My guess is they are releasing as much g1 stuff to bank off of nostalgia before officially releasing g3


My guess is the opposite. Mattel is probably trying to get G3 into production to get a constant revenue (because of their Disney lawsuit causing them a great lose) built but before they continue the G1 series. They do have the He-Man series, one for the new generation and the other for the older generation. That is what I’m hoping for at least


Mattel is currently basically multi-branding all their brands. Their core basic brands are doing big stuff right now. Barbie's new movie coming out, He-Man's two simultaneous Netflix shows with one set for a newer generation, and then another with an older fan base in mind. It's smart, and it works. They're pumping stuff out--just be prepared.


I think I get what you’re saying and I’m confused too. Like the reported Howliday doll and the valentines two pack for instance; will they be g1 or g3?! I’m really praying they’re going to cater to everyone and give us more new g1 style dolls!


my guess is that the valentine’s two-pack will be g1 since the movie seems to be pushing clawdeen x deuce


My understanding (and I believe Mattel confirmed this at some point) is that they are doing concurrent G1 and G3 things.


This seems to be true. I think they predicted the fan backlash for the reboot to some extent and decided to cater to both demographics this time around to broaden their customer base.


id like to know too i'm really hoping g1 will run alongside g3 (not counting collector dolls: im broke)


collectors suck (not the dolls themselves just the idea of it and the price) forever wishing haunt couture was the new basic looks / faces of g3 characters (but i also love the updated looks too so im indecisive about it)


I just want them to actually be available 🙄


tbh i hope they do both G3 and G1. it’s a lot, but it’d rlly get their market going. yeah, the new dolls are cool and all…but let’s be honest! OG IS ALWWAAAYYYSSS better!!!


the creeproductions had q-u-a-l-i-t-y and way better screenings + no glue seepage i would love to see what they could do with other creepro characters


I didn’t buy the creeproductions, because I already have the originals. But I really like the color schemes on the reel drama; so I will buy them.


Its a similar model to how other toy properties are doing things. Hasbro is always releasing Transformers products that appeal to an older fan base from their older shows, while releasing a newer product for the newer fan base with the new shows that are more age appropriate. It's nothing new. Barbie has been doing it for years with their general fashion dolls and the Pink, Black, Silver, Gold, and Platinum labels for years.


I have no clue either but I really didn’t want them to do G1 and G3 simultaneously.


I would like if they did g3 while still releasing repros of basic character looks but im not sure my wallet could handle buying both generations if they continue it


That’s a bit of my reason for not wanting them to do them concurrently (among others). It’d be too much. I’m fine with a couple of Skullectors here and there but I’d rather them focus on G3, with the new iterations and new collections


i remember seeing somewhere that g1 and g3 would be ran concurrently although not sure if thats just something people came up with and it took of and has been believed as truth


i heard that too along with two different tv shows, but i can never be too careful with believing things in this community lmao


Yeah I’m still confused about the Haunt Couture diaries because they seem very different than g3. Maybe this is an indication that they will be doing both g1 and g3?


G1 for collector dolls and G3 for playline dolls.