How do you guys find your ETFs to invest in?

How do you guys find your ETFs to invest in?


The justetf screener is a good starting point (link below). You've different filters (on the left) and you can select different ETFs and compare them. You can filter by exchange ("ETF listing"), etc. [https://www.justetf.com/en/find-etf.html](https://www.justetf.com/en/find-etf.html) When I've a selection of good ETF (low fees, etc), I go to the ETF issuer website to see the details (holdings, type of distribution, etc).


Thanks mate. This will be great start. Much appreciated


If you don’t want to think about it too much, then don’t bother trying to pick and choose specific sectors or industries. You’re almost guaranteed to underperform the broad market long term that way, anyway. Get into a total US stock market ETF and a total world ex US ETF, dollar cost average for decades, and sleep easy.


Etf.com has good articles and info. I also use Morningstar for a quick overview and review when I’m comparing. And etfrc.com Even fidelity does an alright job if you just want the overview to do comparisons of different ETFs.


Etf.com also has podcasts linked to specific etfs which is pretty cool.


Damn, I didn’t know that. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!


Yeah I couldn’t decide on buying DFAI so I listened to a few podcasts about them launching their ETF products earlier this year. (I went with IDEV instead).


Very cool. I wonder if there is one for FFND. I was looking into it just for fun. It’s an actively managed ETF.


ETFdb.com is terrific. You can search it for any type of ETF you like. You can compare performance, fees, etc. You can see each ETF’s holdings. You can search by stocks or industries. For example, if you want to invest in clean energy, you could compare different ETFs in that sector. Or you could look up a company like TSLA and see which ETFs hold the most of it.


I like Arkk. Love the top holdings.


Quality research and active management > index fund


And at YT at the Finanzfluss channels, you can find the basics and also guiding ideas how to pick ETFs and what pitfalls to avoid


Just diversified ETFs with options for my dumb ass, which limits it to about 11 ETFs. STO whichever one has the highest IV rank, BTC at 50% gains, roll for credit if ITM, and prepare to wheel if can't roll for credit at 45 DTE at 30 delta.


Check out extraetf.com. it's German. They have a nice app and a podcast without bullshit talk. Helped me a lot.


Reddit is where I get ALL my finance advise. /s I use etfdb


I just list all the large cap etf by performance and go through them one by one.


[https://screener.fidelity.com/ftgw/etf/evaluator/gotoBL/research#/home](https://screener.fidelity.com/ftgw/etf/evaluator/gotoBL/research#/home) also nice screener !


$VOO and forget about it


Well, the most sensible way to invest is to just track the whole market which earns a good return and serves as the benchmark for any equity investor. There are cheap index etfs that track the whole world, or whole domestic stock market. So just invest in those. If you have a particular strong view about any segment you can overweight it by investing a small percentage into a sector specific etf. So if I want to invest more then the total market % that is real estate, I’ll put some in a real estate etf , etc. But since most “strong views “ are baseless, you really might as well just track the whole market.


What do you mean by "most strong views are baseless"?


A majority of people who try to beat the market by tactically overweighting and underweighting certain segments, fail, including professionals. But Especially among retail investors who base those decisions on recent performance or “gut feelings”,. For example, the consensus around here that mega cap is a no brainer for no reason other then its recent performance.