Tiktoker takes back iPhone he gifted to little girl after filming

Tiktoker takes back iPhone he gifted to little girl after filming

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It was a prank. Well fuck you, my prank is I keep the phone.


Next time I'll take one of your fingers that'll be my funny prank.😁


And so I pranked him… in the *face*… with a tire iron!


"its a prank" What a pathetic excuse of a human.


You're being a stiffly stifferson. I don't like stiffly stiffersons. I want to prank them for hours in my basement.


How about we poison him to a point he needs new kidneys. Then on his death bed we say we found you a kidney... And give him a iPhone prop


Yes, but you've got to tell him it's a prank after the fake kidney has been transplanted and he's in recovery.


Then we ask for the fake kidney back.


The kidney is actually just a phone


Hooch is crazy!




Hooch is crazy….


Hootch is crazy


It actually turns out this video is the prank. The girl played along.


They made a deal to make this second viral video, he actually gave the phone away, just made a fake video taking it away just for pr stunt, he got pretty good attention out of it [watch from 12:44](https://youtu.be/wwEleu_DVcc)


I’m a little confused. Does anyone speak Russian and want to translate his motives for me?


He got into every news in Ukraine, everyone was talking about this on instagram tiktok etc for free, thats hes motive pr stunt


In Russia phone keeps you. Oh wait that's everywhere


The iPhone chooses the owner , Harry.


If he's going to be a scum bag he may as well have gone up to them asked if they would be willing to take 70$ to pretend to get gifted a phone, still shitty but if you're going to be slimey at least have 3 brain cells.


Yeah, but if you don't, you're up 70$ and you get to live like a king! A selfish, fake, asshole of a king.


He wasn't actually going to give her the 70 bucks. He said he would transfer it... I'm sure that was a prank too...


I agree with you but notice that at first it sounds like he has cash in his pocket and then later he says "give me that and I'll TRANSFER money to you." He never intends to give them anything but a middle finger.


If its not real why is he so desperate to pay to have it back.


i was thinking the same thing. obviously i don’t know exactly what he bought but if it’s anything like [this](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W12KCRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_A7JS8NJBM5Q9SAF4EPDT) the dude only would’ve been out about $20. it’s definitely real and he’s definitely a cunt


Hope he's gets shamed off the interwebs




I like how the "prankster" makes it seem like the other dude is the bad guy. What a jackass. Fuck these guys.


Or even those "pranksters" who got shot because they pretended to rob someone at a parking lot in LA i think. Pranks are supposed to be funny for everyone, and the people getting pranked should be able to look back and laugh, not be angry


Jesus that dude looks like he's pushing 40 and still pulling shit like that?


Mom picked up on that. "Let's just look to see if it's real". "no no!"


So he can go "prank" somebody else with it


If its a prop just get another one, no need to pay


But u need THAT one


They made a deal to make this second viral video, he actually gave the phone away, just made a fake video taking it aways just for pr stunt, he got pretty good attention out of it [watch from 12:44](https://youtu.be/wwEleu_DVcc)




Maybe I am just not down with the kids or whatever, but what good is the PR, why would advertisers want to work with someone who gets attention for "pretending" to steal a phone off a child.


"No publicity is bad publicity" Why do you think douchebags like Jake Paul do dumb shit but continue to gain followers? Shitty people like to see other shitty people validate them.


Well it is clear that he was thinking that person is thinking "it's real so let's keep it " so he lied to get it back......


Something tells me that at the end he didn’t even pay her the money.


MF went home and uploaded the video his buddy took before this incident which he later deleted after this video went viral.


You don't see the people who actually give things away in good faith, because they don't seek recognition for it.


Exactly I hate those videos of people doing stuff for the homeless. Dude. Do it or don’t but don’t film it.


I get the idea of you should do something nice without wanting recognition, but if a person does something nice for a homeless person and the video makes more money which allows them to then go help more people, it's a net positive.


Good point


There’s the guy down in South or Central America that does exactly that. He helps refugees and homeless people. Showers, food, clothing. Makes massively viral videos about them. And that’s how he affords to do it. It’s honestly a pretty cool story. He moved down there to help, but couldn’t afford to just help. Had an office job and spent whatever he could to help. Then TikTok allowed him to go viral with what he was doing, which made more people donate, and now it’s all he does. I’m all for it.


Not, it is using people's distress and poverty to make more views.


Yes. Mr. Beast for example.


Ahhh I’ll disagree with you on Mr. Beast. He makes all that money off those videos but he uses the money to give back so he can perpetuate the cycle of being able to do super nice things for people. I agree I hate when people do things nice for people only to get recognition, but he’s doing it so he can make more money to give back.


I just started watching some his videos because BeastBurger is so friggin good, and I'm enjoying them. Some of the Twitch donation reactions perplex me when they're just like "oh wow, thank you." If someone just rocked up and gave me a thousand bucks I'd meltdown lol, but overall I really am enjoying his videos.


Also people like seeing the happy reactions. I don’t see any problem with filming it


I've actually never thought about it in this way. I just assumed they were all whores. Thanks for giving me a different perspective to think about.


That rationalization works as long as that's really what it's about.


I saw one where they were literally throwing stuff in the air for the homeless person in the video to catch. Like is he a dog or a person? It’s nice that you bought him that winter coat and supplies, but was he okay with being filmed while you threw stuff at him


Ya know, I'm mixes on this one. On the one hand, doing things for the sake of "clout" is stupid and wrong. But on the other hand, a good deed is a good deed and filming it shows others that good deeds happens and maybe that'll even spark a change in the person viewing it.


Exactly, I always thought the Ice Bucket Challenge was stupid because many were using it as a way to show how zany they were, and loads were using it just to get likes, but it raised over $100m and it really taught me not to judge things too harshly.


I didn't want to do the ice bucket challenge but I was tagged. Thought it was stupid too so I donated $20 instead.


There have been multiple times where I’ve seen a video on Reddit of someone doing something truly kind and it inspired me to also do something as well. While this is definitely absolute scummery, you can give back to the community and publicize it so others will see and join in some situations.


Its Machiavellian


No, not at all, because we have no idea what ever happens after the video cuts off, and these stupid trends of trying to go viral over fake nice deeds just encourage other idiots to mimic it, and most likely fake it too. Anyone who films 'good deeds' I immediately assume is fake as fuck.


Or the recent trend of Look at me, I cleaned up 15 bags of trash....... Just do it, if you're starved for attention and 'atta-boys' then you're doing it for the wrong reason.


I can slightly understand filming it if you don’t show yourself. If it’s just to be like “we need more people to do this” otherwise it’s only for self gratification and that’s it.


This is awkwardly worded. We get news about people who actually give things away in good faith all the time, just not directly from them. Wonderful acts of charity make the news regardless of whether or not the person being charitable seeks recognition for it.


Fr "It was a prank!" What the fuck does the word prank even mean to modern day 'influencers'?


It means “I think I’m permitted to act like a shithead and then excuse myself of all responsibility if it goes wrong”.


But intelligent people make a living off seeking recognition so they can give more aka MrBeast


Mr Beast?


Lol thats literally just his business model. It's not because he's a "good person". It's because he knows it'll get millions of views


More like people who donate to charities anonymously. It can be anyone. Keannu reeves comes to mind, he gave away a big chunk of his money to the matrix crew, it only got leaked by the crew. Mr beast is great for what he does, but he gets recognition so he gets views and sponsors. Mr beast is really consistent in helping charities, encouraging influencerss and viewers will help as well.


I don’t necessarily agree with filming it either, however, getting to see people doing it and others reactions, I don’t even care if they film it if it encourages other people to stop being so selfish and entitled to help others.


Well who is this heartless fuck?


21st century internet celebrity #209147 Names don't matter, they all do this and it is almost always fake.


They should leave the kid out of it regardless.


aka Attention Whores aka The Popular Kids aka Whoever Keeps Up With The Joneses


So it wasn’t actually just a prop? I know that you can purchase the boxes for these phones and I was just wondering if that was the case here? Still scummy of the tiktok person regardless.


why would he offer 70$ for a prop?


Why would he want it back if it's just an empty box/prop?


MF staged the whole thing for everyone to get that shit hyped around internets for likes and earning cash. And now this bs is on Reddit, again.


Whats his name so we can give him a piece of our mind?


His name is... *\[̷̨̡̰̪̙̗͙͇͕͍̜͕̝̗͉̮̠̙̭̐̆͐̓̐̆̽̍́́͌͂͌́̉̑̅̕̚͠͝͝͝R̶̢̖̳͓̠͈̙̱͚̯̗̪̙͇̝̝͇̮̮͙͚̀̎̒͊͐͌̇̏̎̾̅̊́̽͗̕̚̕͠͝Ḛ̷̡̨̤͚̼͕̮̖̹̫̤̰̼̭̻̋ͅḎ̵̮̱̭̘̳̄͂Ą̶̨̢̡̛̺̥̯̯͇̦͈̭̥̫̖͈̲͓̥̒͆̐̈́̐͐̍̉͗̿̌̀̑͂̏͊͐͘͜͝͝Ç̶̢̢̡̧̛̻̜̼̙̙̰̫̻͎̽͛̈́̈́̎͛͂́̊͂̈́T̸̡̘̺͓͔̦͈͚̱͖̰̮͓̪̳̖̦͓͋̈̕͠Ȩ̷̛̮̙̯̣͔̥̃̔̀́̐̾͆̓̚͠ͅD̴̡͔̱̗̥̮̦͎̱̊͂͛̎̇̈͘\]̶̖̣͖̯̀̃̐͌̊̿̈͐͒̆͌͗̌̍̓͝*


giving him a piece of your mind is giving him more exposure/attention like every other idiot asshat "celebrity" out there these days. People don't live off just the fame, they live off your attention good or bad these days and that's enough for them to prosper off literally being shitty people when the "hit" revenue comes through.


They made a deal to make this second viral video, he actually gave the phone away, just made a fake video taking it away just for pr stunt, he got pretty good attention out of it [watch from 12:44](https://youtu.be/wwEleu_DVcc)


I have no idea what he’s saying.


He is asking to make scene for a attention, he says i'm not taking the phone back, all i want is you pretend i'm taking the phone back. This was all over the news in Ukraine, he got what he wanted


Even more disgusting.




Girl got the phone, he got the attention he wanted, i guess win win


I kinda thought the mon wasn't quite reacting as if it was real. Granted it's Russia and I don't really know the culture but I'd still expect a stronger tone in her voice if it was real.


that was my plan the whole time, you think that's true because I wanted you to believe that... and I wanted you! to believe that


This is why I will always be skeptical of videos where people record themselves giving "gifts" to people. This is so shameless and utterly disgusting.


Be skeptical of everything on Tik Tok. So many fuckers just staging shit to look like good people or just copying copies of copied videos. Wouldn’t be surprised if several people “rescue” animals they abused just so they could “rescue” them for clout. Tik Tok is poison. So is YouTube to an extent but at least there is quality content hidden in YouTube. *DEEP BREATH* Sorry, someone left this soapbox here so I didn’t want it to go to waste.


>there is quality content hidden in YouTube. It depends on how you filter it. There are thousands of informative channels about history, philosophy and science if that is your thing. The algorithm learns from us, we just need to stop clicking on videos trying to get an easy emotional reaction from you.


There’s thousands of informative channels, must 90% of those spit out misinformation and poorly researched topics. Very rare you find a informative channel that doesn’t just read off the wiki page of whatever they’re talking about.


Thats true, sadly enough its those that have nice animations and lots of views that tend to misquote or even shamelessly make up stuff. Then there are the ones who is just some old professor talking in his studio and I tend to find those better.


Agreed. Wish more of the “high quality” channels actually had high quality research


Definitely agree. That’s why I try to tell people if they think “research” is going down a YouTube conspiracy rabbit hole they’re just being fed by an insanity algorithm, not researching, haha.


There is definitely fake animal rescue videos on both TikTok and YouTube. There’s whole channels that will put animals in horrible, dangerous positions so that they can “rescue” them on camera. They will often use the same animal multiple times.


Paymoneywubby I think is the name of a guy that has a twitch and YouTube channel. He showed a bunch of people who do this; that’s how it came to my attention. And yes, they will use the same poor animal over and over and put it in unsafe, sometimes painful situations to then record themselves “saving” it. A lot of them are families who record their kids doing this. It’s terrible and disgusting to see.


Social vanity culture is toxic and needs to fucking stop. That includes TikTok, Instagram... anything where people "share" shit about themselves to an audience. This shit is so obnoxious.


> Wouldn’t be surprised if several people “rescue” animals they abused just so they could “rescue” them for clout [They absolutely do :(](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeBCjX_dZfw)


TikTok is just the platform. Be skeptical of sketchy people and extremely unrealistic shit.


This is why you never record that shit. It only matters if you do it when nobody is watching you being nice.


Nah, even the people giving to the needy for their own benefit are still doing a good deed. Some youtuber may be profiting from the views of their videos but they keep giving away more to make more videos and everyone wins. It also inspires others to give.


I'm skeptical that this video isn't fake and designed to get clicks from outrage.


Nobody is more fake than Johal though, can’t stand that guy




Haha, it wasn’t even a good reaction


Any translators here who can let us know what he was saying? I'm really curious what he was telling the camera after he handed her the phone especially.


I cant hear all of it clearly but he said something in russian Okay but seriously he said like, "Use it freely, have a good day" and gave a high five and then said something about a link or something to promote his channel


Do you have a mirror? TikTok is banned in my country and I really want to see this idiot.




Thank you. And damn, you have to be an especial kind of asshole to trick a kid.


Yeah I hate when it's a TikTok link. I don't want the actual app.


Gross . Pos.




“For my next prank I’m gonna drop a TV on a kid’s head.” Followed by a viral apology video.


And then , to steal a kids brand new bike ! Stay tuned to my trendy videos my loyal viewers .


What a horrible little cunt of a boy, pathetic, he needs a hard slap doing that to a kid that age.


Idk why but i found it far more annoying how the woman didn’t put the phone away or something and imo barely resisted when he finally took the phone away


Someone mentioned it’s staged. The guy actually gave the phone to them but they had to make this scene pretending he was taking the phone away so he could get more attention


Your "prank" doesn't mean you touch my kid. He would be laid out


I find it really upsetting that the daughter is still in front of him too. I would have moved myself between her and him. You deal with me the parent. Not the girl.


I agree that's worst. If someone snatched anything from my daughter I would be very angry. In this situation, I would ask my daughter to give me the phone then throw on a roof


Or if it’s a prop I’d just stomp on the box.


He wants it too bad to be a prop


I know. It’s definitely real. Will teach him a lesson.


TikTok Jackass


All you need to know about tiktokers


There's a reason I'm not on there.


Because you're here.


Unless he's here to be there


Here is there without the t


T is there without the here


I am Bob.


Lies! You're a Balsaque. You wish you were a Bob.


There's a lot of really awesome and wholesome tiktok accounts. You just have to ignore the teenagers and young20's wannabe hotshots.


I was surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just followed a bunch of physics and science accounts. But it is the Crack of social media




This gets posted a lot and nobody ever identifies the person. Nobody ever seems to identify TikTok people, they just say TikToker. If it was someone on YouTube they’d be named and their channel linked to immediately.


His name is in this video: [https://fb.watch/v/u-zES2\_I/](https://fb.watch/v/u-zES2_I/) He changed his instagram & Tiktok handle but his Youtube is still up, he gave his take on the situation in this video(not translated): [https://youtu.be/wwEleu\_DVcc](https://youtu.be/wwEleu_DVcc) And he's from Ukraine not Russia.


**ALEXANDER VOLOSHIN** Alexander Voloshin. His name needs to be out there so that the world knows that Alexander Voloshin is a piece of shit. Fuck Alexander Voloshin.


That explains why the propaganda group has its logo on it.


So what does he say in his defense?


That it was all hype and the mother and the child were acting. He has video proofs where the mother and the child agree to act dramatically over this situation. Anyway, it is a dick's move to play on the feeling of people.


>He has video proofs where the mother and the child agree to act dramatically over this situation. He actually does? This shit is getting too convoluted man.


I mean, that crossed my mind... What mother with a brain let's her child take point in a confrontation with a stranger? If this were indeed real, the mom would he holding the phone at this point, and the kid would be behind her. I'm assuming this guy is playing the long con. Do the video where he gives the phone away, and also one where he's "confronted" for being fake. People are gonna view this video on its main account, make it go viral and inevitably lead back to the original "phone gifting" video. Doesn't matter if peopto go to watch it in anger, he's still getting the views.


yeah dude tf hit me up if one of you got the link to the video proofs


It’s linked in this comment chain, a few comments above yours Edit - actually it’s linked by the OP, so the fakest thing here (along with the OP video) is the thread title.


Don't be playing with my emotions!


All I had to hear was the music to know whatever apology he had was bs just like his "prop"






Isn’t this technically a scam? They make money from shitty videos like this and mislead the victims involved in the video. Sounds like a scam and deserves jail time.


Id punch that stupid haircut right off his head the moment he touched anything in my child's hands. I try my best but people like this turn me into a violent man.


Yes, many people would. That's how you know this is fake because the mother is obviously not concerned with this large man physically accosting her child.


Is giving a child a phone even considered a prank?




Ya know what….It’s painful to say, but I’m with Comrade Trumpski. Ban tiktok. De-platform all these morons.


Why the fuck didn’t the adult take it so he couldn’t just snatch it back from the little girl?


Fuck tiktok


I hope that guy gets herpes


This guy needs a serious buttkicking.


It's not real but he's willing to fight a little girl for it. Niet!




WTF??? Maybe it’s a fake phone but that’s a *real* little girl. 😑


Wow just wow that has to be the most toxic guy ever


I never get why people blur the face of the person being a douche. He wants to be famous, let's help him.


Social media has turned our society into Black Mirror right before our eyes. I'm glad to be a millennial that had the luxury of seeing the world pre-social media/smart phone. Edit: spelling


Our society has created a bunch of sociopaths and narcissists.


Why not just buy fake boxes you would get the same online reaction than buying a real one and going through the trouble of getting it back


Who is this POS




Ok Internet, time to work your magic and find out who this guy is and destroy is channel


His Names Alexander voloshin


Repost, but either way, this tiktok craze is breeding a generation of cunts.


r/iamapieceofshit there is a special place in hell for people like that




"It's just a prop! That's why I'm willing to give you $70 for a totally non-functioning prop iPhone!"


This is why i do not believe any video of people doing “random acts of kindness”.


What a bitch ass. Dude deserves a good ass whopping for doing this to a child and then proceeding to snatch it back out of their hands like the rat bastard he is. I hate all this fake charity shit, have a REAL heart people




Social media has created a whole new level of trashy people.


When the internet point have real world effects.


Do that to my kid I will slap the shit outta you


Well in Germany if you gift someone sth immediately than its a valid legal gift and you can't force it back. Your intention is irrelevant if this intention has not shown in the transaction. So if you fake to gift sth in Germany in a way that doesn't make it apparent that you intent on faking the gift, you instead gifted it in real and you are now severely limited in the ways to force it back.




Can we please get this guy arrested for stealing that girls iPhone. The law states that if you gift someone something it belongs to them, taking it back without consent is stealing.




I have a sneaking suspicion this happens quite frequently


One day I saw some disheveled dusty looking men sitting outside the grocery store. I grabbed them some lunch when I went in and went to hand it to them. They were construction workers. They laughed so hard and I still gave them the lunch :)


Do we ever figure out if it was real? No way getting a new ‘prop’ costs $70


This is why the world is off its axis, making shit up to film all for the like count. Now when it backfires the truth is Mr influencer wants his "dummy" phone back, play cunty games, win cunty prizes




Wait, can we advocate for harm orrr no?


He actually gave it to that kid.


I would have slammed the phone down and spit on him.