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[News Article](https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/) - Video raises questions about use of force by Brewster police officer [Screenshot](https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2022/03/02/PWES/42e0bbf7-f142-470d-a40f-a96783a45bf3-QuinonesKingScreenshot.jpg?width=300&height=433&fit=crop&format=pjpg&auto=webp) - Officer choking the man


“The video led New York State Police to investigate Quinones. The investigation was closed in February with no criminal charges brought against the officer.” The corruption is so extreme that even with video evidence they think they can ignore this behavior and get away with it.


They can and will continue to get away with it, because all we're going to do is call him a POS and forget about this incident in a week.


100% Until these people have any real fear of anything, they'll keep it up. The lazy pacifism in this country is completely to blame. Scum is gonna scum, but it's about checks and balances. You want it to stop, you must MAKE it stop.


“Does Freddy’s hand slip? You can’t tell.” Anyone not defending this assbag can tell he grabbed him by the throat.


> "That's a tactic you use to arrest somebody," Schoenig said. "Does Freddy's hand slide? You can't tell." Why does the mayor think citizens should be arrested at all when they try to file complaints???


Look. It’s OBVIOUS that if citizens get to complain about cops then that’s just more paperwork that the DA, IA, Officer’s Union, the chief, and the mayor will have to sweep under the rug. Also? The TIME for all the press briefings and coming up with things to tell them that aren’t directly saying “we don’t think we should have consequences for being power hungry asshats.” So it’s easier just to beat them and shoot them, honestly.


There is no defense. He slapped the phone and assaulted the person. This isn’t a question about whether he used a chokehold or not, this was an officer assaulting a man to intimidate him out of filing a report against him. The fact that it would even be questionable as to whether it was allowed in the line of duty or not is proof there is something seriously wrong with the system.


Exactly. The officer in this instance was not in a routine stop. The man was not detained, under arrest or even approaching the cop. The fact that the office assaulted him them handcuffed him, walked him inside and then arrested him? Cops lie, they don’t have your best interest, they are not here to protect you, they are here to arrest you




did i read it wrong or is nothing going to be done to the cop and the kid is in even more trouble now?


Does it “raise questions” or answer all the fucking questions?


depends on the victim's class [in society].... poor - a lot of questions, internal investigate... found no wrong doing. rich - officer fired, arrested and charged... possibly does time.


Charged with third degree assault and resisting arrest and the investigation led to no repercussions for the officer. That guys life is either over or going to be extremely hard for a long time yet we’re all here looking at the clear evidence. That is terrifying.


He assaulted that poor officer's hand with his neck!


Wait, are you saying the guy who got choke slammed got charged with assault?!? What the actual fuck?


Cops are a protected class. They get lots of special treatment.


Holy fuck this article is infuriating. They keep talking about arrests as if the cop has reason to fucking arrest him in the first place?? Absolutely deranged article


"Officers some times have to do things when making an arrest, if the person isn’t wanting to be arrested" said the Chief of police after reporters showed him the video. But that's the thing! What was he getting arrested for in the first place? He was going in to file a complaint. On top of that, I understand police not commenting on matters still under investigation. When the reporters told the Chief the investigation already finished and no charges were presented to the officer, the Chief just says, "I didn't know the investigation was finished" and he just goes into his office and closes the door. No further comment, no further explanation. How can you possibly defend this mistrial of justice?


$114,000 god damn annual pension. Holy shit


it's why they're careful who they attack / arrest.... [poor people always ok] possibly losing pension and facing a long prison term, is not worth mistaking a rich person's phone for a gun


Holy fuck I wonder how the boot lickers are going to defend CHOKING a man for no reason




The skin on his face is literally bunched up, how do you even think that’s his shoulder? God damn


They spend so much time fixating on where his hand is placed they ignore that he has no right to touch him at all lol. What the fuck would he possibly be being arrested for by walking into the police station


“The video doesn’t tell the whole story” “I’m going to wait for all the facts” *ignores all the facts


It's even worse than that: > Quinones faced no discipline and likely will not based on the investigation, police Chief John Del Gardo told The Journal News/lohud. Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. > > "That's a tactic you use to arrest somebody," Schoenig said. "Does Freddy's hand slide? You can't tell." Hand is clearly on the citizen's throat. This is Putin level gaslighting.


The whole article is infuriating. The officer claimed he was being aggressive and shouting obscenities at him even though that's clearly not shown in the video. The chief defended the officer's actions but then admits he only saw the full video after reporters showed it to him, and even then refuses to comment on specifics.


Just a few bad apples being protected by a lot of bad apples.




Fun fact, shouting obscenities has been ruled protected free speech by the Supreme Court (cohen v California). Of course there are some exceptions such as swearing as part of a threat, but in most cases swearing in public is protected free speech.


I'd like to put my hand on the chiefs shoulder


He had a curfew violation when he was 17. This was justified….


This single incident is a pattern of criminality. Thug


Imagine if you actually tried defending yourself during an altercation like this? Fucking unreal.


Oh don't worry r/protectandserve is taking time out from beating their wives to come up with talking points about how the officer feared for his life and that the average citizen doesn't know the stress police are under


Cops are always so scared lol biggest pussies in the country. Acab


I've always said if an 18 year old in Afghanistan can wait till he hears a bullet whiz past his ear before he's allowed to kill, a cop should be able to be in the presence of citizens without assaulting or murdering them. If an 18 year old soldier has better rules of engagement skills than a 20 year veteran of the police department, there isn't an excuse. If they want to be treated like soldiers in a war zone they need to behave like it. Fuckers are more likely to get hit by a car than shot any day but whatever.


He shouldn’t have been standing there looking so chokable with his big ol exposed neck


He smoked weed once when he was 14 so…


they will, hypocrites feel no shame!


Says that the case was closed in February with no charges against the cop. Absolute bullshit


Total BS


Ya, this cunt needs to be on the other side of the bars for awhile and never be a cop again. Power hungry pitbull Edit: to all the pitbull supporters. I don’t care. It’s a figure of speech. My dad has a blue pit that I can always mess with, doesn’t mean she’s harmless. That bitch will bite anyones hand off if she needed to. Stop acting like these dogs are harmless. They can still hurt you more that another breed.


I say it every time, LEO's should have much more severe charges vs the average citizen. You shouldn't get the power and authority of the state without restriction.


Spiderman logic should apply "with great power comes great responsibility." More power and public trust corresponds with greater criminal liability.


Police: "I missed the part where that's my problem."


I completely agree. Politicians and rich people too. All three of those groups get little to no repercussions when they misuse their social power compared to the average person, but considering the amount of power they all have in our society, they should have much higher repercussions.


[this](https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/), from yesterday, reports that the DA said there was still an ongoing investigation by his office.


Wow that's wild, so many lies told by that officer that are clearly debunked by the video that the police are just ignoring. The statement "That's a tactic you use to arrest somebody," Schoenig said. "Does Freddy's hand slide? You can't tell." really stands out to me. First of all the article was able to freeze frame part of the video to show the hand around the neck, the police surely could do this themselves and see. Second why is he even being arrested, it looks like he is the one being approached aggresively and assaulted. Third the mayor calls the man being investigated "Freddy", not officer Quinones so that makes me think they know each other and "Freddy" has some pretty powerful friends to help him cover this all up.


"no charges" usually means "multi-million dollar out of court settlement on the tax payers dime".


And the cop is usually allowed to retire to get a fat pension. Any cop who does this hasn't done this once... Who knows how many people he assaulted to intimidate them from reporting him. And how many other cops he's done this in front of or fine this*with*


Well that cops got shit for brains


I wonder if he has any certificate to prove that he’s not donkey brained?


Do you have^any^such^**CERTIFICATE?**




The defendant?? **I-IM NOT THE DEFENDANT!?!**


We know Frank doesn't have Donkey Brains. How do we know YOU don't have Donkey Brains?????


Do YOU have such a *certificate*?


Get out of here, Frank. Shadynasty is waiting for you.


That or he just wanted a paid vacation.


He didn't get any punishment at all


Dang well maybe a vacation is on the horizon in the near future


From what I have seen this cop resigned before the internal investigation was done. So absolutely nothing happened, yet another cop assaulting a civilian for absolutely no reason and they wonder why a large portion of the population distrust, and fears police. But they are not upset because that was the whole fucking point.


Interesting, pretty sure for the average citizen resigning from their jobs doesn't automatically make charges and fines go away. Double standards must be nice.


Qualified immunity is the entire reason most police don't have problems with infringing on citizen's rights. They KNOW nothing will happen to them personally. Sued? Taxpayers' money pays it. Fired? Go work for another county.


remove qualified immunity period, when proven negligent or at fault, 10 year min. to anyone conducting illegal activity under fed/state/city authority. all of assets bank accounts frozen. everything that person was is gone, and is the first to pay out anything towards any settlement . make bad cops be the worst thing to be when they fuck up. simple


Seems about the standard level of intelligence for a police officer


Cops when they need a paid vacation


He was already retired. Working as a part timer for extra money on top of his pension.


Oh damn. Dude must’ve been fiending for that sweet sweet power trip high.


Probably exactly that. Retired cop isn't satisfied with beating his wife at home so he gets bored and takes shifts to get his fix.


That and an ex wife to support


And girlfriend to pay medical bills for every time she "falls". That clutz


>He has been a Brewster police officer since 2016. He retired in 2012 after 23 years in the Yonkers Police Department. His annual pension from that job is $114,000 and he earns $25 an hour for the part-time work in Brewster. All other issues aside - can we talk about why our tax dollars are going to pay government pensions higher than most working people's salaries?


The cops have a fucking labor union! That’s why politicians and their corporate overlords don’t want you organizing one!


Not just any labor union. A union so fucking strong that it makes it difficult AF to even be fired lol.


That figure can’t be real…can it?


Sgt cops earn more than NASA engineers. And worst cops in NYPD earn significantly more than NASA project leaders. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/datablog/2020/aug/04/new-york-police-department-allegations-complaints Sgt threathning to execute arrestee on the street, 126k with overtime: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/sh2x8o/cop_pulls_gun_at_a_mans_head_during_an_arrest/hv0m60o https://bpdwatch.com/officer/210 https://www.eclipseaviation.com/how-much-does-nasa-pay-engineers/


Many police pensions are based on income of the last 2-3 years before retirement. Senior cops get first dibs on OT, and will work super long hours to get maximum pensions. It's possible for a retired sergeant have a higher pension than a current captain's salary.


Seems like a pretty glaring flaw in the system. Simple logic would be to take an average of ALL years worked not the last two. Any idiot will grind for the last couple years to sit pretty for the rest of his life. So do they just get 100 percent of their salary when retired?


This town has issues. A year ago, one of their cops was charged with sex trafficking: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/crime/2021/12/14/brewster-police-officer-arrested-prostitution-sex-trafficking-ring/8893779002/


just a couple bad apples /s


Let me know when they find a good one


(Please don't be ny please don't be ny) Son of a bitch it's the one near my hometown. Yeah it's not great


"I'm leaning very favorably towards my cop." - Mayor of Brewster, James Schoenig Here's the mayor's office: https://www.brewstervillage-ny.gov/index.php/government/mayor-james-schoenig


The emails of the mayor and the village's board of trustees, aka the representatives of the local population: https://www.brewstervillage-ny.gov/index.php/government/board-of-trustees/elected-officials


All of his cases should be looked over honestly. If he’s willing to beat and threaten people now he’s probably been doing it the whole time.


Site seems down. Someone should pm me the email addresses if you have them :)


Here's the archived version from around a week ago: https://web.archive.org/web/20220303113127/https://www.brewstervillage-ny.gov/index.php/government/board-of-trustees/elected-officials


After he viewed body cam footage that somehow doesn't exist when requested under the freedom of information act.


“My cop” says all you need to know. Also, wonder how many times this cop has assaulted civilians and destroyed evidence *while not being recorded*.


Oh boy, a phone number for the officer on duty.


Mayor didn’t want to get chocked either. That’s why outside forces need to reign in these pigs with investigations.


The whole department is a piece of work: https://news.hamlethub.com/carmel/life/7200-village-of-brewster-mayor-issues-statement-on-arrest-of-village-police-officer


Somebody bout to get paid


easy money, was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the video.... citizens can't file complaints without fear of assault? smh


Of course, the taxpayer will pay for it all, the pig won’t face any real repercussions


Cops should have to get professional insurance like doctors or truck drivers. If you fuck up so much that your insurance becomes too expensive, then you're out of a job. It's nuts that we have to subsidize their criminality and idiocy.


I'm a doctor. If I do something wrong as part of my professional work my malpractice covers me. If I assault a patient, malpractice will not cover that. This cop would not be covered by any type of malpractice since he was not acting as part of his duties. Qualified immunity should similarly not apply since this was not official police activity. This was just assault, plain and simple. I hope he gets sued personally and the judge allows it to go to trial.


> Qualified immunity should similarly not apply since this was not official police activity. QI is not *supposed* to apply if it's not official police activity. The problem with this is that the cops are lying, the supervisors are lying, and the mayor is lying. But also, this goes well beyond just civil tort, it's well into criminal actions. That was assault and multiple violations of his civil rights.


> But also, this goes well beyond just civil tort, it's well into criminal actions. That was assault and multiple violations of his civil rights. Agree but good luck getting a cop and district attorney to arrest and file charges against another cop.


There is a very simple solution to this problem. Establish a baseline for a compensation pot for each department, then have that directly linked to the pension fund for that department and have an independent body in charge of assault and harassment claims and watch this issue solve itself almost overnight when bad cops start costing *all* cops money.


Yep! Because if one asshole gets sued they ALL lose. That would be taking a wrecking ball to the blue wall of silence. They’ll start holding each other accountable REAL FAST.


Right he'll get a paid suspension for a few days and by the looks of him he'll be sitting back, relaxing and drinking all day!


> he'll be sitting back, relaxing and drinking all day! He'll probably also be shitposting on Facebook all day about how all cops have a target on their back.


Already over with. Officer wasn't charged. Police impunity is supreme. [https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/](https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/) >Quinones faced no discipline and likely will not based on the investigation, police Chief John Del Gardo told The Journal News/lohud. Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. ***Edit, adding:*** Also, Officer Quinones has boatloads of money. He's actually retired but works as a part-time cop so he can keep his state powers to abuse citizens as a badged egomaniac terrorist: >He has been a Brewster police officer since 2016. He retired in 2012 after 23 years in the Yonkers Police Department. His annual pension from that job is $114,000 and he earns $25 an hour for the part-time work in Brewster. *That $114K pension is equivalent to $54 an hour full time (40 hours) every week every year until he dies. Amazingly well paid semi-retired 23-year officer. Not sure why he feels the need to earn a miserable $25 an hour unless it is just so he can keep playing cop in his old age with his bad attitude.*


> Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. Oh, well, then in that case it was totally fine. Assault only counts if it's on the neck. Also, [this is definitely his neck](https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2022/03/02/PWES/42e0bbf7-f142-470d-a40f-a96783a45bf3-QuinonesKingScreenshot.jpg?width=300&height=433&fit=crop&format=pjpg&auto=webp).


Goddamn what a joke.


why did he have any right to touch that citizen just going about their business? what reasonable articulable suspicion did this officer have of this person committing a crime that he had to lay hands (assault) this person. end qualified immunity now. I know, preaching to the choir.


It's just crazy how US police are in general. I grew up there but moved to the middle east (Lebanon) after college. Here a cop cannot shoot unless shot at. I haven't heard of a cop killing anyone. I'm sure it happens but it's rare and usually terrorist related. But here they will beat your ass in interrogation. And the jails are inhumane. Still though police harassment just isn't a thing. Very different


They know they can act with impunity so it attracts the kind of people that want to act this way. Insecure, aggressive people who feel good about controlling and belittling others.




Yeah unfortunately the moment it turns into an arrest you pretty much have to submit. Otherwise you’re risking violence and potentially death and it’s your word against theirs.


Police also regularly lie and both the court and a jury tend to accept their lies as fact without question.


With all the police brutality and corruption being reported more than before, I hope this trend changes so people will call into question the judgement and actions of these officers more often. They definitely need to be held accountable




You can't just leave out the part where he put in his report that the 11 year old girl was much stronger than him.


the system is built on hate and oppression... police work for big business and the wealthy... when money is involved police walk on eggshells... otherwise they're tyrants... check this [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpD3wu8foxM), the cop was fired and the other suspended without pay


> the cop was fired [He actually resigned before the internal affairs investigation was complete](https://thefacts.com/article_267e9c67-0bcb-550a-abe3-f1041fe29d43.html) probably so that it would be easier to get hired a few towns over.


The city should really sue officers when they have to pay out on their behalf.


not just money though, status is a huge factor in what drives the way police act here. [Civil Forfeiture](https://youtu.be/MkeS_0NQUZs) is a HUGE problem if you happen to have money or anything of value. if these pigs want it, they can just take it 🤷🏾‍♂️


[1:38](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkeS_0NQUZs&t=98s) - "Also driving under the speed limit, which I thought was really odd." "Really odd." Under - you're pulled over and harassed. Over - you're pulled over and harassed. Set cruise control to exact speed limit - "driver is driving exact speed limit. Seems odd. Light him up!"


East Brunswick PD did this to me and my girlfriend. We were both driving home from a movie in the center lane. The right lane merges with the center on 18 going towards New Brunswick. The NJ Turnpike southbound exits into the right lane. So as you can imagine, I dont need to move anywhere because Im going straight. The cop follwed me for a mile and stated "drunk drivers usually sit in the center on cruise control". All our papers were legit. He was even nosy enough to ask what movie we watched. So I imagine, frustrated that I wasnt a DUI stop, he called two more unit cars with two more early 20s tatted cops. He asked me to step out the car which was weird but since no ticket was being issued I immediately thought they were gonna fuck me up just because they could. They let me go. Not a word. It was terribly unprofessional but I'm over it. I didn't file a complaint as my girlfriend didnt want to be a target, driving alone. For reference, Im in my late 30s with a veteran identifier on my license. I was brutally kind the entire time and fuming inside with rage. But thats the thing. They absolutely hate when you are educated and keep your mouth shut. Its fucked up but the family members I have in LEO all tell me what to do to avoid issues.


Driving too fast? Jail. Too Slow? Jail. Believe it or not, we have the best driver's in the world, because of jail.


Civil Forfeiture is just straight up legalized theft, change my mind...


> status is a huge factor in what drives the way police act here. Ironic that a lot of gang violence is 'justified' by the perpetrators by need to build 'status'. Oh wait, no. That's not ironic, that's just because cops are a government-funded street gang.


How on earth can a cop be that fucking stupid? Jesus Christ. He can take pictures and video!!! There is absolutely no law against this. What an ego freak.


That attorney at the end of that one has the largest mouth I’ve ever seen on an individual.


It is dark with hilarious that they are harassing him about being on the scene of the accident while there are two people in the background who are much closer to the scene and they are doing the same thing.


This guy had some real guts. It's pretty well-known that filing a complaint against police is a great way to subject your friends/family to police harassment.


My coworker was sleeping in his bed when he heard his dog on the porch start yelping, thumping noises, then beating on his door. He ran out and found out the police were responding to a call, went to his house by mistake (it was one road down they were supposed to go) and when his dog growled one thumb head officer kicked it twice in the throat and killed it. He reported it and is trying to press charges. Since then he's had his tires slashed 3 times and one morning went out and his tail lights were shattered and so he got in to go straight to a part store and was IMMEDIATELY pulled over and given a ticket. He had decent quality cameras put on his porch after the dog killing and tire slashings. One was pointed to his car from the porch so he saw the tail light smashings, it was a big thumb head looking person in all black and a brick. He jogged down the sidewalk at 12am, stopped and shattered the tail lights real quick, then kept jogging. The video makes it pretty clear the dude had the exact same build as thumb head who kicked the dog to death.


They needs to report this tonthe state police, state ag, and even the fbi.


FBI especially for cop crimes.


Damn it would suck if that town had a gang violence problem shooting up cops houses.


See at that point is when you go on revenge killings. RIP Killdozer


Kick his ass to death. I can not stand shit like that. Anyone kicks my pets and my sister family will get a new cat while I sit in jail. If you have no issue fucking up an animal for no reason your a fucking monster in my book and deserve the absolute shit end if life's stick in every possible way.


No questioning the assault now. If he’s not fired on the spot the supervisor should be under investigation too.


>Quinones faced no discipline and likely will not based on the investigation, police Chief John Del Gardo told The Journal News/lohud. Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. >"That's a tactic you use to arrest somebody," Schoenig said. "Does Freddy's hand slide? You can't tell." [source](https://www.yahoo.com/news/cellphone-video-raises-questions-force-100228952.html) Just *one* little problem: if it was a crime on the neck, it’s still a crime on the shoulder. The officer physically assaulted a man who had committed no crime. The guy who got assaulted will probably get a nice sum in an out of court settlement, but the officer responsible will be let out to keep cunting around. Edit: just one more *little problem*. The video clearly shows him grabbing the neck (check the picture in the article…) Edit 2: I thought it was a quote from the police chief, but it was actually from the fucking mayor? Seeing as he’s on first name basis, he’s probably a bit biased towards the cop.


You forgot his single and only charge: resisting arrest. In America you can be charged with only resisting arrest. Arrest for what? Why, resisting arrest of course. Then they investigate themselves and come to the same conclusion, he was being arrested and that's what you do when you're arresting someone. No wrongdoing here, you'll forget about this one when cops wrongfully kill someone in ten and a half business days. Edit: American police are fascists and I'm sick of pretending they're not.


Yeah, paid leave 🙄


I wish you weren't correct..


Three charges against the officer were dismissed and the police chief and mayor stand by their cop.


City lawyers will be encouraging them to do that because admitting the cop made mistakes and charging the cop will make this guys civil case a clam dunk.


I prefer dunking my clams in butter, rather than civil cases. I'll try that tho!


Lmao definitely going to leave that as is.


Gotta love tax paid settlement 🤦‍♂️


If you live in a city/municipality with citizens' right of initiative, file an initiative to require police settlements be paid out of their pension fund. This will end quickly.


“I’m going to complain to your supervisor because you said you were going to bash my face…” …gets face bashed.


Now he can complain twice! At the same time!


We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.


This may sound radical but if police choke me out, and are captured on video AND still receive no punishment while **I am charged for false crimes**, you’re going to make me a terrorist.


Why do you think inner city people have so few fucks left to give?






Sometimes reasonable people have to do unreasonable things


When the video goes exactly how you envisioned it when reading the title 😬🥴


Update to case filed an hour ago: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/


It honestly sounds like they are just making shit up as they go. It really makes me think that they knew that the one officer was having sex at the office with trafficked women.


They had girls coming to the police station. There's no way in hell they weren't all in on it, especially with all the restricted entry points and cameras. They're all a bunch of corrupt pieces of shit and I'm not one to hyperbolically sling accusations like that.


That guy is gonna a get killed by that officer if something isn't done.


Or he will get killed because something was done


I live in this town and can provide some more context to how awful these cops are and how screwed up the town is. The Village of Brewster, NY is a small part of the town of Southeast, although the town is usually referred to as Brewster. The village is mostly made up of Spanish people unlike the rest of the town. The village police force is made up of about 10 part time cops like the asshole in this video, who essentially have one job, writing speeding tickets to generate revenue to pay their salaries. Every road in this little area has a speed limit of 30mph and these cops spend all day trying to catch people speeding. If you’re going 31 and they clock you, expect a ticket. It’s extremely predatory, unnecessary and their existence is a huge waste of taxpayer money. The Latino community has revitalized the village over the last 20 years and it’s as safe as any other area in Putnam County. The 10 white cops getting paid $25/hr would like you to think otherwise so they spend their time dressed in tactical gear writing speeding tickets. Oh, and there was this thing… https://www.lohud.com/story/news/crime/2021/12/14/brewster-police-officer-arrested-prostitution-sex-trafficking-ring/8893779002/ *Edited for incorrect terminology


Grew up in Brewster, there were always a surprising amount of shitheads who had a problem with the Guatemalan community there.


The thing that gets me, and I never see anyone mention, is that the police work for the government. They are government employees. So when an officer does something, it is essentially the government doing the thing. If an officer intimidates someone, the government is intimidating someone. If an officer kills someone, the government has killed someone. It doesn't make sense to me that the back the blue people are also the small government people. They should want governmental agencies to be held accountable when they cross lines that take away the rights of it's citizens. But people are incredibly illogical, especially when politics, religion, or anything else that invokes strong emotions are involved.


Yes, the question is often asked if the 'don't-tread -on me-back-the-blue' crowd is "who do you think is doing the treading?" The answer is usually "the kid at Baskin Robbins who told me to wear a mask".




This heroic officer was cleared of all wrong doing by his department: ​ >The video led New York State Police to investigate Quinones. The investigation was closed in February with no criminal charges brought against the officer. > > > >Quinones faced no discipline and likely will not based on the investigation, police Chief John Del Gardo told The Journal News/lohud. Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. ​ Nothing to see here. Just another hero serving the shit out of those he swore an oath to protect. If this is one of the "good apples" I'd sure hate to see what a bad cop looks like. ACAB, especially this coward pig.


This can literally freeze frame when he's got his hand around the guy's neck


Sorry, no replays. Only 1 watch through allowed.


And even if he HAD grabbed by the shoulder, it's still a WTF. You don't just get to grab people anywhere just because you're a cop.


Hey now. That brave police officer was simply trying to give that citizen some more evidence.




I don't understand, why WOULD he be able to grab someone by the shoulder?


Ooh! I know this one! That's because the shoulder is located on the upper torso between the chest and head, while the throat/neck is located on the-**VIDEO FEED REDACTED


If a civilian grabbed a police officers “shoulder” like that they’d be mag dumped.


Why the fuck does it matter where he was grabbed - WHY were they even attacked by the cop in the first place!


This is why it's so stupid. >Guys the officer gripped this guy because he was upset. Lets steer the narrative away from the citizen attempting to walk past the officer to file a complaint and insist that the officer didn't choke him. >But sir, he did choke him. >These dumb fucks will be so mad that we said the officer put his hand on his shoulder, not his neck, that they'll forget about the whole attacking him out of nowhere. Get an "outside agency" lol to investigate and then get the Mayor to say "I'm leaning very favorably towards my cop."


I’m glad I live in such a free country where you’re assaulted by the police for saying that you don’t want to be assaulted by the police 🇺🇸🇺🇸


He sure de escalated the situation where he can't take 3 months paid vacation, and eventually be transferred to another county!


America’s most militarized gang


“King was handcuffed and taken inside. He was charged with third-degree attempted assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.” Wtf?


Sometimes i imagine all the videos that we DON'T get to see, because the police confiscates their camera/phone and deletes the evidence.


Gor those that didn’t read the article [here’s a frame where the officer is grabbing his neck](https://i.imgur.com/NDz42lv.jpg) > Quinones faced no discipline and likely will not based on the investigation, police Chief John Del Gardo told The Journal News/lohud. Mayor James Schoenig, shown the video on March 2, defended the officer's actions and said he thought the video showed Quinones grabbing King by the shoulder, not the neck. >”That's a tactic you use to arrest somebody," Schoenig said. "Does Freddy's hand slide? You can't tell." You can’t make this up. Regardless of how he was arrested. Why was he arrested for waking into the station to try and make a complaint. This is pure thuggery. The mayor and chief need to be fired. I hope the mayors opponent next exlection just uses this image and his words as an ad.




Oink oink


Why do all of these cops have "Thumb Heads" ?


This is what happens when cops police cops


And people wonder why we can't trust cops. I get there are good cops, but why take that chance? You can get fucked up by one bad cop and that's it. Some get paid and others just get fucked up.


All settlements from police abuse should be automatically withdrawn from the Police Pension Funds.


So this guy got arrested and charged and the cop didn’t even get a wrist slap?


Yeah pretty much. I mean you can clearly see the guy recording assaulted the officer’s hand with his neck which is why he was charged with 3rd degree assault.


It’s a shame the settlement money will not be from the police retirement fund. The taxpayers will be paying for this, in a very convoluted game of “stop hitting yourself”.


No criminal charges!?!?!? https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/putnam/brewster/2022/03/10/brewster-police-officer-caught-camera-violent-confrontation/6915561001/


Holy fuck, the dude got charged?? > He was charged with third-degree attempted assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. I hope this escalated against the PD and I hope he takes them for a lot of money


All pigs are bastards


r/byebyejob Wait nvm he’s a cop. Paid leave for a couple months and then back to work.