It was still so weird they get rid of the unique deck of 52 in Mercenaries 2, and no game has really copied it. The middle earth games got close though.


I used to love busting into their stronghold then taking them alive. It always felt like an accomplishment when that helicopter came down to take them away.


I still remember how hard some of those were. I never got the ones who were in the middle of SAM installenments alive.




Mercenaries 1, had a much more similar feel to the coalition invasion of Iraq, compared to mercenaries 2.


I played the fuck out of that game when I was younger. I remember liking the Deck of 52 concept at the time. However, in hindsight, I can see how it might have been scrapped. Right off, I don't mean to disrespect any of our servicemen and women. It seems to me that the idea of the IRL Deck of 52 was a clever way to allow troops to remember and search for high value targets. I'm speculating here, but the deck may have also been a tactic in order to help dehumanize the enemy by "gamifying" the war efforts. Gamifying war is, in my opinion, a rather ugly business. Yes, I've played a lot of war video games, read a lot of war novels (my favorites being Slaughterhouse-Five, Catch-22, and Johnny Got His Gun), and participated in the fantasy of war . . . But in many war media, there's The Lesson: that "War is Hell." These are fantasies, though, far removed from the front lines, played and watched from the safety of my living room. The Lesson hits hard, often, but not has hard as someone who has lived a war (and please forgive me those lame words, Vets. I've worked with many Vets fresh from the front lines . . . I cannot know your experiences, burdens, pains, and nightmares). Conversely, many science fiction novels and movies have played in the trope of what would happen if a real war was somehow more like a game . . . The inverse of the above. Instead of taking the reality and turning it to a fantasy, we take the fantasy and pattern it onto a reality . . . The results of the gamified war seem somehow worse, more impactful. The protagonists are innocent, likee, until the veil is lifted and the horror underneath is revealed. I guess what I'm saying is that the Deck of 52 as an IRL game sucks. It's manipulative and dehumanizing . . . And maybe an homage to that in a game while at first seemed fun but I'm hindsight might have felt a bit, well, shitty.


> I'm speculating here, but the deck may have also been a tactic in order to help dehumanize the enemy by "gamifying" the war efforts. Gamifying war is, in my opinion, a rather ugly business. It's not a terrible theory for a more normal franchise, but the 2nd game goes way more hardcore into "lmao blow EVERYTHING UP"" aesthetic. It's a borderline comedy war game They likely scrapped it because they did a complete about-face from the worldbuilding they used in the original game, which was a "realistic" (at least in presentation) modern combat zone with multiple major factions trying to accomplish multiple goals against or with each other while taking down a crazed North Korean dictator and other leaders


> It's a borderline comedy war game It had a theme song that made reference to the protagonist getting revenge because they got shot in the ass. I'm not sure it could have gotten much *more* comedy without veering into "Saint's Row dildo bat" territory.


>I'm speculating here, but the deck may have also been a tactic in order to help dehumanize the enemy by "gamifying" the war efforts. Gamifying war is, in my opinion, a rather ugly business. Maybe, but I honestly don't think anybody was going, "We caught the Jack of Spades," and in the end, catching these guys was still just a name to people. Not a life story in most cases. You can also see they didn't just make decks of cards of people, but also archaeological sites: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archaeology_awareness_playing_cards I think with your sci-fi trope, the what if wasn't suppose to be the gamification of war necessarily, but the fact that you didn't even know you were participating in a war.


Yeah, and those kinds of cards are way older than 2003. I had a set of IFF playing cards as a kid that had plane silhouettes on one suit, tank on another, etc.


By the time service men are engaging the enemy they tend to be more than well enough trained to follow take down commands. I don't think abstracting targets to a card theme was really needed in order to motivate servicemen to fight other humans.


Totally. But it doesn't hurt to keep the enemy dehumanized during combat, too.


The Russians literally just did the same thing for Ukraine.


> It was still so weird they get rid of the unique deck of 52 in Mercenaries 2, and no game has really copied it. Not in the exact same sense, but Assassin's Creed did it for the Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla trilogy. A lot of the targets could be skipped or weren't essential to the main plot, but they all had interesting bits of story and lore.


Its been awhile, but I am pretty sure the Names in Origins can't be skipped. The Cultists of Odyssey can be but I would probably say more than half didn't have that much story to them and it definitely wasn't interesting. I was hoping after seeing some NPCs have a level attached in Odyssey that you could wrongly accuse/kill people for being cultists but that never happened. Would make the investigation and actually paying attention pay off, not entirely unlike the Murder Mysteries of Unity.


I liked how it was, but I liked hunting down the bounty hunters even more.


It was one of my favourite parts, yeah. Assassination missions are a really cool addition to open world games, but so few either don't do it at all or only have a tiny number of targets.


The Division 2 has a sort of similar thing, 52 HVTs that roam around the game world, each being a certain card of the deck.


I think the Shadow of Mordor game had a great update on that system with the whole forcing Orcs to fight other Orcs on your behalf. Could've been used in a world where you're using your negotiation skills in another *Mercenaries* games, but EA gonna EA I guess...


> but EA gonna EA I guess What? Oh this system (made by a completely different dev under a completely different publisher), developed 5 years after the company that made Mercenaries was dissolved, would have been good for a new Mercenaries game? But it's EA's fault? What kind of logic is this? Like yeah, EA dissolved the studio. They do that. It's shitty. But there's zero chance a new mercenaries would have had that system anyway. It just seems to be conflating two entirely unrelated things.


I think he's just lamenting the last point. It would be neat to see a new Mercenaries game implementing modern systems like this, but we probably never will since EA is a slash and burn publisher. Although we almost certainly never would have seen a Mercenaries game with the nemesis system, since WB owns the patent IIRC.


My point at the end is more the death of the franchise than them implementing that exact system. It's more that there was groundwork in the franchise to do cool shit, but the death of the studio killed that.


With hindsight sure, but the nemesis system really was very innovative and unique when it released. You can't really hold it against an entirely different team of devs for not thinking of it years before it was even a concept lol


Because it was something they ripped off of real life, and that was kinda icky looking back — the [“most-wanted Iraqi playing cards”](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most-wanted_Iraqi_playing_cards), designed to inform the troops but ended up being a kitschy, gross relic of the era.


Tbf thats because the Iraq war is widely recognized as being an unnecessary and illegal invasion. I don’t think that people would see it as gauche if it were Most wanted Nazi playing cards


That’s gauche too tbh.


The playing cards idea is a pretty good one when you think about it. How else are you going to get your common soldiers to study the faces of the folks you have a bounty out on? This way, any time a unit takes prisoners or kills enemy combatants, there's a decent chance one of them will say "hang on, aren't you the 7 of diamonds?" or whatever. They'll probably even be carrying a card to compare him to.


Oh it is, 100%. I just don’t know if it would be *seen* that way you know


I want more game that are seriously centering around mechanics like this. Here's the board. This is your target. Now go get em! GR Wildlands satiate that itch and Deadbolt is very good one. Assassin's Creed is too one-note. They don't give context like Wildlands and just 'he's into some occult shit so kill him pls.' . I guess New Vegas Bounties mod counted too? And that's pretty much all I can think of.


I bet they planned to keep it at some point. Mercs 2 really felt rushed on release. Wish theyd remaster it. One of my fav games.


Mercenaries 1 is still some of the coolest open world games I ever played. It's like gta in a warzone with tons of vehicles, tanks, planes, helicopters, you could call in airstrikes and vehicles drops and it had some incredible destruction for its time - iirc basically every building could be leveled. I will always remember it fondly.


I'm probably remembering it with rose tinted glasses (which is a big reason why I won't play the game again lol), but I remember finding the four faction system really cool. An open world with four different factions duking it out, and you could decide which factions to align with or fight against. You could also use vehicles from a faction to blend in in their areas. It really gave the player a massive amount of freedom.


I remember each of the main characters could understand a second language, so when you were interreacting with various factions you'd get snippets of story in the subtitles you wouldn't otherwise get with a different main character.


It still holds up fairly well--it runs at 4K back-compat on Xbox One X, and I played through it back in '18-'19. Managing the relationships of the factions as you complete the missions still gives it some unique flavor even today.


Only issue I had is the controls being quite dated (holding A to accelerate in a vehicle for example). I guess you could remap them but I dunno if that would stuff them up then in other contexts


Yep last time I played it the game still held up. I find open world destruction games often tend to hold up well enough.


Aaaand it's not on Game Pass (in the US at least) in case anyone else was wondering.


I don't think EA bothers adding old games that weren't huge sellers to EA Play. Unfortunately.


Mercs 1 I imagine is that weird publisher space (Merc 1 published by LucasArts vs EA sequel)


> You could also use vehicles from a faction to blend in in their areas. Oh shit, yeah. I'd forgotten about that. That was a super cool feature. Felt very clandestine.


Is there even a game since then that's had a similar mechanic that isn't a western rpg?


I play through Mercs 2 probably once a year, it holds up great IMO. Mercs 1 on the other hand has some dated controls that make it a struggle, and my version I downloaded from Xbox constantly crashes.


Don't forget the NATO Apache helicopter that you could only get by sniping the pilot out of his seat.




You could but then you become unfriendly with the russian mafia faction. That faction implementation was pretty cool.


They always flew really low to the ground for short periods of time too which made it all the more simple


If you timed it _just_ right you could hijack the helo without killing the pilot. It didn't count against your rep.


Fire a couple rpgs just above it to get it to fly closer to the ground, man I forgot how much I played and loved this game


Helicopters are attracted to flash bangs. The Apache over the northern province MASH is super easy to get because of this. Northern province Chinese helicopters can be tricked into diving into the river too.


Ahh, that brings back memories.




It’s because the second game was way worse and killed the franchise.




It was meh.


2 was better because you actually had access to all the cool vehicles instead of the bullshit like the KA-52 and M1 Abrams only showing up during a few missions and usually blowing up before you can hijack it. second game let you keep on hand everything except for mounted turrets and the patrol boats. Also the grappling hook which let you have a chance to actually jack the helis without sniping the pilot and making them crash land


Mercs 2 was okay but the first was a far better game. Much more polished and the story in my eyes made a lot more sense. From 2, I liked the outpost system. The visuals were nice and Venezuela was a welcome change from the drab of NK. The story and the many bugs with the game ultimately held it back. It definitely could've done with another year of development though.


Also, the jet ski sounded like a barking dog.


The second game was noticeably worse, but it was EA's acquisition of Pandemic that killed the franchise.


Mercs 2 was weird. It was part of that trend where publishers wanted to double dip on their games, because the 360/PS3 came out, but they still wanted Xbox/PS2 sales. As a result, games like Mercs 2 were watered down for Xbox/PS2 and usually had a different story.


I fondly recall placing remote TNT under light jeeps and blowing them all up simultaneously to watch the fireworks.


I would pay good money for a remake


Yeah it seems like no one make open world destruction games like that anymore and it's a shame.


We should be seeing more destruction focused games now that consoles have decent CPUs. For now you can enjoy teardown on PC, the destruction in that game is incredible.


I agree and thanks for the rec.


For a hot minute in 2008/2009 it looked like destructible environments were going to be the next big thing in game engines. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Red Faction Guerrilla both had more-or-less fully destructible levels and it was amazing. Unfortunately at the same time was the rise of the "Ubiformula" which was very financially successful and didn't require any major paradigm shifts in game design. Oh well.


Yeah it sure did look that way back in 2008/09 like you said. I was thinking about Guerrilla as well after reading this topic. I think you're right that the Ubi formula also came along around that time and that became the next big thing instead.


Just Cause has kind of stepped up into that, it has most of the features of Mercenaries and more. It does feel different though.


Agree to disagree. Just Cause has very limited destruction and vehicles/weapons/air strikes. Just cause is one guy playing rambo with his ninja rope, Mercenaries is one guy playing a Terminator on steroids with a cold war arsenal one click away...


Yeah I thought about Just Cause after I made my previous post and it does some of that too. I played 2 a lot but I didn't play 3 much and I haven't played JC4. In JC2 the destruction was fun but more limited if I remember right.


I loved #1 as a kid playing with friends, it was fantastic. I also never understood as a kid but noticed that North Korea is permanently hostile and cannot be your ally lol. Very realistic ha


As a kid with parents who watched the ESRB ratings, having an open world game like this rated “T” made it way more accessible to me than GTA. I don’t know if there was anything like it before.


the fun thing is awful, playful genocide...in real life its awful..but in games its awesome








In the end I just used a cruise missile on every building taller than 2 storeys... just for the sake of it. The destruction was surprisingly great for such an old game.


And the soundtrack is so underappreciated. Just some amazing tunes that still stick in my head to this day


Yeah it's a great soundtrack and I still remember some of the music. Quite atmospheric at times.


I loved hearing [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuBY8nKUx-Q) while skulking around the North Korean countryside


Yes all of this! And it had the contracts you could do working your way up the chain of command. Amazingly addictive stuff.


Yep. I compare every open world military game to Mercs1 and they always come up short.




No way you could definitely level any building including Allied HQ and piss everyone off lmao


I'm pretty sure you could level every building, it's just that buildings only had two states: normal and completely destroyed. It was cool, but the actual destruction mechanics weren't too detailed.


You could blow up anything. Source: Using cheat codes to give myself infinite health and ammo and using a rocket helicopter to destroy all of North Korea.


If you couldn't level a building in that game, it's because you didn't drop enough ordnance on it. Some buildings took several bunker busters to destroy.


I remember destroying the games equivalent of the Ryugyong Hotel several times.


This alongside Freedom Fighters are a couple of the best forgotten gems of the PS2 library. Glad to see it getting some love. Never played the second. When I first played Just Cause 2 (the first and only entry in the series I played) I was subconsciously expecting something like Mercenaries. It took me a while to realize that and it explained why I found it so disappointing.


Yo i was just playing Freedom Fighters on steam lile an hour ago lol that game is still fun Would be thrilled if they ever remade it


Mercenaries 1 was one of my favorite games that I never get to finish and it was so weird how it was never released on PC. I've been wanting to play Mercenaries 1 for so long and it was a pain in the ass to run on PCSX2 until recently. I wish that someone would buy the rights to this and just remaster it for PC and modern consoles.


Michael Giaccino's score is ridiculously good


One of my favorite scores, really good.


If you have an Xbox it's one of the Xbox titles available via backwards compatibility, along with SSX 3 another EA classic from around the same time.


Fuck, I need to play me some SSX now


SSX 3 in particular holds up very well, go for it.


I'm planning to use Xemu to try running the original Xbox version on PC. All modern consoles are being scalped here in my country so I don't think I could get my hands on a Series S/X just to play a game from 2004.


you don't need a series x, backwards compatibility works on even the cheapest xbox one


Or use PCSX to play the PS2 version. Unfortunately I don't think there was a GameCube version so we can't use the glorious dolphin emulator.


> Mercenaries 1 was one of my favorite games that I never get to finish Likewise. I remember some of those missions being *tough*.


u/mattcolville shared a very interesting anecdote [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/patientgamers/comments/8fgigm/mercenaries_playground_of_destruction_on_xbox_one/dy4dumb/?context=3): > The final mission was designed by my friend Wallace. At one point the CEO who was like 9 feet tall looms over Wallace's cubicle and says "WHY DO YOU HATE THE PLAYER WALLACE?" > > He'd been trying to finish the final mission and after an hour or two couldn't do it. Another designer, Jeff, says "Oh it's totally doable" and, challenged to prove it, picked up a controller and rocked the entire final mission in a single try. > > Now, he cheesed it a lot, using a combination of irradiation and a rad-proof tank (or something like that it's been a while) but he did it. I remember thinking "maybe we should have another standard by which to judge how hard a mission is?" But that was sort of the point. It's a long, epic game and if you made it this far, you need a finale that kicks your ass hard.


Man those were the days. Shame outside of From games most devs have moved towards easy substanceless games, with pointless filler and half baked RPG mechanics.


Idk why people are down voting you when you're totally right, most AAA games nowadays feel like mobile games in how they deliver dopamine without requiring any player engagement at all. I guess maybe it's a boomer sentiment but AAA games are truly suffering from some strange late-stage capitalist rot atm where they all chase the same trends and are consequently less unique, interesting and challenging.


That would require EA to sell the rights.


Yeah I am surprised too that it was never released on PC.


>and it was a pain in the ass to run on PCSX2 until recently. I thought maybe I'd have better luck with Xemu but it runs like ass on there too


I got into the Mercenaries series because that amazing commercial with the Oh no you didn’t song for Mercenaries 2. Had a blast playing both games, shame the sequels were cancelled.


I can probably still sing a good portion of that song. So damn catchy.


Oh no, oh no, oh no~ Oh no you didn't! Sucka tried to play me, but you never payed me, never!


Oh no you didn't! Payback is a-coming! You will be running forever!


Oh no you didn't! Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem!


Yeah that commercial immediately came to my head when I saw this post. I enjoyed Mercenaries 2 for what it was even if it wasn't as good as the first one


The song, in case people forgot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiDvsuWCXSE


*”You will do the dance of sorrooooow”*


God, yes. My friends and I were obsessed with that song when the trailer first appeared, we used to just spontaneously sing it at school. Good times.


I still listen to that song on a regular basis. I had a lot of fun with Mercenaries 2! It's really too bad they didn't have the chance to continue to grow the series.


Surprised no one [posted the song yet](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEbE3fGfF-o). It's pretty great.


Heard it playing in my head the moment I saw the post title - that shit is so unreasonably catchy


Coolest thing was being able to build reputation with each of the factions, unlock their own airstrikes/supports, then being able to do missions where you could literally destroy another faction you could've built reputation with. Not many games have this system anywhere which is unfortunate


It was interesting in how you had to balance faction support if you didnt want to be in conflict with them and how certain faction missions had you deliberately antagonizing that factions main counter faction like how some south korean missions have you fighting the chinese and some russian mafia levels have you stealing advanced weapons and assassinating HVT’s belonging to the Americans If you didnt juggle factions it quickly became a very difficult game


Especially if you pissed off the mafia, you would be locked out of black market access unless you paid a $200k bribe or making the chinese mad, they might blast you from an APC as you drove by


They even considered how factions friendly to the player would react if the player disguised themselves as an enemy faction. Felt pretty cool and immersive at the time.


Mercenaries 1, Gladius, and Mischief Makers are the top three games on my “would pay anything for modern remake” list


Small wonder that mercenaries and gladius are backcompatible on the xbox 1 and onward. They'll probably never see another installment, but at least they've been rescued from being vaporware.


I played Gladius recently. It still holds up


Where did you play it?


On the ps2 while the pandemic stranded me at my parents’ house.


Ah, my disk sadly died in my latest move.


Wow this brought back a lot of the bile I felt over the Mercs Inc insult. Not even waiting for Pandemic's corpse to cool before announcing a GAAS replacement for 3... Though I also learned something new, that one of my favorite D&D personalities/third party writers worked on these games. He even has his own subreddit, /r/MattColville


I absolutely adored Playground of Destruction, and actually replayed it not that long ago and it still very much holds up. Gets very difficult for the later missions though! Mercs 2 I had fun with because I could enjoy basically the same stuff as the first game but WITH A FRIEND. At the time it was super buggy though, especially in co-op but still good memories there. I'd love to see a remake of this series.


My friend and I played it mostly FOR the bugs. Some of it was so random, you never knew what crazy thing would happen. Funniest thing ever was when we did a race and he was extremely far behind, but through some random collision bug my car exploded on completely flat terrain and he won.


I was a moderator on the Pandemic Studios forum, shortly after the release of Mercenaries 2. Was a wild time, and it was so sad to see one of my favorite developers go the route they went.


They were some of my favourite games of all time and I would die for a proper remake.


At least just cause was clearly inspired by them


Thing with JC is the destruction is contained to certain areas. I wanna flatten the whole map.


If I remember right, that was one of the first forums I ever used. I still remember when they announced all the cuts for 2...


Were you Alastor? I spent so much time on those forums in the year leading up to release. Every few years I look at some of the threads via the Wayback Machine for a fun nostalgia trip.


No, but I do remember him. My reddit username is the same as my username was back then, with some variant of [this avatar](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/c/ce/Sweet_Tooth_%28Twisted_Metal%29.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130921190408) or [this one](https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/f2fe4f08-0fd1-498a-819e-fa19c2e238bb/d4sz9v2-29d98997-1159-4e98-a4e0-05032d528376.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcL2YyZmU0ZjA4LTBmZDEtNDk4YS04MTllLWZhMTljMmUyMzhiYlwvZDRzejl2Mi0yOWQ5ODk5Ny0xMTU5LTRlOTgtYTRlMC0wNTAzMmQ1MjgzNzYucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.SODavVFdC9cZUt9Kd6sMiv1YJUyUdNHXJE2IUpeOjYg). I would've been about 15 at the time, so I was pretty young to be doing stuff like that. I was a member prior to the release of 2, but I would've been made a mod sometime between then and The Saboteur, so a while later.


I remember that picture and your username! That's something I haven't seen in so long, it's funny that I can remember it at all. It's cool to see some of us still around. I remember the likes of Ali and his chicken outfit, sleff, Airstrike, carpetbomb, Cmdr. Vladimir Kozentov, Taepodong-2, and more. Every E3 I hope there's some Mercenaries revival announcement, but it never comes.


Haha! I was gonna ask if he was Alastor. Never was part of those forums but knew him from elsewhere. If you run across this, Alastor... hi!


I absolutely loved Playground of Destruction, favourite game of all time. Loved ferrying around friendlies to hostile locations and starting firefights, then bringing more for backup and calling in vehicles for them. It absolutely needs to be remastered. RIP Pandemic


Thinking back, Mercenaries 1 was probably my first experience with emergent gameplay. I believe I didn't like it much back then because I was too young. The storyline was incomprehensible, the world felt cold and dark but most of all the gameplay was super messy. It left a hell of an impact though.


Mercenaries 2 was one of my favorite games growing up. I'm sad the series ended up dying Oh No You Didn't is such a banger


I have wanted a sequel to Mercenaries for so long. The artillery/airstrikes/destruction were so cool. Mercenaries 2 was such a disappoint.


Having only played 2, why is that the general consensus? It was super buggy and unfinished, but there was nothing quite like leveling entire cities in Mercenaries 2.


It was buggy, unfinished, the humor (to me, at least) felt a lot more forced and less effective, the shooting was noticeably worse (weapon variety barely mattered), it felt like you were just juggling two factions at a time instead of four, the limitations they put on airstrikes were annoying (changing many of them to smoke grenades, satellite airstrikes charged you by the second), the pirate faction was much less charming than the mafia and didn't really exist beyond some side quests, story felt a lot more b-movie (IMO), the loss of the deck of cards system (also no door guns on extraction helos, petty thing but I always loved being covered by them as I extracted targets). Couldn't cuff random soldiers or civilians anymore (again, not critical at all, but I missed it), I don't think the music was as good, etc. EDIT: Also the QTEs. Some of the high level vehicle hijacks were borderline impossible to pull off, and the entire 'boss fight' was just a really long QTE you had to restart if you missed a prompt I won't say there weren't improvements or cool things about the second, but it felt like every step forward it took came with another step or two back. It really did feel like it needed another year in the oven and it would've been way better.


> the humor (to me, at least) felt a lot more forced and less effective This always bothered me, especially between Saints Row's 2 and 3. A game telling a serious story with humor and absurdity added in always hits better than a game just leaning in to the "haha! wacky!!" angle. To use a (absolutely ancient) metaphor: it's like having Abbott and Costello act without Abbott.


Bought an OG Xbox just for the first one. EA still has the trademark and I won't stop hoping for a restart with the Battlefield engine.


Man, Bad Company in an open world would be fucking bad ass.


Mercs 1 is still a top game of mine. Joining battles that happened to be going on in the world or being able to approach missions in a pretty open way (stealth and snipe, Run and gun, Or just level everything, heck or a mix of all 3) doesn't exactly get old.




Heads up on the ps3 version. You'll likely have to disable the network at the system level to get past the game trying to log on. Otherwise it'll freeze when it can't connect. At least that was my experience after booting it up a few years ago.


Oh man! I was literally JUST thinking about the Mercenaries series the other day. Such an awesome game but so sad to see it was just trashed by EA after Pandemic Studios folded. Hopefully they are secretly working on a reboot because it would be so fitting in today's gaming scene.


I didn't see this was r/Games and assumed this would be the real life history of the mercenary profession due to the war in Ukraine.




That first game was so freaking fun. I played it many times as a kid. Would love to see another studio pick up a sequel or remake it.


Playground of Destruction was so good. Such a revelation. World in flames can die in fire. Unfinished unpolished buggy trash. Awkward controls. “On your left you’ll see Lake Maricaiiiibo” such a disappointment. And then there was The Saboteur. Which was really cool. Also a Pandemic game I believe.


I didn't know about the series until I heard that it was in Venezuela, seeing my city (and leveling it with MOABs) was really fun. When the regime started crying about it being some bullshit psyops a lot of gamers started following it, it was pirated everywhere on release. Can't say I felt bad destroying the military bases of the dictatorship.


That mechanic where the different player characters have different second languages that affect how you interact with specific factions is a really cool wrinkle.


I haven’t played Mercenaries 1 actually, but damn I loved fucking up the dictatorship that ruined my country in Mercenaries 2. It also felt pretty unreal to see Maracaibo in a video game.


I didn’t hate 2 like some did, but I will say it’s absolutely worth playing through 1 sometime. It still holds up very well.


I remember seeing the sequel for either $15 or $20 at GameStop and bought it since it looked interesting. I played it quite a bit but I feel I didn't play enough. It was a pretty fun game from what I played of it though. I think it was a bit of a running gag when the main character gets shot in thee ass in the beginning of it. Felt a bit like Just Cause 2 where the game was more 3rd person open world fun and a bit less serious about itself.


I played mercenaries once at a friends house when it was new and i loved it. Wasnt ever able to get my own copy sadly and i wish there was a modern release.


Hope EA does something with the series in the future, lord knows Rockstar can stand to have some competition...


I really tried to like Mercenaries and it's sequels, but I always got my progress erased by incessant bugs.


I still think it's possible we see something else from the series. Renewing the mercenaries 3 trademark in February seems promising.


I never played the first ans only the second and I’m aware that everyone says 2 is much worse but as game I still very much enjoy it. I love all the different weapons systems and vehicles you can use and how fun it is just to try things out.


God I just want a remaster of this game. I spend so much time playing this game! Even if I didn’t understand the geopolitical stuff it was fun!