You look at this and you're really going to sit here and tell me that Alexander Grace isn't sexist or hates women

You look at this and you're really going to sit here and tell me that Alexander Grace isn't sexist or hates women


I wonder if L*** & E******** stands for Lies & Eat Hot Chip


Nah, they're too in love with throwing the label "entitled" at women. I like your idea better though.


I love the entitled bit. Like the numerous hate groups, like incels, who legit think a model should be dropped off at their front door and if they don't arrive fast enough, it's time to go on another mass killing spree? Like that sort of entitlement?


And he actually somewhat agrees or sympathizes with that sort of thinking


Don't forget the government subsidized girlfriends lol


Oh god! Someone besides me and Walter fate you know about that😔 The incels have truly ruined the world.


If only that were the case


never heard of him before, but after looking him up it seems that all his content is misogynistic


I think it would help to watch a video the title could be for click bait


Aka Projection: The Youtube channel


These videos have too many views, eh


Who hurt him?


Ahhh, I would not say that if I were you! I'm going through a stupid tirade about how you're shaming him and how it doesn't matter


Why hasn't YouTube kicked him off the platform has no one reported these because I'm pretty sure these break YouTube s rules and unlike Logan Paul he doesn't make YouTube a bunch of money so why has he not been barred


I presume just cuz he hasn't said anything to crazy yet or at least covers up the crazy stuff that he does say with words like "I'm not telling you to do this" "not all women (even though he back tracks on it a second later) I think it has something to do with the people who were watching his videos probably being only people who enjoy his content


Like I mentioned before, the titles are clickbaity to grab the attention of a certain crowd but he never trashes women in them. He is trying to prevent men from becoming radical by drawing them in and then helping them work through their emotions xxx


But his thumbnail attracts people who hate women or are frustrated with women.