I don't know the current status, but the Griz used to have many tables upstairs.. alternatively, what is now Gladstones (when it was Don Cherry's) had 4 or 6 tables downstairs. might be worth a call or message on fb or something to each to see what their current procedures are or if they are even allowing pool right now.


Griz had a bunch of them as recent as October 2009 and holy shit was I ever drunk that night. Bad memories (shudders).


Gladstones has 4 pool tables and a ping pong table downstairs and a couple more pool tables upstairs. We played downstairs with the old school tables. The 2 upstairs are coin operated and not my thing if the other option is available. Cheers


yeah, i don't like coin-op either. are the "old school" tables bigger than the coin op?


yup, regulation size downstairs


Yea i was there a few weeks ago pool tables are still there, i didnt play but there was people playing


Well, I went to Griz. Big tables with loose pockets. Guess how much? $17.50 per hour. *God almighty*, who the fuck do they think they are? To charge that much and not even keep the tables in good repair. There are strips of cloth torn and folding over on the table. The pockets have holes--balls fall straight through. The place where I live? five to seven dollars an hour. I'm sure the Grizzly Grill's owners know they'd make more money with prices that kept the tables full. Maybe the idea is just to keep the middle class out.


Gladstone’s and Griz.


At the risk of dating myself, I miss The Shot.


Raxx on Gardeners rd are advertising that tables are open. I know it’s not princess but you’ll always have a table,they used to have free pool for ladies on Sundays so bring your mate or a female friend you can play for free. Cheers 🤟


thanks! I might take a bus out there.


I was there on the weekend and it was busy but not crazy busy. Comfortable busy, considering Covid is still around.


Unhelpful, but does anyone remember the Brew n Cue at Princess and Garret? I spent a lot of time there, they weren't fussy about IDs :) I also played a tonne of pool at The Rack Up. But also as other folks mentioned the Grizz is probably the only option for walking distance. The Brass used to have coin op tables in the back, no clue if they still do.