Do you think JB has invested for his and Michelle's retirement?

Do you think JB has invested for his and Michelle's retirement?


No. He invested in real estate and never pays taxes. That’s his retirement


Well, that and his kids, I think he believed that they would have paid for his old age, you know like a thank you for having raised them or something similar. I could easily see him and M going kid to kid and say something as we paid for your food, dresses, shoes, etc now it is your time to take care of your parents. The only problem is he doesn't like his kids to have more success than him and love to see them depend on him, and his generosity to pay for everything so now the kidult don't have enough money even to found for their life and he is or will be in big trouble.


Maybe they'll break it up and go to one kid for clothing money, one for shoes money, one for electric bill money, one kid for water bill money, one kid for heating bill money, one kid for gasoline money, one for breakfast food money, one for lunch food money, one for dinner food money... damn, I'm only halfway through the kids. With that many kids, they could cough enough money out of each perhaps to survive on.


The Duggars have literally sold millions of dollars in properties alone since starting on TV. They have rental properties that legally they get to run like slums, and they do. They have been and will continue to be paid stupid amounts of money to be speakers at churches and cult events. They have enough money to have a fleet of private planes and to fly them pretty regularly. I know everyone wants to believe that TLC was their main source of income, but I really don't think it was. It was their main source of grifting when they needed help building the TTH and for paying for extravagant family vacations. But I don't think TLC had the same affect on their pocketbook as everyone imagines. Especially since TLC kept producing the show when they didn't have sponsors, meaning they couldn't possibly be losing too much money on it.


I think the show gave them the boost they needed to kickstart their slumlord real estate empire. But I agree, the show isn't their main source of income, and probably hasn't been for awhile.


I completely agree with this. I think they’re pretty well off at this point and will continue to be. The only thing I can’t figure out is who is going to inherit the big house. I can’t see JB and Meech living there when all of the kids are out of the house. Even if they have Anna and the M kids, I think they’d eventually downsize and give it to one of the kids. My money is on Joe & Kendra having the biggest brood but I can’t imagine how they’d justify picking one family to give it to, especially if there’s multiple other families with slightly smaller family sizes


JB's dream was for all of the kids to live on the property (which is why he bought 20 acres). So maybe his plan is for each kid to get a "plot" of the property and then the main house will be used as a "mess hall" type deal.


Ohh yeah that would make sense I could see that. Except now Pest wouldn’t be able to be a part of this compound situation since there’s going to be too many children


Assuming Josh makes it out of jail alive...... (Not to be morbid, just being realistic – people like him only survive in solitary)


Yeah that’s true I’ve heard of that and I forgot about that possibility. I wonder if Anna is aware of that.


Sometimes I wonder if that's what she's hoping for Leaving Josh might not be something she thinks she can do. But if he dies, she would be free *and* his family might take pity on her, or at least her kids.


*JB empties his pockets and finds 39 cents, an NRA membership card, and 2 lonely tater tots* No


This implies that Jeeb totes tots around in his pockets, and somehow picturing him slipping them in for later is hilarious.


~~Napoleon~~ Jim Bob, gimme one of your tots


Later taters....


I would think at the very least, he squirreled away some of the money he stole from his kids in some low risk CDs at a bank. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also has a safety deposit box with cash/gold/silver. It’s not so much that I think he’s wise, as much as I think he is greedy.


Can anyone else see JB making a lame bank CD joke? "I'm glad I put the money into CDs and not records, since no one's buying those anymore! HAHAHAHA"


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Good bot I hate Reddit bots. I think they are so dumb. But I absolutely love that there exists a Chuck Norris bot.💪🏼


I love the hahaha at the end, because JB absolutely would laugh at his own joke, even though it’s lame.


I have a very strong feeling that JB already has made this joke. There's just no way he hasn't.


He rents land that cell towers are on. They probably don't have a traditional retirement plan situation, but they have ways of receiving income.


This. Those cell towers provide a nice income.


if you are self employed you still need to pay taxes including SSI etc. now if boob and meech have IRA/SEP'S and diversified investments I'm going to say no. and SSI is in the shitter so.... Real Estate is a drain, you have to pay property tax on that, upkeep, maintenance, hope the property does not decrease in value, hope there is a buyer when its time to sell, hope you can find a new tenant etc. They dont seem to purchase prime land either- TTH is near a landfill, Jessa lives near the freeway,


The TTH is surprisingly fantastic land, with its elevation, coupled with its ample road access (because of all the trucks coming to and from the landfill). It ended up being the perfect place for a cell company to put a tower on. ~~They easily could be making $10k a month off of it.~~* The house wasn’t built with resale value in mind. Who’s going to want a 7,000sq ft house with only 4 bedrooms (two of them grossly oversized)? I’m guessing if they ever sell it, they’ll rezone it to a commercial property *Edit: I am wrong


They easily could NOT be making $10k/mo. This market does not drive those kind of rates. There is a massive amount of open land in this area, with permissive zoning as well, which means no tower landlord can charge $10k/mo without getting terminated (the tower is relo’d). If they do own their own tower (as opposed to just renting the land to a tower owner), maintenance is quite expensive and would cut into their profits. Source: I have worked for a major cell phone tower company for 8 years. This is literally my job. I have to make clarifying comments every time this subject comes up. I wish people would stop assuming they’re making this kind of money in this market. SF, Chicago, NYC.... probably. [email protected] Arkansas.... NO.


Thanks for the correction. I actually rounded way down, taking what people say their own families make in an attempt to be conservative (maybe they’re pulling numbers out of their ass). I should have verified that shit. Is where they live considered that secluded though? I thought they were close to some very large population clusters. I don’t know network standards.


Nope. $1k/mo for that market is good. On the off chance they negotiated rev share, *maybe* an extra $2k if all the carriers are there. $10k/mo for just renting land in this market would be extraordinary. You can bet someone from a tower company is working on a relo / building a competitor tower. To clear that amount ($10k/mo net profit), they would have to own their own tower, lease to all 4 carriers plus several non-traditional customers. I doubt they are maintaining their own tower.


Thanks, that’s very helpful information


I would not be surprised to find out that JB is sitting on $1m-$5m in cash and cash equivalents on top of the $6m in real estate that we know about.


Michelle has definitely worked outside the home. They ran a towing company and then car lots together, later she got into real estate. FWIW, I wouldn’t necessarily consider Michelle a SAHM during the KAC years. I’m sure a lot of her time was consumed in meetings, at signings and speaking engagements, filming outside the home etc.


When the owner of a company I worked for retired and filed for social security, they asked when his wife would be filing. He said she had never worked a job, so she wasn't. He was shocked when he was told she was still eligible to file and receive benefits. When I was IFB I was told that as long as you work 40 quarters of a job that pays I to SS you could draw on it. So, they encouraged all the men to work a job for 10 years at least before going into full time ministry work. So, you get a job at 16-18, and work until your 28 or so and hit those ten years of paying into it. Then you can depend on the church/your full time ministry/God until you hit 65 or whatever, then draw your SS. So, if JB had worked a job that paid into SS for 10 years, he can draw SS, and so can Michelle. I dont know how true or accurate any if that is. It is just what I heard through third parties.


Spousal benefits are a thing. Once JB files for his own benefits, Michelle is then entitled to a spousal benefit equivalent to half of JBs full retirement age benefit.


Supposedly Michelle previously worked as a real estate agent, but who knows.


We know he has. He’s been amassing investment properties with income from the show for over a decade.


He’s smarter than he looks. He has to be to have made it this far. I think he has enough savings etc at least for himself, but nit enough to support his brood forever. Of the current adult kids I worry about Jessa’s financial situation the most. Once her social media appeal fades away, unless Bin gets a good head pastor job with housing, they will be SOL, especially if they keep having a kid every two years. The in-law I worry about the most is Anna. Without significant financial help from her family or the Duggars, she and her 7 kids are screwed! Joe seems to have it together but if Kendra has a dozen kids I worry about them too.


I thought they had cell towers on some of their properties. Apparently (not that I know this from experience), the cell companies pay a monthly/annual payment to maintain these towers.


They're loaded. They don't need to work.


I'm sure he's assuming one of his 19 children will support them in their old age. He's got tons of ~~slums~~ rental properties and owns a lot of land, not to mention all the little side hustles between all that and his 19 kids 100+ grandkids they will be fine. Now the kids & grandkids are fucked but JB & M will be fine.


He likely paid SS tax on income from the tv show. Because that show has been running a long time, he's likely been paying the social security max rate so he'll end up getting the highest income from them at retirement. J'chelle gets to ride on her husband's SS coattails like any other stay at home haus frau. Beyond that, Boob has significant real estate holding and income from cell towers. It wouldn't surprise me if he has income for mineral rights on his properties. He'll be fine in retirement.


You view stay at home wives as riding on their husband’s coattails when it comes to SSI?


My mother was a stay at home wife her entire life. When my dad retired she got SS at the same rate he did. She benefitted from his tax payments into the social security system despite having not put a penny into the system since the time she was 20.


For his? Yes For hers? No