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Answer: It is a lot easier to build on different platforms. Like on a PC it is much much easier than on a standard Xbox controller. Also, you can't fight against someone, as an average builder, if they can build a fortress in literally 2 seconds. It's not possible. So it makes the game unwinnable/unplayable for a lot of people. But...they are only removing it for 9 days I believe. They are testing the waters to see how people respond.


The problem is Macros. Basically a programmable turbo mode that pushes buttons for you.


I'm pretty sure the anti cheat would catch that


I think they only enforce in tournaments. I have seen way too many people building faster than should be possible.


The build system is actually pretty lenient and as long as you turn quickly and move right it's very possible to build really fast manually. Especially if you compare it to the APM nessecary for a game like StarCraft it's well within the possibility of human input with some practice


Facts. I have a friend that I've seen build (IRL, I mean, like watching him press the keys and shit.)


Yeah it's right, I get it.


The sweaty neck beards that could build a 5 story hotel in the span of 30 seconds turned me off the game forever.


For me it was a combination of the fact that the control scheme on controller sucks and there doesn't seem to be a way to change them and the fact that they got rid of the thing the game was originally meant to be.


Saaame. The game did seem kinda fun but I can't be arsed with even trying to keep up with that kind of meta


Yeah, god forbid people actually try to win!!!


Nah I'm not saying that, I'm just not competitive enough to keep up 😅 I'll stick with mi co-op games, MMOs and RPGs


The game has skill based matchmaking now so no matter how good you are you'll only play against proof your skill level, and it will even put you in weaker lobbies sometimes to feed you a free win so you keep playing


That... doesn't make sense. Skill based matchmaking but it also routinely places people with higher skill in lower skill lobbies to provide an easy round? Never played so I'm not sure how big lobbies are, but if we assume there are 30 players in a game then what are the odds that all 29 other players are my skill level and not a higher ranked player being provided a free win? Wouldn't me and 28 other people have a good chance of being stomped by the "Free Win Player" until the game decides it's my turn to win a round?


There are 100 players in a lobby, and typically it puts you and a couple other strong teams in a lobby full of either bots or weaker players after a sting of losses or if your MMR is too low. Some matches are against people of similar skill and count more for your MMR and others are designed just to keep you playing.


Oh, varying MMR weight and higher player counts in lobbies helps offset the stomping - makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!


The funniest thing that happens to me regularly in the game is that I see people fighting while building towers into the sky. Sometimes all they build with is wood, so a bunch of grenades or fire weapons are enough to destroy the whole thing bottom to top and get some fun fall damage kills.


See I'm actually going to go back and try fortnite because of this. The game is alright and has some fun ideas, but the building mechanic is absolute bullshit and makes the game really unfun in a fight. I like it outside of combat, but like you said, fighting someone with a fortress in their pocket is incredibly un-fun.


Yep, I remember playing back when the final circle was 3 guys in 1 by 1 towers trying to snipe each other. I had to give it up when I'd take one shot at someone and they'd build the entire goddamn Taj Mahal.


a lot of pro players use controllers, they’re only doing no building for about a week


REAL ANSWER: Building mode is only removed from Fortnite battle royal not creative or arena for 9 days after the new season because of the story line and people like it becuase of the “sweats” that ruin the game by trying really hard by building but now that’s it temporarily out sweats can’t ruin the game


It's not even so much the building. Throwing up walls, ramps, and floors is pretty easy even with a controller. It's the fast edits that make the skill gap. So they're not just making a fortress, but able to quickly move through it at odd angles.


Why not just have both versions in the lobby and players can join the game they want?


Answer: they are removing it as part of the storyline, and like with all things in the story, it is to test reactions


Answer: building is a core mechanic of Fortnite, but also a very divisive one. People like it because it is a mechanic that made Fortnite stand out from other battle royales. On the other hand, people also hate it because many times a confrontation between players will boil down to who can build the fastest (because the game is multiplatform, players in different platforms will have more or less advantage). From what I have read, Fortnite will disable the building mechanic for about a week to test the waters and to get player feedback. Based on that they will most probably decide if enable it back, revamp it or disable it altogether.