So I've been going with a thematic ETF strategy. Advice?

So I've been going with a thematic ETF strategy. Advice?


Put a stop loss on mj if you are positive or be ready to swing trade it. Get out of ICLN and BLOK. I don't know how Microsoft Nvidia, Tesla, VISA and Comcast fit VEGN theme and would get out for that reason alone. Seems like a ticker to get investors who never actually look at the holdings.


Why get out of ICLN? I’m thinking ICLN is a good 5-15 year play. Is it cause it’s pumped so much the last year or two?


It's because all it's holdings are pretty much worthless without subsidies and extremely over valued. It has never done anything but go down since it was created. Which companies that it holds are worth there forward predicted earnings? Most of them are priced like they are worth more than Amazon's future earnings. A lot of them have never even turned a profit. It seems like everyone who buys this suffers from not actually looking at the technicals of the companies it owns then wonder why it crashes so hard. At least ARKK companies have really good revenue growth even if they don't turn a profit. Not that I would hold that either


VEGN is a mimic of large cap holdings. I got it based on the top holdings


I think I should get rid of MJ. I had them since they were at 35 a share and they haven't seen a uprise ever


It's probably a good idea all the companies it holds are not worth much and their profit margins are awful.


Imma hold MJ for 30 years.


What's wrong with BLOK? I have been very happy with it.


You are best friend of Wall Street.


I didn't see TAN on your list which has been a popular pick. Or if you want to get crazy try a little VTI!


Curious how long you’ve been in these positions? What’s your YTD return?


Ive held most of these for about a year. MJ and ICLN for 3 years