Your experience is not unique


Yup, happened to me as well. I knew there was no point in arguing once they said that it was for someone else so I just went ahead and put an order in with Subaru


damn man, you get ur subie?


No, not yet unfortunately. But, I feel way more confident in Subaru's ordering system than whatever Toyota dealers were pulling


Unfortunately a lot of dealerships rather make an additional dollar than do the right thing.


Forreal. I got my 21' yata for MSRP and I say i'm looking for MSRP and they look at me like ive lost my damn mind


I reached out ahead of time to the one I have a reservation at to confirm the car is mine and that they'll sell it to me at that price when it comes in. They responded via e-mail so it's in writing. If they went back on me after that... They'd know how I'd feel about it. Sorry, man.


I have everything in writing lol. I literally was just looking at cargurus and was like yo no way theres one for msrp right by where i got mine. Then I saw the dealer and it said new arrival and they came up with that lame excuse. I have a few other dealers im working with now bc of that tho and if I get faked on again they'll be gettin a mouthful in person


Same happened to me - they said it was cancelled but someone left a google review with a picture of the car I put a deposit on.


damn man im sorry. I didnt realize sm people went through the same thing


You might have a state office of consumer protection. You can file a complaint there, especially if you have evidence. The last thing a business wants is to have the state digging around looking for violations.


Definitely gotta look more into it. I just dont get why they're being so shady about everything :(