Wow. First dealer I called was MSRP with a 1k deposit and I would be 6th in line. Am I still waiting? Yes. Yes I am.


I'll take this simple honest upfront exchange and a waiting period versus doing all the nonsense listed above. Shell games suck. Edit: Unless it's Mario Kart....and I'm the one with the shells


These rant posts are the same story over and over again: called a million dealers and a bunch of them sell at MSRP, but I don't want to wait so I'm going to rant about how I have to pay extra to get my car now.


Why can’t we just buy directly from the manufacturer? Fuck dealerships tbh they can go outta business


Removing dealers is not magically going to create thousands of gr86s. Look ay cybertruck, bunch of deposits, nothing over sticker, you get in line right now you might get one 3 years after they deliver the first one. What removing the dealers does is it prevents people who really really want the car from overpaying and getting in front of you. The thing is, for an msrp gr86 you are still going to wait the exact same time whether there are dealers or not.


At least you know exactly how long you have to wait and how much you're going to pay. In Toyota's case how long you wait is unknown. You pay some money and they just motion at the vague idea of a time frame, and that's after you may have been to multiple locations playing the game. I imagine you get other improvements in being able to queue up your exact color and options, so there's probably some logistical benefits for the manufacture as well.


This is how it works here in Japan. Feels bad for people overseas :(


A few dealers I talked to in the DFW metroplex told me the market adjustment was $10000-$15000. I couldn't find any lower mark up outside of the dealers that have a no mark up policy. It's terrible that they can charge a 50% markup and also have mandatory dealer add-ons that range from $1000 - $6500. Toyota of Plano stands out to me the most because I couldn't believe that they could say with a straight face that the final non-negotiable cost of a new GR86 was $51000 AND that the wait would be still likely new a few months to get one.


51k😂 I'll sell mine for 50k because I am such a nice guy


I only have 1k mark up in the form of protection plan in DFW


Yeah I found a few good dealers, just a lot of the bigger ones were outrageous. I put a deposit down at 3 dealers with no markup and a range of 1k - 2.5K dealer addons


Would you mind sharing what dealer you got yours at? I'm in the DFW area and have been looking for one.


Hahahaha what makes you think I have it in hand, it’s Family Toyota Arlington, 5-8 months for premium MT estimated


DFW dealers are the absolute worst. What amazes me more is the worst of the worst are within a stones throw of the Toyota HQ. They have absolutely zero shame or morals. I bought my 4Runner from Arkansas and my GR is also coming from out of state


Gosch Toyota in Hemet, CA told me TODAY on the phone that they’re charging a $9000 markup over MSRP, and that they haven’t yet sold this car with a markup under $6000. They called telling me they had my spec available and urged me to come in. They were lying. They don’t have the car, only their sister dealership did and it was presold.


Thanks for the write up. Unfortunately, none of this surprises me.


Well your persistence paid off! I gave up on the Toyota and just went and ordered a BRZ(at MSRP) and will live vicariously through you all until august.


Yeah, Toyota needs to change its allocation process for the GR vehicles to allow ordering


I’ve had basically the exact same experience. Must have talked to 100 dealerships at this point. Looks like there’s no more ‘22 allocations so I’m out of luck until the ‘23s start rolling off the line. Really makes you wonder if it’s even worth the hassle.


It's not.


I paid MSRP


I’ll sell you mine at msrp


Seriously? I'll bite...


Send me a DM. Yep I’m serious. It’s a 6MT halo white.


Don't like it?


It’s a great car for what it’s mean for. I’ve just out grown the jdm love, I guess.


I feel you man. Locals fucked me out of a 3rd generation deal, and ended up finding a manua basel within 800 miles and i got stuck with 1800 over MSRP. When the dealer came to pick me up from the flight in I hadn't heard about the quakes and all that, but they tried renegotiating on the car ride from the air port. Before we even got on the interstate I asked if they were gonna pay me my time and flight back. I left the lot with 400 over MSRP. .... Was also cash deal so I had that.


paid 29k for a brand new premium 🙏 y’all stay safe tho


Its very hit and miss for sure. I got lucky back in Late march but I was searching for about 3-4 weeks before I finally got mine. In 2016 I purchased a Corolla from a local Toyota dealer in the Seattle metro area. Same Dealership wanted a 5k markup.... noped the fuck out of that one and told them sorry you won't be getting another car from me ever again, I doubt they cared though with all the amazon tech bro money in the area. I found a few dealerships around WA State selling at MSRP but most of them were outside of the Seattle Metro area. I checked all their websites weekly to track what they had available. I called one of them on a whim after checking their website a few days previous and lo and behold they had one A base model in Stock. I immediately put a 1k deposit down and drove half a state away to pick it up that weekend, was very pleased with the entire process and there was no bull shit dealer add on packages or anything. Best drive home ever.


Luckily I was in the market for an AT, but I was able to call around and find one on a lot, they wanted 3k markup. By the end of the week they agreed to sell at MSRP. That being said, the 30 other dealerships I called were 3-10k markup, most of them trying to sell cars that were still in transit. None of them agreed to MSRP. Feels like it just boils down to luck.


Luckily I was in the market for an AT, but I was able to call around and find one on a lot, they wanted 3k markup. By the end of the week they agreed to sell at MSRP. That being said, the 30 other dealerships I called were 3-10k markup, most of them trying to sell cars that were still in transit. None of them agreed to MSRP. Feels like it just boils down to luck.


You should send this to Toyota. Everyone should, it’s out of control.


Paid msrp plus their BS accessories I had no say in…found legit Toyota dealer and got it for msrp. Placed deposit, waited 4 months (got super lucky) it was only that long… but still only paid just above msrp. If you don’t have patience, you’ll pay over msrp.


Can't even put money down in Australia, won't see them until late 22, I envy all of you


You're disappointment in Toyota is (mostly) misplaced. They have nearly zero ability to control vehicles sales prices and whether or not a dealer wants to add an addendum with accessories, tint, protection packages, ADM, etc. This might and hopefully will change in the future, but at the moment, it's not illegal and/or violating any agreement that the dealer signed with the OEM. Basically, free enterprise at work. Vehicle prices shouldn't be regulated, it's not a right. Nobody needs a new car. It's a choice, 100%. New car dealerships have been installing non-removable packages for decades. My friend showed me an addendum from a 1999 with $1500 markup on a $15k car. None of this is new, just more prevalent. Some dealers don't actually list their cars on 3rd party apps or their website, it's automated process once the vehicle is checked-in. This is definitely annoying and misleading. I emailed 7-8 Subaru dealers in October immediately after the first dyno test and found a dealer with a reasonable $695 protection package in the Southern CA area. Toyota didn't have pricing or ETA yet. Car was promised in March, arrived March 4.


Wow, an autistic car salesman. I honestly can't think of a more grating combo.


Honestly, thinking isn't your thing. You're wrong, twice.


Explain how I'm wrong, preferably in 5 paragraphs or less


I'm happy that you received your BRZ, but $1500 on $15k is 10%, not the $9k+ @ 31% plus I mentioned. Even so, the 1990's and prior "anti-rust" undercarriage sprays and other adders seen from domestic dealers didn't improve their manufacturer's reputation either.


I gotcha. $9k is obviously ridiculous. Lower markups exist that are mostly reasonable. I got $4k off of my 2015 BRZ, those were the good days. $15k back then is roughly $26k today. So, a $2600 markup would be applicable if all other things were equal. Somewhat inline with your experiences.


“Free enterprise at work”. You do realize that if it wasn’t for you and your cronies (NADA) lobbying to congress forcing consumers to buy through stealerships rather than buying directly from the manufacturer, half of the dealers would be out of business. Hypocrisy at its finest.


I agree completely. Other countries have dealers for profit. It's not isolated to the US. Losing half of the dealers at this point wouldn't help prices without direct sales being prevalent. Maybe one day when maintenance isn't needed so much. Dealerships won't let themselves turn into delivery centers. There probably something in between that'll work. Much easier with EV, than ICE. The ball is already rolling for EV. Direct sales doesn't mean cheaper. Tesla raises their prices often, but at least they are transparent. No bait and switch, etc