Husband in ICU with Covid.

Husband in ICU with Covid.


I will be praying for your husband 🙏🏼


I'm praying for you. Holy Father, Jehovah Rapha, our Divine Healer bless your husband. ❤️🙏


Father God, You are our Great Physician... You know what this man needs better than anyone... we ask for Your Divine Intervention in this man’s care... give him & his family peace, joy in You, comfort and solace as they navigate this crisis... romans 8:28 tells us that all things work for our good and philippians 4:6-9 tells us to bring ALL of our worries & troubles to You, Abba... Holy Spirit give this family the ability to surrender all to Jesus Christ... in Jesus’s Name... amen




UPDATE: Thank you so much for all the prayers. God has answered the first part, he was able to get a room in ICU at a major hospital in our city. He will be able to receive ECMO when he needs it now. Praise the Lord. Nurses told me they hadn’t had a patient get accepted for transfer in literal months. I thank God. He is still so very sick. Now I pray that God guides the hands of all the doctors and nurses that help him. God can heal. I am praying He does. Thank you again everyone. Please keep praying if you can.


That’s literally a miracle from God because I lost my dad a few weeks ago to covid and we couldn’t get him accepted anywhere with ECMO after non stop trying. I apologize, I’m not trying to make any of this about me. I’m continuing to pray for your husband and you during this time❤️❤️❤️


I am so sorry for you loss. I can’t imagine. It is terrifying how full hospitals are and how little extra equipment they have. God bless you.


I don't even know what to say. I'm praying for you both 💜




prayed in JESUS name amen


Praying for you both.


I’m praying for your husband’s healing 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


Praying for your husband’s health and strength for you. Amen


Praying for your husband!!


praying for you!


Prayers sent


Dear Heavenly Father, please touch and heal this husband Lord. Please do not let him suffer. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


I pray that your husband has a full recovery.


Praying 🙏.


May God bless your husband with good physical and mental health and a quick full recovery. Amen.


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Covid took my husband from me on September 12th so I know how scared you are. I pray your outcome is different than mine and he gets to walk out of that hospital and you both get the opportunity to grow old together. I wouldn't wish the pain I feel on my worst enemies ❤️


Thank you for prayers. I am so incredibly sorry for you loss. My heart goes out to you. God bless you.


God Almighty please touch your son and make him recover...let the blood of Jesus that speaks healing flow through him now...use Isaiah 53:5 for your prayers... He'll surely be healed by His stripes in Jesus blessed name


Lord watch over your child tonight. Give him peace and strength. Father in heaven, stay with him, ease his pain and give his Wife comfort in this trying time. Father console and give all who are suffering your grace. Amen🙏


Psalm 103:1-5