How to overcome persistent urge to check your brokerage account every hour?

How to overcome persistent urge to check your brokerage account every hour?


I've been watching mine daily for years. It's not for everyone but I got used to it.


Same. I’ve been in the stock market for almost 10 years now and I still check it every few hours lol


Same, conviction in what you’re doing makes you look but not touch


I thought Bogleheads set it and forget it!!


Uninstall the app.


Just read your advice and immediately uninstalled my apps. Thank you!


Reddit too


I'm thinking about it.


Don’t think about it. Do it


Maybe unsub from subs like this too. Out of sight, out of mind.


How do you guys invest more when you need to? Install the app again?


Use your computer


You should be able to use a browser. I've never once used an app to do any investing.


What prevents an anxious investor from using web to view their investments every hour?


Hopefully by the point, self-control will kick in. This type of behavior is what leads to panic selling IMO. However, I check my fun account a lot. Then again, if I logged in and the balance was $0, I’d just say “oh well.”


nothing, i was answering the question: > How do you guys invest more when you need to? Install the app again? >


If you have a computer, and are only making transactions once or twice a month (which I assume is true given that you are posting here), there is no reason at all to have your broker's app on your phone. I like to check mine every few days just for fun, but it does me absolutely no good. There's just no point to looking at it if your strategy is to only buy at regular intervals


Just do it (tm)


You can see parental controls on iOS via screen limits. You can even set limits at the individual application level. Perhaps, you can try that?


If only they did automatic contributions.


This is the way.


This is also good advice for social media, Reddit, and other things that occupy your attention.


Thanks for this. This question and this comment finally got me to uninstall the app. It’s better this way.


I examined what was going on in my life that was driving me to obsess about my retirement funds. I realized I felt out of control in my career and unsure whether I would have enough later in life. I was feeling like I had 10 good years of earning left in me, and a long retirement after that, which seemed scary and impossible, especially with college prices for the kids being what they are. I made a conscious choice to focus on my career. I learned skills, networked, worked on my resume, practiced interviewing, consulted for a little while, and finally landed a sweet job paying a lot more than before. Another thing driving me was the need to feel like I was interacting with something I could learn and improve at. I am feeding that with an app to learn world geography facts and I've gotten pretty good! Now my urge to check my brokerage account is far, far less. I only look at my balances once a month when I am updating the household finances spreadsheet.


> I examined what was going on in my life that was driving me to obsess about my retirement funds. This is the answer. Pay attention to ‘why’ you want to check, what are you hoping to see? Humans are motivated much more by loss than gain. 95% my my portfolio is in VTWAX and I never, ever care about how that stuff is doing, but I was still checking the market once or twice a day, just to see how the other 5% was doing. I wasn’t even paying attention to anything green, I was just looking to see which of my ‘pics’ were in the red that day.


As long as you’re not stressed about it I don’t see the issue


I had the same problem until I convinced myself that the time I was putting into the stock market was better spent on doing other things. Go for a walk. Set some time aside for a hobby you enjoy and do that instead of constantly checking the market. The Boglehead portfolio is one that is focused on long term growth; the day to day ups and downs of the market don’t really matter in the long run.


> Go for a walk. Proceed to walk with the fidelity app open > Set some time aside for a hobby you enjoy Proceed to ride the peloton with fidelity open in the cup holder


You'll eventually get tired of it.


yeah, i've been checking reddit every 20 minutes for years, and it's going to get old any year now. *any year now...*


Nope, not me. I do check once daily and has done so for the last three years. On a green day I'm happy to see my hypothetical gains, on a red day I want to see if we hit a real bear market because then I'll add some extra from my other savings (vacation money etc)


I do this multiple times a day recently. But it's mainly because we are about $40k shy of hitting $1 million with mostly index funds. It's like watching the New Years countdown. Once we hit our milestone we'll probably pay less attention to it for awhile.


That is indeed very exciting so I don’t blame you. Congrats on being on your way to a major milestone.


Screenshot the 1 mil, treat yourself have ya'll a good dinner, then go back to not checking!


Here is what I do. All the solid stuff you have going for retirement or early retirement is put in the background and automated. Set alerts for any funky/strange activities then just check it once a quarter. To keep me busy I started a separate account on another brokerage with "fun money". I mess with that stuff daily to weekly. If that doesn't keep you busy and away from your main nest egg then take up additional hobbies (real estate) or risky stuff that requires your attention (crypto). ... you could start working out and exercise every time you want to check your money. Then you could potentially live longer trying to avoid looking at your money!


I kept doing it until I got bored of it. Now I'm down to once a week. Been actively passively investing since February.


This\^ You'll just get bored out of it after you keep seeing minimal changes over a given timespan.


then suddenly you go 8 months without checking and get to have some real excitement!


For me it's cyclical. I check it daily for a period then get bored and many months pass. Then I remember it again, check it, get excited and restart the cycle.


Me too :).


How long have you been investing? How long have you had this particular portfolio setup? I think newer investors or ones who made a change so that what they are tracking is "reset" to zero amount of gain/loss tend to be more obsessive about checking it because they are worried/nervous/second-guessing themselves. Once you get up a lot and things look more solid you let out a sigh of relief, and stop checking constantly. Up 4% and today's market dropped 2%? Time to bite the nails! Up 150% and today's market drop made you lose 2%? Can't even be bothered to look.


I'm relatively new, started 15 months ago. But set this particular portfolio up 2 weeks ago.


There you go. As time goes by and you're further into the green you'll check less and less. Don't sweat it. It's normal to check it a lot in the early stages.


Install a Reddit app and check that instead.


I assume the urge will go away over time once I have other things in my life going for me 😬


I check all my financials pretty much every day I'm not on vacation just to keep an eye on identity theft.


Now that the weather is nice...just go outside when you take a break and don’t check....


I struggle with this too. May uninstall the app. Another good question to ask yourself before opening is “what am I going to do differently with this information?” If you’re going to buy or sell at a certain price point, okay. If you’re holding for 30 years regardless of market conditions, then looking a few times a day doesn’t make a lot of sense. Also the Bogleheads approach is intended to limit the need for active trading/management, which is a huge benefit. Enjoy that time and energy not looking.


Come on Reddit and try convert other people to the boglehead way of life. Also have a very small amount about 2% of total portfolio that I play with for fun in E*TRADE that is separate from retirement accounts.


My play money is IN a retirement account only so that capital gains/disqualified dividends/wash sales don't matter.


I thought about doing the same, but aside from finding the next Google, Apple, Amazon it’s such a small amount that I’m not overly concerned about the tax implications


Mutual funds, one price change a day


Good idea. But I hold ETFs in my taxable account, because they are considered to be more tax efficient.


Unless they are vanguard funds, which would have the same tax efficiency due to a patent they have. It seems your issue is constantly checking your portfolio, this would remedy that immediately.


I just don't check it much anymore. I check almost daily morning what is the S&P500 and Nasdaq 100 doing like and that's it. Quarterly review of my stocks. I used to check it like it was an Idle Game on IOS or Android and it was killing my mental health. The only answer I have for you is DISCIPLINE.


Imagine there’s been a stock market crash and you’ve lost so much money you can’t bear to look


Put a strong password on your account that is too long and complicated for you to remember , do not save it on the device or browser that you use to log in, but put it somewhere out of the way, and then do not let yourself go get the password and log in more than once a week or a couple times a month.


is this for a Tax Advantaged account? or taxable brokerage account? what i do is check up on my taxable accounts throughout to day to occupy me, while only looking at my tax advantaged accounts one a couple months or so. for me personally, tax advantaged accounts like 401k and Roth IRA are ones you shouldn’t look at everyday but when i do really want to look, i’ll just look at my taxable brokerage account positions which fluctuate throughout the day and make it fun to see the change


Put all your fund/etf symbols in a stock app (like apple’s stock app) and only check that, not your full account balance, maybe just once a day and reduce from there. It goes much quicker and is less stressful.


Does checking your account stress you out? Do market moves make you want to make changes to your portfolio? If not, I don't see the problem. I check mine once a day after markets are closed and my brokerage account has updated. I don't make decisions based upon what I find though - it's merely to see how I've done that day.


Buy a few GME (or other meme, but GME works wonders), preferably on a very hot week. Best if it is high price so every dip hurts. Overdose on following the ups and downs for a week. And... you are cured. After a few days of winning and losing 50% of your investment, the rest of your stock will feel like is not moving at all, let alone the bonds, lol. Worked for me, at least.


Set up notifications for big down days so you can add more. TradingView has some free ones


Uninstall mobile apps tbh. I think it’s better and more secure that way


Here’s my deal. I used to check 2 times a day and that is me checking yahoo stocks and exporting and then saving it into my spreadsheet. I migrated my spreadsheet to box.com so i have 3 login steps. It’s gotten me to checking and updating every few days. Baby steps. In my past, when o didn’t have significant investments I did a once a month clean up/update. I’d like to get myself back there. I’m so close to FIRE so this the impetus.


Index investing is boring when you have a very long timeline. This is by design for an index investor as your timeline (long) is meant to be what is winning. Check in weekly at most if you are prone to worrying about short term swings. Monthly or bi-monthly is better. Quarterly and longer are for the hands-off investor that only log in to re-balance. You got this. Don't sweat the details because the nature of Boglehead investing is taking advantage of the long timeline.


Paper statements ?


Honestly, Set a time, once a week, to check accounts and do any purchases for that week. No logging in anytime else.


I really like the app "my stocks portfolio." I set up a widget with the etf versions of my funds and the few other etfs Im in. I can see the general performance of my portfolio by the minute at a glance like seeing the temperature outside. No constant logging in.


Have this same issue also w bank accounts I took off the fingerprint login so its a bit harder and tedious. Kinda works


Hmmm. This is a tough question. When I turned 18 and signed up for a brokerage account I did the same exact thing. Eventually I just "got bored." Wasn't touching the money, so what's the point? If you're struggling with the urge, just uninstall the app. Only open the website when you want to buy. Having an investing app is really not an amazing idea. It makes it too easy to check, and too easy to worry.


A new hobby that consumes your interest is probably the best way I know of.


My wife and I prepare our balance sheet each month and I check it for that, we also invest each month and I go into the accounts to do this. Since I know I will check it twice a month anyway I feel this helps with the urge to go into it at other times.


Buy crypto and you will check it every 5 minutes. I've started with crypto and later i started buying ETF's. ETF's are boring as hell compared to crypto. So my advice, buy crypto, check it every 5 minutes. Get sick of it. After few weeks you won't be checking every day, especially not your broker xD


It will pass, you will desensitize to it.


Well, I have a StreamDeck and just did a plugin to show some of my assets and my overall status of my accounts, including %Gain/Loss, +-Gain/Loss, total equity, etc... So I don't need to check my account every hour. On my phone, I did the same thing, but only for the overall gain/loss and equity using Tasker and Minimalistic Text on Android. So whenever I unlock my screen, I have an updated status.


Basically it's the same as checking your brokerage account. I have it in Yahoo Finance.🙂


Well as other comments showed it's not necessarily a super bad habit but what worked for me was to uninstall the trading apps and just install yahoo finance. On yahoo finance I only follow VT and the euro/USD rate and it's enough since it's approximately my exposure. Using this trick allows me to check if the market is red or green, but it's not interesting enough to check it every hour or so !


I use mutual funds. They only update daily. The only reason I check them daily is because I use Quicken and it updates them when I bring in my other financial information. That's what I tell myself anyway.


I was doing that on the first two months after that I’m just not interested, don’t overthink it’s normal to do that


Turn off phone. As someone else said uninstall apps Start meditating every day. That will give you head space and you may not be worried about the most immediate things grabbing your attention.


On my computer I blocked it with software called cold turkey blocker, it allows you to set how long you can’t access certain websites, so I have been playing with blocking it for a week at a time. Then when a week expires I just go block it again for another. If for some reason I need to access it then I can do it when the block expires.


I check every few minutes. I think it’s perfectly normal to obsess 24/7. Usually take a break for eating and sleeping or movies but also check then sometimes just in case. I used to have a social life but have since given that up. My shrink thinks I’m crazy but that’s just stupid talk. Brb, going to check my portfolio...🤩


I got brokerage accounts with 4 companies. One of them is pure play funds. I buy 1000 AMC or 10,000 HTZ or 20,000 SNDL without a second thought. And I check it maybe twice a day. lol.


I got so bored of checking after a while. That's the point of this sub.


Personally, I find it very motivating. It's hard to save money because there isn't that feeling of satisfaction you might get from buying something or doing something fun, etc. But I find that calculating my net worth and watching it go up gives me that satisfaction, and I'm much more likely to avoid spending and find ways of saving more in order to increase it. It helps that I'm midlife and have a pretty decent portfolio.


Someitmes I just looking at and scroll through the 1 day, 1 week , one month and yearly returns it helps me realize its a way bigger picture and keeps me from looking at it for the rest of the day....sometimes


Focus on your day job or try to take extra work to be promoted. That way, you don’t have time to check your account and you work your way to a larger salary which will have more of an effect on your NW then strictly investing


Idk. After a while I got bored of it. It’s mostly watching numbers go up and down. I found that when I first got into investing and was making okay money to actually invest I was obsessed with checking it. I still do check it. But after a while I realized I could be focusing more on my job and aiming to do better there so I could build my wealth that way. Investing helps, but my career is way more important than stocks are to my long term success. And that helped me kinda snap out of the investing obsession. Like I said I do check it but not nearly as often.


The temptation is real when I was relatively new to the game. After a while, I got tired of seeing the same tiny variations going up and down day after day.


Don’t do it. Are you seriously asking this?


I look at mine maybe 1/week. Once I became comfortable with my investments, I stopped looking at it so often. And I'm also in it for long-term, so why would I look at it everyday when I'm not trying to day trade? I will allocate 1/yr though.


If there's an app you check try deleting it off your phone. Personally I like checking, but I also like watching the blood come out when I get my blood drawn so I like staring at unnecessary details that others ignore.


Decide you want to change the behavior then make the change...


I keep my core portfolio at one brokerage that I check about once or twice per week and then have another “fun” brokerage account (with less than 1% of my investments) that I check a few times per day. This is a pretty good way for me to stay in tune with the market, keep up with things, etc. but also to keep some distance between myself and the nest egg.


Ask yourself why you feel the need to check so frequently. Then see if you can meet that need in a healthier way. Get rid of all links,apps etc to where you check your account. Have a replacement action for when you feel the need to check your portfolio.


I think checking brokerage is a way to get distracted from my board exam I'm studying now for.


Oh, good luck with your exam! I bet reddit is a good distraction too. I have the same problem of looking for distractions when I don't want to do something :(


Thank you 🙂


Check it on your birthday


You sound like me one year ago! I sold all of my ETFs for this reason (as their price updates throughout the day) and purchased equivalent index funds (as their price updates once at the end of each day). I was also investing in taxable brokerage to beat my mortgage rate, and that was the main thing that was driving me insane, causing me to check in every friggin day. So I cashed that out (I know that’s not an optimal decision). There’s gotta be a balance between what’s theoretically optimal and what you’re personally, emotionally comfortable with. What’s the price of your psychological well-being? Start there and work around it, even if it means making less optimal decisions.


Focus your attention on your loved ones .Dont obsess over the the day to day of a LONG TERM strategy. What good is a fortune if you have no one to share it with?


This post reminded me I haven't checked this hour. Brb.


"All returns in life come from compound interest."


No problem checking it many times per day, as long as you celebrate both price increases for increasing your wealth as well as price decreases for making it cheaper to buy stock and hold it.


No problem checking it many times per day, as long as you celebrate both price increases for increasing your wealth as well as price decreases for making it cheaper to buy index funds and hold them


No problem checking it many times per day, as long as you celebrate both price increases for increasing your wealth as well as price decreases for making it cheaper to buy index funds and hold them.


I set up my data in a spreadsheet and just update it weekly (rather than price watch). This has been incredibly helpful for my quality of life!


>Silly question, but how do you stop checking your brokerage account every hour? By only checking it every three hours. >I'm sure many of us have had or are having the same problem. How do you deal with it? Going outside.


I check on VT at MarketWatch and then read the latest market news while I'm there. Our accounts have some bonds so they don't follow VT exactly but it allows me to stay in touch with the market without looking at four accounts and adding the numbers together. At the end of the day I can check a 2050 plan if I want which is pretty close to our allocation. In general knowing what VT is doing is good enough for me.


The solution is transference. Keep logging in to Reddit and checking out the posts instead of checking the market.


What's the harm in seeing a number? If it's interfering with your life or causing you to make suboptimal decisions, uninstall the app. Otherwise, who cares?


I think there’s nothing wrong with checking it as long as it doesn’t emotionally affect you. I’m not gunna sell my shares for at least 20 years but I still check my portfolio several times a day lol.


Get a years worth emergency fund that lets you sleep well at night so you don’t have to worry about money


get a job maybe?


reset your password and don't actually do it


If you want to check your account, go for it. With Vanguard ETFs, the account balance variances may be underwhelming.