The following submission statement was provided by /u/spiritoffff: --- Fitzpatrick noted that visits to places like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics and fertility centers “can be particularly personal.” Google parent Alphabet owns highly popular devices and data services, including Android, Fitbit, Search and Google Maps. That’s become a greater concern since the Supreme Court ruling, because of uncertainty surrounding whether sensitive data could be used to target what is now potentially criminal activity. Google’s post says, “Fitbit users who have chosen to track their menstrual cycles in the app can currently delete menstruation logs one at a time, and we will be rolling out updates that let users delete multiple logs at once.” The decision from the nation’s highest court overturned nearly 50 years of legal precedent by reversing its original opinion that women have a constitutional right to an abortion. For weeks, Google and other tech companies have avoided answering questions from the media and legislators about their data storage and practices as well as how they will comply with potential law enforcement requests. Google, which sent an email to employees with resources for its own employees amid the ruling, has also faced questions about its search results in addition to data privacy. Even before the decision became official, lawmakers called on Google and the Federal Trade Commission to ensure data for online consumers seeking care would be protected in the event that the landmark ruling was overturned. --- Please reply to OP's comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/vpxke3/google_says_it_will_delete_location_history_for/ielqsmz/




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Search "My Google Activity" on Google and delete all your location related data.


If you don't want your location history stored, then you should probably turned off the feature. It's an optional opt in feature.


Yeah, but does that work? If 911 can track you under any circumstances then so can Google.


Google tracking you through GPS and wifi signals is different than 911 triangulating your signal through cell towers, and your cell carrier absolutely still saves this stuff and it could be gotten with a search warrant. If that's what the concern is, anyway. This is just for publicity, is my point. Comment on a hot topic, people talk about you.


Does the cell carrier store that data?


Store it, sell it, use it, absolutely.


Yes, and it's regularly used by law enforcement to catch criminals. It happens quite often that a body is found because they got a warrant for some guys phone locations and found him in the woods for 35 minutes. They also can sometimes do a pretty good job of tracking who went through neighborhoods with ring cams and the like. If you want my uneducated opinion on something off topic, I think these changes have some to do with the rise of mass killers. We used to get a lot more serial killers because there was less risk of getting caught, they could turn it into a game. But now, if they ever want to hit that big body count they crave, they gotta do it all at once.


Counterpoint: Often mass shootings are a mass-murder suicide. They’re a finale, not a long running game. In both cases though there seems to be a similar common hatred of women, feeling of being a failure, and violence towards family members.


My point is that there's been a shift away from serial killings towards mass killings. A lot of the psychological factors are often the same, but they're manifesting differently. There's a ton of other factors, as you're seemingly well aware of. So I'm by no means pretending that what I'm saying is the entire truth.


if it has value, anything will be stored.


Triangulation (technically trilateration) with cell towers alone places you in area of about 3/4 of a square mile. 911 calls from mobile phones need to use GPS and WiFi signals to get the accuracies required by the FCC: https://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/911/Apps%20Wrkshp%202015/911_Help_SMS_WhitePaper0515.pdf


I think actually triangulation has to be done on purpose and is not a normal thing the system does during everyday operation, in which case it can't be obtain *en masse* (i.e. as part of the general NSA surveillance dragnet). However knowing the nearest tower to were you are is a "normal thing the system does during everyday operation" (because that's how cell phones operate - when ON they keep in touch with the nearest tower and hop from tower to tower as you move) so the system does store a log of which towers your phone was closest to at which times, from which a list of areas you've been to can be derived. Said areas can be very large (so there is very little precision with regards to were exactly you were) in the countryside and in general places with few cell towers which cover large ranges and very small (and hence very precise) in places like big cities which have a lot of cell towers (so each covers a much smaller area). I think it might be possible to get an idea of how close or far your phone is to a tower in those larger areas from the power of the signal (in cities not so much because comms is mostly via reflections rather than line of sight) and it's quite possible that information is also logged as that too is part of normal operation. All in all, it's probably way easier to do mass surveillance by capturing the location logs from the likes of Google and Apple as their phones just do it automatically: they use the highest precision available method (usually GPS) to get your location and then report it to the central servers (and no promise by Google that they will delete it means anythings if there's a FISA court warrant in place for them to pass copies of that info to some government agency or other).


Your location may still be saved in your Google Account when using other Google sites, apps, and services. For example, location data may be saved as part of activity on Search and Maps when your Web & App Activity setting is on, and included in your photos depending on your camera app settings. Translation: We Are Watching You


Yes. And every time I hear about “Covid vaccine contain trackers” I’m like “do you have a cell phone?”


Lol. So true. They really don't have to go so far to inject us. We go out on our own and buy them.


Lmao. This needs to be gilded.


I'm both and Electronics Engineer and a Software Developer with expertise in IT Security and Smartphones and the only reason why before Snowden I though mass surveillance wasn't done was because I though "Surely no Democracy would do such an Orwellian thing". (Well they really showed me how wrong I was!!!) Technically cell-phone location tracking has been possible since before smartphones but made way easier by smartphones plus with smartphones there are all the "nice" extras of a network connection and portable camera and microphone that can be remotelly activated. I bet tons of money has been save in eavesdropping bugs in the last 2 decades.


911 doesn't know where you were last week. They aren't vacuuming up that data and holding onto it in case Ted Cruz wants it later.


But I'm really important!!


Then the NSA has it covered because they are capturing that. But unless you are really important to them, they aren’t doing anything with it.


911 absolutely cannot track your location under any circumstances. Lots of people die every year because first responders can’t locate a caller. John Oliver did an excellent [segment](https://youtu.be/A-XlyB_QQYs) on it.


If you opt out blah blah tell them you don't want your location tracked, then at least it's illegal if they continue




It's opt-in, but I think it saves the setting across devices, so switching to a new phone with the same Google Account will preserve whatever setting you had chosen.


I wish there was a way to store the data locally, because while I do find it to be very useful to track my location history (for example, "what was the name of that one restaurant we went to six months ago?..." is a question I have the answer to readily available). However, I'm always a bit paranoid about the fact that it's all stored on Google's cloud. I never access it from any other devices, I only really check it on my phone, so it would be nice to be able to keep it local to my phone.


I agree. That said, I assume Google is tracking this data anyway whether I opt-in or not, so IMO enabling the timeline just let's me access the data Google has collected on me anyway.


It's opt in https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3118687?hl=en. It does ask when you boot up maps the first time, but you have to turn it on. They even popped up a message within the last year where they ask if you want to auto delete after 3, 18, or 36 months.


I think this was changed. It used to be opt out, now it is opt in.


I like looking back at my timeline. I imagine Google keep some of this data anyway and this new thing is about them definitely deleting stuff about abortions in the US.


>I like looking back at my timeline. Same, for a number of reasons. I remember I once received a bill from my kid's preschool for having picked picked my daughter up two hours after closing. That never happened though, so I emailed them saying they were mistaken. When they wouldn't believe me, I emailed them a screenshot showing them that I left my house, arrived at their school, and returned home all within the correct timeframe on that day. They apologized 'for the confusion'.


That's actually a great use of it. I've used it to see how long I've spent at a gig... When I arrived, etc. Etc. I find it useful and it probably has my location history for the past 7 or so years. It's weird in one aspect but I don't plan on committing any crimes so I embraced it. Plus if that's someone's plan just leave the damn phones at home


I have heard they can get a warrant for everyone that was pinged in a certain area in a certain timeframe if a crime happened, but I'm sure that's quite unlikely to happen to you, and even if it did, the worse that would happen is probably them just asking you a few questions. I really enjoy having it on, I think it's worth it.


>I like looking back at my timeline. Me too. I'm a photographer and I think it's incredibly useful in rediscovering locations I want to revisit in better light.


Can't you enable location meta data on your photos? Or do you mean revisit because you took no photo at all?


>Can't you enable location meta data on your photos? Yes to one camera but not the other and it's failed me in the past. Like a whole world travel failure lol. > Or do you mean revisit because you took no photo at all? Exactly. Sometimes when I'm shooting real estate, I drive past something cool and off the beaten path. I refer to my tracklog and pin it for later.


Yea I really don't mind if they know where I went personally. Maybe I should care more, but I cannot think of why.


I have no problem also. But when you scale it at their level, it raises questions. Is it ok for Google to know where 30% of world population has been? What can they use that data for? what if it gets stolen? Can police request access to it?


I'd feel a lot better if the US had better data privacy laws. I'm not even in the US, it's just so many servers are located in the US. Of course, *my* data probably wouldn't even be protected under the US's existing privacy protection, but at least I can hope that the data privacy policy of the company meets that low bar. I'd really like it if Canada cloned the EU's GDPR, and data was stored in countries that respected it.


I like looking at it too, it's fun to look at 10 years ago and see where you went.


They have already collected and analyses it. Its just your access to your own data you are deleting.


Also, Google is just one of those tracking your every move. You're network is tracking your cellphone, even the phone manufacturer can do this, along with some apps on your smartphone. Turning your phone off doesn't defeat all this. Calling for an appointment, being tracked going there, your phone is a little snitch which will get you in trouble.


Finally someone says it correctly


eh, it has uses. I leave things everywhere and Google timeline helps me find them again, including very inportant things like my laptop and keys.


Google timeline is great for when you blackout and want to see where the heck you went the previous night


Fitzpatrick noted that visits to places like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics and fertility centers “can be particularly personal.” Google parent Alphabet owns highly popular devices and data services, including Android, Fitbit, Search and Google Maps. That’s become a greater concern since the Supreme Court ruling, because of uncertainty surrounding whether sensitive data could be used to target what is now potentially criminal activity. Google’s post says, “Fitbit users who have chosen to track their menstrual cycles in the app can currently delete menstruation logs one at a time, and we will be rolling out updates that let users delete multiple logs at once.” The decision from the nation’s highest court overturned nearly 50 years of legal precedent by reversing its original opinion that women have a constitutional right to an abortion. For weeks, Google and other tech companies have avoided answering questions from the media and legislators about their data storage and practices as well as how they will comply with potential law enforcement requests. Google, which sent an email to employees with resources for its own employees amid the ruling, has also faced questions about its search results in addition to data privacy. Even before the decision became official, lawmakers called on Google and the Federal Trade Commission to ensure data for online consumers seeking care would be protected in the event that the landmark ruling was overturned.


It's a shame cell phone towers still exist and have the same information.


Correct but since these trigger ban states allowing only civil suits at this time I think its harder to get a subpoena for tracking. And without precise gps and Triangulation they can only get within 100 meters ... so a US football field and thats alot of reasonable doubt Whereas GPS can get within 3 meters ETA GPS accuracy


not enough imprecision.


They can triangulate your rough position but they won't know if you've been googling info about it.


The title specifically says location history, not search history. (Full disclosure, I didn't read more than the summary)


Let’s get rid of them


Or.... dont track our search history and location data to begin with?


This article is being very seriously misunderstood. Google provides these location services as an opt-in feature. You have to enable it. But not everyone thinks of turning off voluntary restaurant reviews when they go get an out of state abortion, for example. But Google is still on the hook to turn that data over if lawfully requested, so they're deleting it without you having to ask in this specific case, even though you turned it on in the first place. The original blog post from Google: > Location History is a Google account setting that is **off by default**, and for those that turn it on, we provide simple controls like auto-delete so users can easily delete parts, or all, of their data at any time. Some of the places people visit — including medical facilities like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics, fertility centers, addiction treatment facilities, weight loss clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, and others — can be particularly personal. Today, we’re announcing that **if our systems identify that someone has visited one of these places, we will delete these entries from Location History soon after they visit**. This change will take effect in the coming weeks. *Emphasis, mine*




>Even if you do not opt-in or disable location history, Google still collects and keeps location data. That's true, but that data isn't personalized. There's no way for them to respond to a specific subpoena for that data.


the thing is Maps has a service which tells you the traffic, or how crowded a place is, its quite usefull and it works by collecting statistics of where people have been


YES! There was a guy who tested this out by artificially creating “traffic” on Google maps (a wagon of smartphones slowly moving to simulate bumper to bumper traffic). Lemme find [the video](https://youtu.be/HbJGTKQ2NII) real quick


great video haha, I remember a man that had a similar structure but for pokemon go haha and another guy that simulated traffic on his street so that cars would avoid it


Exactly. How else will I find out how I got home after 15 beers?


lmao, I have the location tracking deactivated, but I think I'm going to activate it when I party hahahaha


Those just need anonymous data to work


well yes, but no, the thing is, the data comes out of your phone's location so you cant really say its anonymous, even if Google doesnt target you specifically it takes it from your account ​ so what they're saying is that to avoid the goverment forcing them to share that data (because even if you try it to be anonymous it isnt because remember is logged in your phone) they will just delete, this way no one can access it even if they force them to do it


You can store it for 100ms while processing it. Then it can just be a "1" inside a coordinate rectangle.


There is also features that calculate fitness data, keep you a history of where you've been, etc.


In a perfect world, this would be a great solution. However, add in server sharding, data aggregation, false pushes and failed sends; single data point processing is at best useless and usually damaging to your existing data set. The upside of this, it is possible to do single point data blinding to prevent the issue. The problem with this is two things, one technical and one legal. Technically, it adds additional layers of pre-processing, which costs a lot of money and a complete data workflow overhaul. Legally, it makes Google liable to consistently and reliably be responsible for data obfuscation. Meaning, hypothetically, if Google were to fuck up doing a thing they technically don't have to, they'd be sued. I work in data security, related to SOC II and HIPAA. Blinded data assurance and requirements are comically (though understandably) expensive, taxing and difficult. Edit: looks like the person I replied to edited their comment to clarify their statement. However, even with a 1 to a coordinate, that's hundreds of millions of 1's, from numerous carrier networks to hundreds of separate aggregate servers on broadly different backbones and latencies. And, it's still a single point of failure on the users end.


Actually, google has been moving a lot of this processing to the phone itself and them deleting it so it never hits the cloud.




But if they stripped identifying information, you would no longer have the option to delete it....


You do know they chose what data they save? Ofc they have info about who is where, but they don't _need_ to save the "who", they choose to.


Anonymitized data is kind of like an unlabeled picture of you. If it's just like a picture of your elbow - one data point - it's pretty unlikely that someone would be able to tell it was you. But anonymitized data is usually an entire profile of all your behavior bundled together with the name pulled off, which is like a naked picture of you with all your unique scars and tattoos on display. And even if Google doesn't use it to identify you, they're perfectly happy to sell it to someone who does.


Thank you, a reasonable response


I would suggest turning a phone off entirely if you're traveling to a procedure. Cellphone networks send you calls by tracking which tower your phone is closest to, so it knows where to route your call. Cellphones by their nature require some level of location tracking to function, and yes police do pull cell tower data when investigating crimes.


Yup, it's pretty easy to triangulate a phones location through their tower pings - something phone companies will readily make available to police enforcement and the government.


So disable location tracking


Except that Princeton researches in 2018 found that Google tracks locations regardless of whether people had the location tracking turned off. So maybe we should stop trusting cooperations to act in our best interest and instead demand laws and restrictions to protect people. Source: https://apnews.com/article/north-america-science-technology-business-ap-top-news-828aefab64d4411bac257a07c1af0ecb


That’s talking about location history though, not the on-device location settings like GPS that you have to give or deny access to. To be honest though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could still track you with that off through cell tower locations and wifi SSID’s that they’ve already ascertained are in a certain house or business.


If this stuff interests you, Robert Epstein is kind of the king of research on the extent of Google's power. They have an absolute insane amount of control today, location tracking being a tiny part of it. They have reached a near monopoly in customizing and controlling search results across the internet and search engines. His research and studies really blew my mind. Nobody else is even trying to keep them accountable.


Exploitative functionality which is opt-out and required above-average education and attention to even know it exists, much less how it might be a problem is a terrible system to be in.


That's their business model lol. You receive service in exchange for info.


Pretty damn useful too sometimes. Traffic info and how busy a business is in real time, I use those 2 on a daily basis.


Yes this data already is used in maps to show you traffic jams for example. Data retrieval isn't always bad, it, like everything depends on the purpose.


Yeah I will never understand why people care so much about companies tracking them. In 2022, it's inescapable. You use the internet? What ever server you're sending DNS queries to is tracking you. You talking on the phone? That cell tower is tracking you. You're eating at chipotle? They're linking your credit card number to eating habits. All you can do at this point is pick the companies that provide services that benefit you back. Only reason I use Google, because many of their services are extremely good and useful for me.


Because you have no control over what happens to that data beyond the company you're making an agreement with. If I use Google and I agree to its ToS, then great. I have access to a service and they can use my data for whatever algorithms and services they want. But currently they can also sell off my data to a bunch of companies I *never* made an agreement with and who knows how those companies will use my data. There is no informed consent to how these other companies handle my data.


Google doesn't sell user data to other companies - user data is a trade secret. Google sells advertisements to other companies, which are targeted using user data.


Oh it is escapable. Moreover, even if it isn’t fully escapable: doesn’t mean you should then just #yolo and deliberately give them *everything*. “Online privacy doesn’t exist” is a BS phrase uttered by people whom have no idea what they’re talking about or are too lazy to take the required measures to safeguard their privacy and/or, when they prefer, their anonymity. (They’re two vastly different things)


>Yeah I will never understand why people care so much about companies tracking them. In 2022, it's inescapable. Cool, you've just answered your own question.


Don’t forget that everyone who is complaining with you about companies tracking us are also commenting about it on reddit as well. DopestDope42069 is absolutely right, it is inescapable already.


Because you have no imagination as to the level of power and control that information allows for. It's almost incredible. But people think they are immune to influence.


The internet made a generation think everything is free and without value. Shocker this is their reaction. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.


It's opt-in.


You don't have to use Google. You can get a flip phone and turn off GPS then you only can get triangulation by cell towers. You can go further too, Print your directions at home or whatever and don't use a cell phone. No one. Again no one, is forcing you to use new technology. They still offer land lines. Lemme know how you like it.


I remember when printing directions was a luxury...and I'm 38


That's what the local library was for!


Printing directions from MapQuest it's the primary reason I had a printer back then.


And after a few trips you needed new ink cartridges because all the yellow was gone and it refused to print without it


Doesn't work, the printer gets it from google maps after I type the destination...


It can be pretty useful to the user and it is optional.


…then don’t use it?


Most people like having their maps show their recently visited places. I dont want to search for where I’m going every time where I can just type a letter H and it will know which Home Depot I want in the suggestions.


Swear to god all of these replies are shills. Do people really think "Don't collect my data" actually works?


With GDPR around nowadays? Yeah, I do. Google gets fucked out of *billions* of dollars if they try to game the system in the EU.


I like google location history tbh, it's not a big deal to me personally. I can see why it would bother some.


To those who said "you could always turn off the tracking" in response to the argument for not tracking to begin with, let me tell you: most people I know who are not tech-savvy have the tracking on without them realizing it. The point is that Google should make turning the tracking on a conscious effort (supplying password twice or something like that) rather than just a few clicks during set up. Nice gesture, but it's a PR and/or political moves.


I'm 100% sure that most people don't know how much google tracks your exact location at all times. If it came out in the news that people got in trouble for going to an abortion clinic because of Google tracking, it would prompt a lot of people to turn it off, which would lose them a lot of money.


Even if you turn it off, Google still shares your device's anonymous data for things like Google maps


Or, in my friend with a controlling spouse's case. Turning off location tracking will raise a shitstorm at home when they notice. (Yes she needs to get out, it's being worked on.)


Something I hate is that iPhone added a "trash bin" function when deleting pics. That should be an add-on.


? You can empty it or delete individual photos from it..


Yall just cant be grateful for anything huh




Scrolled a long time to find a comment like this. They also donate to the Federalist Society, who pushed for our current supreme court justice role.


Because this is only about virtue signaling.


After reading some of these comments I genuinely can't understand how some people concent to their data getting tracked then get suprissed that their data is being tracked.


I don't know what the issue is, I want all the location based services that tech provides, I just don't want them to know my location. Why is that so hard?


ITT: people with no idea what Location History really is but sense an opportunity to grind an ax about data privacy


Curious to see how they enforce this as their location history is scary accurate. Worked as a delivery driver for years and it tracked all of my routes quite accurately (down to building and parts of buildings). Are they going to set a certain radius around these buildings? What if an individual stops at a building next door prior to their appointment (getting gas or food?). Will that be tracked and put them in danger?


If all location data still exists except for a specific time police/abusive partners are going to assume that you went to an abortion clinic/a women's shelter.


I use location history and it definitely isn't perfect, there are commonly times where it will not track or only periodically track your location. It largely depends on how much you open google maps. Although I just googled it and it sounds like for Androids, you don't have to open google maps? It might works differently just because I use an iPhone.


It seems like a frivolous point but it exists. At what point do they stop tracking, do they see your journey data up until 100m before you visit the clinic...? This is almost next to useless, just lip service. As someone else has said if you don't want tracking don't take your phone. Hopefully google et al won't ever integrate with your car.


It likely just doesn't add a stop in at all. So they whole trip will just say "driving".


As someone who uses location history to get google surveys, it sometimes misses a stop I make. In that case, instead of saying: Driving 12:45 - 13:15 Wawa 13:15 - 13:20 Driving 13:20 - 14:05 it just says Driving 12:45 - 14:05.


If this is the case, then it seriously needs to consider all the DATA IT SELLS.


Don't trust this. Applaud the proffered intent, but don't trust it.


So the gaps are going to be indicative of clinic visits, won't it?


Doubt it. Just like Duck Duck Go doesn't sell our data to Microsoft.


Apparently they also got caught in some data scandal, a quick search and you might find it


From what I can find it seems it only affect a browser they have... So not the actual search engine. Also even for browsers it seemed to be significantly less bad than most, so I guess duckduckgo is probably still the best choice, at least for the time being...


True, I guess the holier than thou attitude they adopted might put ppl off since it seems they weren't going to announce it till someone found out


I already know [how](https://i.imgur.com/BtlagCM.jpg) this will go. Some state run by religious psychos will tell them not to do that if they want to make money in there and Google will say "well we did all we could, but you know."


Corporations are “people” Google may be able to challenge it on first amendment grounds


But does Google actually care that much, are they going to front the cost for a potentially Supreme Court reaching case? My money says no. They are doing what is politically convenient for them, they don’t actually care about human rights beyond using them as a marketing tool.


Don’t worry, SD is already planning for that. Our governor is fucking awful.


Google: oh no, how could this happen https://www.opensecrets.org/political-action-committees-pacs/google-inc/C00428623/summary/2020


Headlines in 2032: "Tech Giant Google Staff 'Horrified', Customer Deaths & Imprisonments Linked to 'Mishandled' Abortion Clinic Location Data"


Like I'm going to trust one of the most intrusive companies in the world. I took a Spanish class one year in college and for the next two hours after I got ads only in Spanish from YouTube.


Turn your phone off and leave it at home when you go to the clinic.


For a sub called Futurology, a lot of people here are aggressively tech-illiterate. Anyone who isn't a boomer and has used any Google service should understand how to opt-out of their tracking if you want to.


"It's simple. Just tell Google not to do it, and then they definitely won't do it."


Not gonna do much if someone with a Stingray is stationed nearby


Going to start doing all of my shady dealings in the Planned Parenthood parking lot.


But rest assured, the rest of the data they collect on you will still be there, just not your visit to the clinic.


If you opt into having the rest of your location history saved, then yes, you will have the rest of your location history saved unless you manually delete it. Maybe considering not opting into the program if you don't want that?


Guess ik where im doing all my drug deals going forward


It needs to delete all our location data then, or not track it


It's a feature you can easily turn on or off on your own. You're also free to delete said history on your own. I keep it on because it helps me to keep track of my driving reimbursement for work. It has its uses.


I keep it on for the exact same reason.


Google is one of the companies that gives you a way to delete it in your account settings. You can opt out of nearly all their data tracking


Google the same company that ignores those same [opt-outs](https://www.techtarget.com/searchsecurity/news/252446877/Google-location-tracking-continues-even-when-turned-off)? Google's whole buissness is tracking people, using the Internet is to agree to be tracked constantly. It's a system of give/take.


*nearly all that you are aware of that they give you an option to


When was the last independent audit of the Google systems that confirmed that it is indeed the case that the data is deleted when the user interacts with that specific interface (rather than, say, a flag being placed on the database basically saying "don't show this data to the user") and that, more importantly, **all** copies of that data have been deleted? Because as far as I know Google's systems have **NEVER** been independently audited for proper complaince with the privacy regulations, not just on the internal copies o the data they keep but also any sharing of that data (so external copies might exists) which means that the entire chain of trust backing your statement on what Google does is "Some guy at Google said it's so" and then people parroting that stuff to each other without any independent verification. That's a bit like trusting on his word alone a politician previously caught various times with brown envelopes full of cash that "he is not corrupt".


No no no Hur dur evil google conspiracy


It can be pretty useful to the user and it is optional.


We should talk about Google's contributions to Anti-abortion candidates and PACs, then, since we're virtue signaling to the public. Unless that's politically inconvenient of course.




Google (*fingers crossed*): We are going to pander to morons with the phase 'we will delete your dara of you visiting an abortion clinic ' and I bet it works. Me: Have you considered not tracking me at all? What about visiting my physician? Also if this is yhe only thing you delete, wouldn't that mean all missing data that ends & restarts near a clinic just indicate I was there without actually*saying* I was there? Google: Holy sit, there are people like this on Reddit?


Well are they also not going to harvest your data and sell it to third party data brokers? Doubtful, don't be fooled.


Great idea, now let's delete all location history for visits to everything.


Do they do this in every country where abortion is illegal?


If they're specifically deleting data because they think it might be evidence of a crime they're going to be charged with aiding and abetting. Or maybe obstruction of justice if the prosecutor wants to go that way.


Snapchat is where folks usually go for digital forensics. Uninstall it if you’re going to a clinic. You can reinstall it after. Look at your other geolocation apps too. Your phone will keep a record


Why the F are you insane people tracking anything to begin with?


Don't rely on them doing this for privacy concerning these things. You won't see it on your location data feed. They still have it. And they will use it as either a bargaining chip or if with evolving far right laws the government makes it so they can requisition the data, hand it over.


Any automated deletions not authorised by users, no matter the proclaimed intention, is bad.


So a corporation is underminding the government and they dont get charged


I prefer when my privacy ISN'T at the whims of tech companies. They say this now. Now isn't the issue. Tomorrow is the issue.


Looks like someone there finally remembered back when they at least pretended that "don't be evil" was something to aspire to.


Uh... Why would they need to do that if my data is private?


* Laughs in patriot act *


I wonder if this'll survive a court challenge. Technically, isn't it spoilage of evidence?


aka tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice


That’s smart kinda, they could definitely pull a few more strings than that tho if they really wanted to help


Right after they donate to the Taliban politicians in America…fo


Lmao by they’ll Keep and sell all your other data… you people would cut off your head to spite your face


The question is why do they need to delete it? You mean they are selling our location information to the government….I’m shocked


99.999% of her last 5 years are tracked, with the exception of those 5 1-hour spans near an abortion clinic. Her mom appeared to be with her and she phoned a lot with her boyfriend around that time. Let's subpoena that clinic.


Disable your GPS unless using a map. When you get there, disable your GPS. Not because of abortion, but because Google keeps a history of everywhere you go and will sell that info to anyone.


So they are, in fact, spying on you and collectiong your data? So they lied to congress?


Ehm no? You opt in. You give google your data. If you dont like it, turn it off. You can also delete your saved data. But dont worry if all the services dont work properly anymore.


I feel like this should be the actual story. The amount of data these people hold on us