them and a total dick to only offer that she could buy them back by giving him new albums and a total dick to sell them to who he did, but none of that is theft and all of it is very standard in the industry.




Poetic license in a song. In interviews she's been very clear that this is standard industry practice and the fact that it's technically legally aboveboard is part of the problem. That said, it's fandom slang and it's not a hill I want to die on, either.


What else was she supposed to say there? You hear my lullabies that my label decided to sell behind my back and didn't let me even bid to buy them?


Admittedly slightly less catchy


lol just a bit.


It's totally understandable that Taylor feels that they were stolen from her and she is well within her right to be extremely angry and hurt that someone she felt very close to showed that they only cared about the money she could make for him. But her singing that something was stolen in an extremely metaphorical song does not mean it's appropriate for people who have no actual skin in the game (and who are actively benefitting from this whole mess via getting the rerecords, vault tracks, etc.) to go around accusing someone of a crime.




THANK YOU. It's mildly infuriating to me every time I see people calling them stolen. Although I love how she referred to the songs as "stolen lullabies" in my tears ricochet, calling them "stolen versions" in real life makes me cringe. Taylor is still making bank off of the originals.


i’m not sure i like or agree with this logic. but semantics is never a hill i wanna die on! to each their own!!!


it's hilarious that people get offended about calling her old masters "stolen" like c'mon we all know what is being referred to here, no one is picturing an old-timey bandit escaping from a bank vault


very standard != okay or defensible I don't think the talentless millionaire suits will have their feelings hurt calling them stolen




Yes, please! I'm sick of it as well. They were never stolen to begin with


no they were stolen.. are you new here


to steal is to take something without one’s permission. when taylor signed onto big machine records, she signed away the ownership of her songs.




Yeah, she doesn’t own that. She wouldn’t have a say wether or not it was available.


It could be a glitch. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus was broken on Spotify a few years back. The only reason this sticks out is bc if came up on a playlist or even by random it would just stop playing music altogether and you have manual hit next song and play to get music back and this would be really annoying at work when we’re busy and didn’t have a DJ and we’re using Spotify. One day it randomly started working again after a few months. Side note: Spotify already annoyed as new versions come out it won’t play the old versions unless you manually go select it.


Oh no it's just satire of our own crazy clowning lol


back on clownelia street again


Lol all I know is I tried to play crazier on Apple Music and it wasn’t available. Really irked me was feeling that vibe and couldn’t play the song


🤡 Clownery 🤡 that’s all it is lmao


Mean is available on Spotify in the UK.