What a badass

What a badass


So if she was declared dead and it was corrected later it means she was undead, making her the first gold medal zombie winner. Amirite?


How can u wake up dead. https://youtu.be/Jr_nhywjNHM


[like this](https://youtu.be/Fas1dkyd-5w)


Imagine finishing in the same race as her. Coaches be like "Yo, you got beat by a *dead* woman?!'




Why are you deleting comments?


Good podcast on her (22min) https://thememorypalace.us/betty-robinson/


a woman of sheer fucking will


Airplanes back then werent all that fast. Probably it was going 45-60mph. source: My ass


Ehhhh, they were pretty fast, this is after the WWI cloth and balsa wood planes, they started having some planes that were pretty quick. Planes that could fly around the world were coming into being in the 30s.


the teamusa link mentions it was a biplane owned by her cousin who was training for a pilot license. theres a few articles in the newspapers but none go into much details aside from it being a 400 ft nose dive. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/pages/results/?state=&date1=1931&date2=1931&proxtext=Betty+Robinson+crash&x=0&y=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&rows=20&searchType=basic


So yes. She is a total badass. Pure gumption but it also shows how much more hardcore things are these days. Most people in modern Olympics train for a lot of their life, have some interesting genetics, teams of trainers and nutrition experts, etc. back in the 30s it just wasn’t as intense. It’s fun to look up old records from Olympics and compare them to today. For example, the 4x100 women's relay (ie the race Betty Robinson won) gold in 1936 won in 46.9 seconds. In 2016 the time was 41.01. I wonder if they even would have qualified in 2016 Science is kinda the same game. Scientists used to just be people who were generally smart and could afford to fuck around experimenting. Now you need at least a PhD from a very good program to really move the needle (and even then, chances are slim).


life just isn't fair. i haven't gone through half of what she has and i am completely incapable of running fast at all, let alone that fast. fucking nothing i could have done about it.


Your attitude is your own worst enemy


In this case my attitude is a result of my lack of natural talent, actually. You have the causation backwards.


Maybe you're right that you can't run at an Olympic level no matter how you train but you can still excel in other areas or simply seek to maximise your running potential for your own inate satisfaction.


Train with a tiger behind you!


That just means that instead of being the slowest in a race, I'm the slowest and also dead.


The literal return of the queen


was she fighting Kars with Joseph?