Looking for a new card for general spending.

Looking for a new card for general spending.


Chase freedom unlimited or fidelity


Citi double cash, 2% back on everything Check out [https://www.reddit.com/r/CreditCards/wiki/list\_of\_flat\_cashback\_cards\_with\_benefits](https://www.reddit.com/r/CreditCards/wiki/list_of_flat_cashback_cards_with_benefits) for more options


or paypal 2% or fidelity 2%


WF Active Cash has a $200 SUB that's basically the equivalent to $10K in extra spend.


Live and die by the Citi double cash card 👌


If limiting to one card, I’d go with Citi Custom cash. The 5% back on groceries will net more than 2% overall. Particularly with this low monthly spend. Plus if you eat out too much one month, the 5% will just flip to that. Pretty convenient low maintenance approach.


WF active cash is the best 2% card atm due to sub. Look around at local credit unions, if you live in Florida you have access to a 2.5% on all spend card, or alabama has the AOD 3% card on all spend.


3 suggestions: Wells Fargo Active Cash, Chase Freedom Unlimited, and Apple Card. Active cash gives 2% that can be redeemed for discounted gift cards, while the Citi Doublecash doesn’t always get the full 2% if you redeem as statement credit, the most convenient route. The Freedom Unlimited gives 1.5% points to everything, though if combined with Chase Sapphires could be worth more. It also has bonus categories in dining, drugstores, and gas. The Apple Card is convenient only if you already have an iPhone/Apple Watch. It gives 2% flat on Apple Pay, 3% in some pretty random categories, and can give 0% loans with Apple products. It has the easiest to understand UI of any credit card I’ve seen. Otherwise, I’ve heard AMEX has good workhorse cards, though I don’t know much about them.


One thing of note: freedom unlimited doesn’t have a bonus category for gas. Also, of note is the 5% cb on groceries for your first year on up to $12,000 in spending on groceries.


Why doesn’t Citi double cash always redeem for 2% if you redeem through statement credit?


They only count the second 1% if you pay money for your statement. If you use points, you don’t earn points on your points, and would be missing out on some rewards.


Can the active cash rewards not be redeemed as statement credit?


They can be, but they earn rewards off of just spending, so it doesn’t matter.


Apple Card or AMEX BLUE CASH


Alliant Visa Signature 2.5% cash back on up to 10k/month. Only it does require moving your checking with them with direct deposit. https://www.alliantcreditunion.org/bank/visa-signature-card#features


They also really don’t like to approve unless your monthly income is 10k+. Just worth noting.


where do you get that dp?


Not a super formal DP. The hard DP is that they will not issue with the card with a CL of less than a 10k. A few of their reps have told people the monthly 10k requirement. If you do a quick search on this subreddit you’ll see others saying the same thing. I got denied at 1/24 with an 805 credit score, with an income of 76k a year. Only listed reason was lack of income for credit requested. I even had an Alliant checking and savings since 2019 before I applied for the card when it changed to AF a few months back.


Us bank cash plus is perfect for you


SoFi card


Discover it cash back. 5% on different things ea quarter like restaurants, gas, amazon, ect. Plus 1% cash back on all other purchase. They’ll match you $ for $ in rewards your first year.


I would recommend one out of left field, the Ford pass rewards visa. Whether you have a Ford or not, they offer a $200 statement credit every year you spend $6000 on the card. That's 3.33% if you never redeem any reward points. They just overhauled some rewards program stuff, you might get them to pick your car up and drop it off when you get it serviced for free! It's under appreciated and fits well with your spend.