One of their attempts to kill Goats was buffing reapers self healing to 50% of damage done. For about the week or two that was live, he was an unstoppable juggernaut tearing through everyone.


Still couldn’t stop goats


Coz devs still have no clue why goats worked


To be fair, they had to literally make one of the biggest changes to the game ever to fix it (role lock)


Well to be fair role lock is one of the best chainges that they did On the topic tough goats worked coz of heal stacking. What they did instead was overbufing dpses, revorking every dps and their mother into tankbuster. And while that was going on they sledgehammered tanks and ignored heal. We still feel that decisions today Devs are still, to this day, nerfing the outcome and not the cause


Tbh I kinda miss pre goats, goats. Brig upon first release was alive during a time in which Symettra also had shield generator. And armor stacked on underneath of regenerable shield generator... Worst part. Rally armor lasted until destroyed. Ah to be an 850 health Reinhardt again :( Edit: I forgot the cherry on top. Shield generator didn't disappear until it was destroyed on the map. We also lost the SINGLE greatest voice line in the game to this rework.. "I'm getting a feeling they have a shield generator" -RIP Junkrat mains. The true losers here in this patch


And as rein you could still solo demolish that raidboss brig. That bash over the shield tough was nuts But yea. The times when dpaes were not overtuned so poke damagw was not over the roof like after goats and still is now to an extent


I dunno man, she did nearly as much damage as you (half damage per swing but twice as many swings per second), she healed whilst damaging you and could stun you while damaging you. I lost more than 1 dual to heron release. I love Brig and she is one of my fav supports but she was busted on release.


I was rein main. Never lost 1v1 against her


As am I. You are either a better Rein or faced worse brigs.


I'd love to be an 850hp Queen with armor instead of overhealth(?).


Which was something the community had been asking for before goats even existed, they finally decided to listen


They absolutely understood why it worked. In an ideal game heros like reaper, junkrat and pharah would punish Goats too hard for it to be spamable. But healing and mitigation was just too high. They tried to buff those counters to compensate, but they couldn't make it work without those heros being broken in non goats games too. So the obvious choice here is to nerf healing / mitigation. But that's an extremely feels-bad change for the 2 roles with the least amount of changes. Who wants to play Lucio with pitiful heals and a tiny speed boost? Who wants to play dva with a nerfed matrix? Those heros would be balanced even if they were nerfed, but they wouldn't be fun. Nerfing tanks and supports was the correct meta decision, but it would be horrible for the fun of the game.


Tanks were not strong supports were. Particularly one support was and 1 ability of that particular support and to this day they just once tried to adress that And they nerfed tanks so hard while overbuffing dpses that only viable comp that worked in 222 was double shield. That particular support ( brig) also cohntered dive on top of many new tankbusters. And poke damage from dpsea was so high that deathball evaporated in seconds. Double shield and poke was what was left. And none was because of tanks. Tanks seemed to define the metas but in truth supports enabled it. Like now. Kiriko is why hog is so strong and mercy is why brokenjorn is so busted


Brig was absolutely slaughtered between her release and goats death. She was strong, but not the sole reason for goats by any means. Heal and mitigation stacking hit a critical mass and there was no going back without making supports and tanks feel bad. And it happened again with double shield.


> Brig was absolutely slaughtered between her release and goats death. That is somewhat debatable. The community just took a massive overreaction to the Brig rework post GOATs. The post rework brig was a large reason the Genji 2020 meta was so strong and she was core to the 2021 ball metas. She wasn't as strong as during GOATs, but she was likely the strongest main support for large portions of 2020 and 2021.


Yes that hero was Lucio. Enabled the hell out of the team. No reason to go poke when you can steamroll your enemies before they get a shot at you.


This gave me PTSD. I forgot that hell of a week


Best time of my life


What is "Goats"?




Thank you


They explained pretty well with the link, but it was basically running a team comp of 3 tanks 3 support. It was dominant in OW1 to a crazy degree. Almost all pro teams ran it. They tried multiple combinations of buffs and nerfs to try and get people to choose to go back to 2 / 2 / 2, but in the end after a year or two of trying they gave up and introduced role queue, locking competitive to require DPS characters.


Insane to know that this is the same company that balanced SC1 and 2


Only in name


A member of the animal family Bovidae (cloven-hoofed vertebrates) and the subfamily Caprinae, meaning it is closely related to the sheep.


You're playing Jeopardy in reverse


Bring back level 3 turret, you cowards.


They're too scared of the Bjorn


I was happy to earn that scrap, it was an honest living


The "nerf" for sojourn. Blizzard was like "we hear you don't like sojourn and want a nerf, so we buffed her"


I hate how her right click one-shot is so obviously what makes her OP so to balance that they nerf her left click spread


I think their goal was to make it so she gets fewer full charge railgun shots, even if it feels bad to play. Sadly, once they remove her pseudo one-shot she will have no hero identity left and absolutely nobody will play her. It’s the only thing she has; her cc is gone, her slide is still decent but there are much better mobility tools in the dps class too. Idk what they can honestly do to nerf her without making her trash, bc her archetype has always been one-shot. She needs full rework of all her abilities.


She never had an identity. Her identity is "every good thing from every dps character". Mobility? Check. Decent spam? Check, with left click and disruptor. Oneshot? Check, during ult check check check.


I actually watched the dev video(can’t remember what it’s actually called), they were playing around with what other weapons they could have characters use, they thought of a railgun, and so plus some other things, they created Sojourn, a railgun wielding character And then they also mentioned another thing… they mentioned the ult could’ve been a big shot that would pass through walls and fire across the map, but scrapped it for the rapid fire railgun


Mercy +5 mag Best buff trust


The +5 ammo buff is whatever but I think the increased weapon swap time actually helps a lot. I love pulling out Mercy's glock to get final blows


[There's nothing more satisfying that teaching an overconfident dps a lesson as mercy.](https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/ac948fb1-acad-4743-9b59-5fab53cf1898/dcdstvw-1483737f-7f05-4343-a4b4-74c316e3f810.png/v1/fill/w_1024,h_950,strp/i_know_im_a_healer_but_by_zaccrim_dcdstvw-fullview.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9OTUwIiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvYWM5NDhmYjEtYWNhZC00NzQzLTliNTktNWZhYjUzY2YxODk4XC9kY2RzdHZ3LTE0ODM3MzdmLTdmMDUtNDM0My1hNGI0LTc0YzMxNmUzZjgxMC5wbmciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9MTAyNCJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19.Dl_NTw8eNhewwYAEDVyRr5gaLE-2wFV7bfP8Ob04MNw)


I had a Widow game where I was shredding the enemy team. They got Winston? Got him 2/3 health down before he reached me, and then some spider juice. Genji dive? Jebait then spider web into an air shot. But then I made the Mercy mad… She bullied me so hard. Every time. Then she bullied our support after offing me. Her team was praising her while clowning me, and my team was so mad I switched. Didn’t matter. She was already in my head. If I targeted her, her team would solo dive me but she ALWAYS got the last shot.


Man I just can't deal with them diamond mercys anymore, that mag buff is OP as hell


I stopped playing these 2 months, when did that happen?


Mercy spec’s her CoD build with fast hands and extended mags


And steady aim pro


I told people not to make fun of this buff. "It's only 5 bullets," they said. She didn't really NEED it if you ask me, but I'll take it.


‘We’ve given the character with the most survivability in the whole game MORE survivability so we can continue our pattern of not addressing the issue’


In OW1 Bastion wasn't performing at high levels so he was buffed, but this made him hideously overpowered in lower ranks who just couldn't shut him down. It highlighted the skill difference and essentially showed everyone why developers shouldn't be balancing soley for the top tier of players and was quickly reverted.


Those few days were absolutely wild. I remember he could tank a Reaper ult and Hanzo Dragons while in turret mode lmao.


Haha bastion with a barrier haha


The funny part is, on pc he was nerfed like a day or two later, but on console patching is a whole process so Bastion was wrecking for like 2 weeks


I think they’ve finally got Bastion in a decent spot where his kit is still in the spirit of his character yet he isn’t *too* gimmicky. He’s situational and kinda niche but I think they did a good job with him where he isn’t annoying to play against but he still has some favorable scenarios.


I think you're probably right. The days of turret Bastion behind a Rein and Orisa shield with a Mercy pocket are over thankfully.


The one thing that kind of annoys me about him is that he can survive a pulse bomb stick in his tank form but I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Really I should just stop sticking the bastard when he’s in tank form.


Tank gives more armor?


His ironclad passive gives him damage reduction in tank form.


Ah w


And im still very glad that a not-insignificant number of bastion players still unload directly into my genji deflect


Yeah he's one of those characters if you keep your eye on him and know how to counter him he's fine but if you let him go unchecked he'll demolish everyone


Agree. I think they did a nice job of maintaining his identity while making him less of a newb stomper.


Ironclad used to be stupidly broken.


That's kinda twisted and bad way to draw a conclusion. You can say the opposite like "Sojourn wasn't performing too well in the low level, so she wasn't nerfed", then she just ran rampant in top level brackets, and it showed everyone why devs shouldn't balance around low level players.


I think you guys are trying to say the same thing; the goal should be to have all heroes balanced at all skill levels.


That's unfortunately not possible without removing skill expression from all of them


Makes sense to balance for the 99% rather than the 1%


This isn't the worst nerf, but it was definitely unneeded; putting Ball's grapple on CD when he respawns. It made a bit more sense in OW 1 since he was the fastest hero at the time, but now in OW 2 there are heroes like Doomfist who can zoom out of spawn to point in seconds without any handicaps, and is arguably better now at last-second contesting than Ball.


True, especially with no 2cp anymore which it was most overpowered in.


I'd say that ball is still better at last second contesting in most situations, especially if the thing you're contesting is kinda far away


I would say Doomfist is better for last minute contest but Ball while slower on paper, can contest it longer.


yea doom is quicker over small distance but ball is faster over long distance and lasts longer. just depends


Also even if the ball were to get to point fast it’s not like he can do much lmao. Apart from getting sent back to spawn by hog or Orisa.


You'd be surprised at how well a good Ball can dance around a payload, even against Hog or Orisa.


Doom does have handicaps. He has to use cooldowns just to get to point and is only 450 HP. Ball is literally a 700 Hp hero that can click a button to go up to potentially 1300 HP. For high ranks it may not be bad, but in low ranks having a 1000 HP target continuously stall is a pain


I don't agree. Doom can get killed very fast and it really depends on where the point is while ball can reach crazy amount of hp, have crazy speed and only has to roll to point. Ball + Lucio + Mei + Tracer swaps on overtime was very annoying. I'm glad we see it less


Sometimes i fall off the map trying to grapple back to point 💀


Ironclad Bastion. Literally unquestionably the worst buff ever and one that everyone on the PTR said was broken and stupid and ruined the game. Worst nerf imo was a random nerf to Zen's alternative fire in 2018, just personally. I hated it because I really liked Zen and he wasn't even particularly overperforming or meta or anything but they smacked him with a nerf to his alternative fire speed for no reason. It was so random and pointless that it was actually the breaking point that I stopped playing for a few years


>he wasn't even particularly overperforming or meta or anything but they smacked him with a nerf Describes every Zen nerf except the discord nerf - the saga of which is also stupid, but a separate issue.


Console had to deal with Ironclad Bastion for a full month. It was so bad I just stopped playing for almost 3 weeks. People probably forgot that his change was at a time where there was no Damage Resistance cap, so a Nano Bastion could have 85% DR on top of his armor health. He could take an entire Barrage in his face and self heal through it. He could tank a D.Va ult. And so long as it wasn't in his crit spot, he would survive the entirety of Whole Hog if he had some healing.


He could tank nano death blossom too and I was a console player back then...it was horrible 😢


The worst buffs on top of my head were 400 armor 200 hp dva Launch ironclad bastion Mercy rework since she could rez so many times with next to no delay


Playing against that iteration of D.Va was so utterly miserable. It felt like DM was also so oppressive in that time period.


That was 4s DM. Not to mention that I believe the cd between how long you could stop using DM and activate again was much shorter. I believe it was like .5 or .75s compared to the 1s now, so DVa basically just had way more damage mitigation potential.


You could not win on a team without a mercy if the other team had one after her initial rework.


Ow1 Bastion's Ironclad buff. He had 300hp base with, I think, 100 of it being armor. While he was in his sentry (it was stationary and did not have a timer) or ultimate form, he got the ironclad passive. They buffed it to where ironclad reduced damage by 50%. I remember once when I was playing, there was an enemy tracer and some other guy who dove on our bastion. The tracer ulted him and sat behind him shooting his headshot hitbox while the other guy sat in front attempting to finish him off. The bastion sat there using self heal (Bastion had a self-heal instead of a grenade back then) and then killed the person in front of him, then turned around and killed tracer. He barely dropped below half health throughout the entire ordeal.


Ana would also Nano Bastion and the DR would stack. It was the reason they put a cap of 50% maximum damage reduction back the.


Fr my method for killing bastion back then was to literally jump on his head and mine-combo him while dying deliberately to make the junkrat passive fall on his head. Was one of the only ways to reliably burst him down


Torbs turret was nerfed specifically on consoles, probably not bad so much as just funny. Moira used to be able to fade out of any crowd control/ult. I really don't know if it was a buff or nerf but back when Mercy had a mass rez for an ult and could bring up all 5 players at once. Probably a nerf when they changed it at lower MMR. When Brig was introduced there was the largest surge of players progressing from bronze to master to this day.




Moira can still fade out of zaryas grav at least


As a support main, good to know, thank you!


i thought that changed a while ago? She can fade in a grav to avoid damage but can't get out of it.


Cassidy getting his flash removed. I feel like it was pretty well balanced but they decided to go no stuns on dps so instead we have the brainless heat seeking sticky grenade.


I disliked flash + fan the hammer combo but this sticky feels unfair af. I've seen this thing make almost 90 degree turns to stick to something. I don't even want it nerfed, I just want the flashbang back.


at least with flash fan he had to reload or burn roll, now its just one bodyshot and the nade


Exactly this. Plus Flash and fan sometimes missed or the Cass wasn't fully loaded when he did it so it didn't kill, and some characters could just use mobility to get away like Tracer or Moira, which lead to a lot of good Cass players just aiming for headshots instead of fanning. Now, and even I do it because it's logical, is just fire one shot, stick the grenade, and go bother something else. Once I get a shot and the stick I can literally ignore everything but a tank.


Yeah, I'm not gonna lie I kinda miss the flashbang as annoying as it was




It was satisfying to do what?????👀


Sombra has been buffed/nerfed/reworked so many times she's essentially a new character.


*symmetra has entered the chat*


*orisa has enter the chat*


*laughs in torbjorn*


Well to be fair, she does the same kinda thing as she always did. She was always able to go invisible, have a translocator, etc The problem is the OW devs keep trying new things with her because her entire design is flawed massively and anti-fun


Invisible characters are just not fun to play against in any competitive game. I honestly believe league of legends would be at least twice as good if they just removed this inherently noob stomping mechanic. Thankfully it's just one character in ow so far. Inb4 we get an invisible support.


I'll never forgive OW team for practically deleting Brig's inspire


OW2 was prolly the biggest nerf to OW1


Saw this coming from the mile off.


It's expected because it's true tho


Daring today aren’t we


They killed my girl Brig. Brig was nerfed from being amssively OP to basically unplayable. She went from 500 Shield to 200 now it's middling at 300, which isn't terrible but also it's regenerate was nerfed and never buffed from 100 to 85. Her health was nerfed, etc. And of course the biggest nerf was removing shield bash which made her semi-fun.


Just give her her shield bash back, even if its just like not even a second of stun time. At least use it to stop abilities and ults.


Yep it can just be a .125 interrupt. That would skyrocket her viability and make the stun really more of a interior than a stun. Put it on slightly longer cd


I think Blizzard's angle is not to make every character viable, but to "spotlight" characters from time to time. Brig had her time in the spotlight, so they ignore buffs needed to make her viable. Right now Kiriko and Mercy get to be in the spotlight. They will be nerfed to un-viability and then Brig will have her time again. I don't like this approach, but it seems to be what they're doing. I love the Kiriko meta because you get to watch the anime girl fistfights every game. Cracks me up whenever I see one.


Yep everyone loves to say she's fine but she's not, and hasn't been since the last round of nerfs in OW1. Wish she was viable because she's so fun to play.


There will always be that niche on this sub pointing out that they're in masters/GM while Brig one tricking. Yeah, we get it, we are shit because we can't play with a Brig. She is so massively underpowered it's insane. She is completely unviable in lower ranks, and even then, mostly unused in higher ranks except by extremely smart and good players.


even if she's good in higher ranks she's such a shadow of what she used to be. in high ranks, people play her as a strong AOE healer and ana-protector. it is so miserable and boring. she basically just passively sits around and only hits people once every 8 seconds to keep the heal up, and if someone flanks. that's it. no more frontline brawling with rein or anything with an ounce of fun like that, because if you do that, you will die in higher ranks. instantly. i know from experience... 😢


I agree with this. I would say they should of at least made the shield bash interrupt instead of flat out stun. Reason for this is she is no longer really an anti flanker anymore. Like sure she can still ward off a Tracer or a Genji but she can no longer stop a reaper from getting in and ulting or making the Rein think before shattering, or anybody else just ulting at point blank range. Like 9 out of 10 times they get value. I get they tried to compensate by buffing its damage from 1 -> 50 but still...


Fun to play, horrible to play against.


Hog never should’ve been allowed to move while using his E.


Man I completely forgot that he used to be stationary while doing it.


I kinda wish Blizzard had made it stationary again in the previous patch just to see if it would affect his power level. Feel like it would be a fairly noticeable change.


or even a severe movement reduction. i agree his movement whilst healing now is too much


He also gets damage reduction whilst doing it as well as the tank passive of not being able to be knocked back as easily, basically means you can survive anything including face tanking massive ults like dva by hitting E and walking away


the dmg reduction is absolutely insane, he basically is unkillable when he drinks. and that shit is on way too low of a cooldown


Atleast clutch his walk speed down by alot when he vape


Look, I understand making him slow down while using it, but outright stopping him is *not* a good idea.


Allowing a 700 hp tank to be able to kill enemies with zero help or coordination from his team is not a good idea. And what's REALLY not a good idea is giving that 700 hp tank who can one shot you, a 50% heal on a 6sec cooldown. That means he can kill you and heal himself with zero help and coordination from his team. He doesn't need his support to bail him out for over extending. The enemy dps can't punish him for overextended because he can one shot them. And if you dare get an advantage over him, he'll just walk away for 5 seconds and come back at full hp to try again.


Hog, for when you're playing a team shooter but hate teamwork.


Ana 60 damage/heal nerf. This hurt so much she was practically a throw pick. Being unable to kill 200hp target in 3 shots was criminally borderline unplayable


that was so horrible, i was an ana main all through overwatch 1 and i didn't play her at all back then. i remember people saying she was fine too and she shouldn't be able to 3 tap a pharah. uh, yes, she should, because while shes doing that she is both not healing and not being able to pay attention to her team or the enemy team's positioning, so it was a VERY risk v reward situation.


orisa ult going through shields when she was already an insane hardcounter to rein before


That made brig even more useless. It’s ridiculous how Orisa with all cooldowns can just walk into the back line and kill Ana. There is literally no counter play with extended cc block.


Sombras rework for ow2, they just made her stupid easy to play. Then nerfed her into the ground and left her there. I say this as someone who’s been maining her since her release.


Yup, they need to take away invis hack because that makes her dummy easy. Rn she might be the hardest character in the game but if they buff her base damage and remove invis hack then I think she will be more viable while also still being a harder character.


Orisa being able to peirce sheilds with her ult. It's like they want orisa to never get punished for making stupid mistakes.


I have to agree, she already has enough of an advantage against “shield havers” that adding this in was kind of pointless.




In every elo. Not just top500. It’s just a brain dead hero to run. Everyone I diff a tank they either turn to Orisa or hog. Like they accept they are trash and need a crutch.


I literally did exactly that today. I just want to play rein but he’s in such an awful place right now. Hog and orisa are so op compared to any other tank, if you want to win then there is really no other option. Other tanks are way more fun but those two are the winning horses right now.


When they nerfed just about every quality of their game


Mercy team ress Brig release aka goats Iron cloud bastion Moth meta Current ow2 matchmaking Sojourn There are so many....it's obvious at this point that blizzard doesn't understand their own game or have anyone on the team that plays at a decent/high level.


Current OW2 matchmaking. True as fuck


Mercy team rez was necessary. It became meta for your mercy to hide as soon as one or two of your teammates die, then sneak up and POOF everyone is back to life. If you didn’t have a mercy, you were almost guaranteed a loss. That’s not to say I didn’t love ripping a 5 man rez.


It was guaranteed a loss.....u would need to win 2 team fights.... Ontop of that, look into the statistics of moth meta. Apparently, there were more ress per game during moth meta!


Symetra's lock on W+M1. Absolutely hated that cancer.


Yeah I remember that, fun on the sym’s side but skill-less


Because I had no aim I played Symmetra during this time. She also has the throwable sigma barrier that traveled forward. Not gonna lie, I felt really good when I managed to Block a Cree Flashbang with that thing.


Remember the shield generator as well? People stacked torb armor with it and everyone became a tank.


I actually miss it. She needed to be in melee range to do that and she has no CC (unless turret slow) or mobility back then.


Widow back to 200 hp in OW2. Really strange buff and makes the game incredibly unfun


(isn't really bad but it's unnecessary) The ricochet hanzo storm arrow buff. Who fucking asked for it


Doomfist becoming a tank


Just cause I'm still new to the game, was he that much better as a dps character? I still feel like a good doom can dominate the game.


I hated Doom in OW1 lol. He'd come in out of nowhere, falcon punch you, and disappear.


Yep. People complaining about 1-shots in OW2 as if Doom wasn't able to murder literally any 200hp hero he wanted on command. Tank doom was necessary.


He was a very hard DPS to play but insanely powerful if used right. High skill floor and ceiling. As a friend used to say, a bad doom is a joke to play against. Fighting a good doom will make you question your life choices. No block, less health but uppercut to knock you around and set up rocket punches before you landed. Hit and run one shot flanker with his combos.


Broken af until you switched to a stun and then he was useless


He was hated by everyone but had loads more personality and skill expression,sorta rolled low ranks and got curbstomped at higher ranks.But he was so so so much more fun.


I actually like most of the changes, I just wish he did a little more damage. Not 1-shots because that is a miserable mechanic and no hero should have it but enough that you have to actually pay attention to him. Actually I think the bigger issue is the move to one tank. When you only get to pick one, it's pretty hard to justify going Doom or Ball over Winston, because the latter can actually protect his team.


Tankfist is only a bad idea for 5v5, it would've been fine for 6v6. Great even. ​ He should become a DPS again in 5v5. Uppercut instead of block, 250-300 HP, and his punch doesn't oneshot like it did as DPS.


I don't mind Doom being a tank, I think he's tanking style is unique and, if not him, there should definitely be a tank that plays like that. The problem is that they're not really trying to balance him properly. He's slightly weak, and they give him 10 buffs in one patch, when he gets op, they give him one of the biggest nerf in OW history.


The worst nerf in OW history is absolutely the ptr infinite tp that the clowny devs tried to pull. > -Now lasts an infinite duration until destroyed > -Players can destroy their Teleporter with the ability 2 input > -Cooldown now starts when Teleporter is destroyed > -Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 15 > -Maximum range increased from 25 meters to 30 > -Teleporter breaks if the entrance is more than 40 meters from the exit. > -Teleport re-use time increased from 1 second to 1.5 See 18 july 2019 PTR patch notes (https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-us/news/patch-notes/ptr/2019/07) Now to people unfamiliar with sym's kit, it may seem like a buff but it absolutely isn't . The cd mechanic nerf already far outweighs any "buff" that could be construed from that list and it further tried nerfing cd duration AND tried making it more of a 1 way trip with the interaction cd increase. TP is BOTH sym's engagement and disengagement tool for her low range. In other words, it's the thing that gives her uptime esp when back then her orbs had lower effectice range with half the projectile speed. Like tp to sym is blinks + recall is for tracer, or range + hook for widow, or range for ana, etc. If it ain't available, they can't get in effective range to do their job. Making her already long cd on that uptime tool not only longer but also only start cd upon destruction is a massive down time increase esp when you consider that tp has a limited interaction radius and no team is playing around 1 specific area all the time. Like where tp needs to be moves in accordance to where both teams move, and that changes a lot obvs. here's a visual comparison of what the old 3.0 and current tp cd mechanic was like vs 3.0 infinite tp ​ **Most other abilities and sym’s old 3.0 and current finite tp:** ``` timeline of cd: |-------------------------------| timeline of getting value: |+++++++++++| ability down time | ``` **Sym’s 3.0 infinite tp:** ``` timeline of cd: |-------------------------------| timeline of getting value: |+++++++++++| ability down time | ``` *note copy pasting text diagrams on mobile so hopefully it turned out fine. And obvs having cd only start after you're done with it means you play a whole lot more static and binary with your uptime because either your tp is stuck elsewhere (because the fight moved away from tp) with your uptime tied to whre tp is or it's stuck ticking away on cd. it was blatantly an uptime killing nerf. Even the shallow downtime number difference should been obvious to everyone. I.e. finite tp had 10s duration and 12s cd leading to 2s downtime theoretical. Meanwhile ptr infinite tp had guaranteed 15s cd (live had 12s guaranteed). Straight up like 600-750% increase in downtime from those numbers. And ironically, the devs said it'd open up more opportunities when it straight up didn't, if anything it closed off opportunities because you had less tp casts meaning you couldn't adapt to the situation as much and had you forego many opportunities whether to flank or just damage in effective range because tp was not available. And like the possible use cases for tp did not change when getting infinite duration. It was the same uses and largely in the same locations. Like it straight up was less flexible and closed more doors than it did opening them (if any).


Honestly, it's interesting. In OW1, I will admit I did not care too much about Brig. In OW2, I have enjoyed playing her a lot more for some reason. With that said, removing Brig's stun legit feels like an awful decision. She is arguably the "worst" support on many levels in her current state (though let's see what her new ult will end up doing for her). Just annoying because she can't stun/peel like she used to in the same vein. No more bashing into a Reaper to stop his ult and whatnot. Meanwhile, characters like Orisa or Doom can just stun you again and again, but Brig is the squishy support who relies on her shield to hold strong.


Hog was nerfed so that his Hook Combo wasn’t essentially a free kill one-shot but people complained about it and gave it back to him Most oppressive garbage in OW1 was Hog’s ability to flank around and kill someone’s completely unchallenged because he could walk away for free with his stupid self-healing and they decided it should’ve stay a consistent kill.


And they buffed him on top of that by making him heal more while running around and taking less damage. Like they say they're going to remake this character but after that last fiasco I don't trust them for a second. They just love their hog power fantasy too much. Or the players do... The forums absolutely blew up. I remember seeing it in real time.


Hamster hook lasting 5 seconds. I don't play OW2 anymore, but if that's still in the game, he's useless....


As a Ball main I can safely say that spin-to-win was the worst thing in the game, no skill needed at all, especially now with even less CC it would be even worse in OW2. But even without his infinite grapple he's still one of the best heroes to contest point.


Maybe they could give a longer grapple time but make max momentum break grapple if used too long. Could give ball more front line presence if he anchors to a good spot and can continuously do small boops around corners.


Infinite grapple was used to just stall point 90% of the time. It wasn’t like ball players lost all capabilities by removing infinite grapple. The bigger nerf to ball was grapple being on CD after spawning. He’s so much slower to get back to point to contest now.


If is, plus you cant use it for 2 seconds upon respawning. So no fun for ball players.


Eh we cant have fun anymore with the hog, orisa meta. We simply cannot deal enough damage to justify letting their Orisa impale my supports or Hog kidnapping half the team with his hook.


getting rid of Brigs stun to make the bitchy baby flankers happy was the worst nerf ever


All the times blizzard removed any doom techs


Brig's inspire. A heal aura that needs to be maintained by outputting damage but its HP/s is so low you may as well just get a lucio to stand around the team with healing jam on


The adjustments they made to Junkrat's self damage


That’s the best right? He absolutely needs this to be any good.


Buffing Sombra to S Tier and then nerf her to F Tier. They should have just left her alone.


Everything involving Doomfist


Huge nerf I remember in very early OW was moving Sym from support to DPS and taking her shielding abilities. The ability to give allies overhealth was one of the most unique support mechanics early on, plus she allowed supps to carry with a good main healer. Her gun also used to lock on like Moira. (I'm so glad this is gone because she could melt a roadhog in 4 seconds) Same thing with her turrets, they used to have a healthbar. A lot of health too. (Glad this is gone too).


Loved the old lock-on beam. Paired with a speedboosting Lucio and you had an unreal combo enemies didn't know how to deal with (yet teammates always thought we were throwing with the sym pick, so frustrating!).


Mei. The amount of nerfs she has gotten in OW1 despite being a low tier pick AND the nerfs she has gotten in OW2 along with the removal of a core ability is just overkill.


I mean, yeah they got rid of the stun on her primary fire, but now the slow is immediate and she does almost 100 DPS with it. Who needs to headshot frozen enemies one at a time when you can just cleave through them all at once?


It's a nice buff Imo, it does more damage to use freeze than the old freeze hs combo, while getting rid of stupid cc plays. Only bad part Imo is that it makes her matchup against rein even more one sided than it already was.


i disagree, i still see mei occasionally and i think she is incredibly strong. tbh her losing her freeze on m1 is one of the best changes made in ow1. mei is no longer just w+m1 hero


I used to think she was just a gimmicky brawler but now I think she’s fairly good. Problem with her is it’s just not her meta IMO and I think it’s just brawl/rush in general that’s struggling.


she is good. she just isnt turn your brain off and just walk towards someone holding m1. the wall is one of the strongest abilities in the game. her ult is also insanely strong.


Haven't played in a while, what ability?


She can't freeze with her primary fire anymore. It slows people down now. Her only way of freezing people is to use her ult.


Being able to freeze with her primary fire


Mei is a second tank in OW2


Switching from 6v6 to 5v5 broke this game.


the genji nerf next week


Genji is fine right now, I don’t get this meme. Or is it making fun of people who complain that he’s underpowered?


It’s pretty much because whenever he gets near top of meta, he gets nerfed really quickly. when people say it, they say it ironically


The meme is making fun of the fact that Blizzard nerfed Genji because of the DPS passive… but next patch they removed it.


And left the nerfs


The nerf where 6v6 was turned into 5v5.


recently i can think of orisa ult ignoring shields. hard to escape, cant interupt and now cant block with a shield


Playing someone without a movement ability? Sucks, get fucked.


\*laughs in Ramattra*


No one else is mentioning the sojourn ultimate buff? That bitch can now 2 shot in less than half a second and with no skill involved.


Tracer's pulse bomb being nerfed from 400 damage to 300 because she was "too good at killing tanks"... After that, she couldn't even kill a full HP Bastion and tanks are super charged now. She was also supposed to be the baseline to prevent power creep in the game, so up to that point, she was the only hero who never got buffed or nerfed. That's also out the window now with her gunfire changes.