Are we about to enter a market correction?

Are we about to enter a market correction?


Nobody knows, those things are impossible to predict. Plus this chart is only 20 years old, wouldn’t extrapolate a lot of trends off of it. Finally a 10% correction is nothing in the big scheme of things. The chart is off too, that looks like a 10% correction at the end of 2018 to me that they didn’t draw a box around….which means that 2020 correction doesn’t follow this rule.


It would be a good thing if this chart was somehow true. Because then we could predict every downturn. Since that is highly unlikely, then yeah I would take it with a grain of salt.


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I think 2018 isn’t on there because there was only 90% appreciation of the S&P and not 100%.


Fair point, I stand corrected.


Are we going to enter one at some point? Most likely. When? No one knows. Enjoy the green while you can, take some red for a bit, and then inevitably it'll all be green again.


Have we ever been in a situation with a world pandemic and the US propping up the economy with 0% interest rates and unlimited money? I'm not sure how much we can learn from history in unprecedented times.


Right. August is traditionally a bad month, but not this year!


2020 was not a correction…. EDIT: based on your 10% definition sure; but it took a once in a lifetime event to do so. It’s important to understand context here.


a correction would be nice


Why the hell does everyone keep saying this? And forgetting what March April of 2020 was?


I think it’s highly likely relatively soon. Oddly though so does everyone else yet they’re willing to inject all their cash into it. Retail investors are at very high numbers currently, and when the world and its dog starts making easy money, the market often soon corrects, and the institutional investors are long gone leaving retails numb.


I think for the last year we've been seeing these retail Robinhood investors getting corrected. Different markets.


I have run a couple different scenarios and computer simulations and yes we are in for a hard correction likely to the degree of 20 to 50%