Bro went from sausage roll to just the sausage


From Pogo to Dogo


His owners made him fat, his owners made him starve.


I’m assuming the owners that made him fat are different than the ones that put him on the diet but who knows


It's sad cos it's usually well meaning people "spoiling" their pet with treats not realising they're killing them. Either way, at least this pup has more educated owners this time round.


Had a friend who was oblivious to his dog’s weight until a couple friends mentioned it


How big was the owner of the pet?


My friend had a cat that just wouldn't loose weight, they did not over feed her and tried putting her on diet but nothing worked


My parents claim this is what's going on with their dog, "we can barely get her to eat anything and we don't give her people food". Literally while they are saying it they are handing the dog a piece of ham or sausage or something.


Ok that's just dumb


Yes, that can happen. Apparently, due to hormonal changes sometimes, after spaying / castrating, which causes the animal's hormones to haywire and their metabolism to change. I know of several cases, where the animal was so slender and fit, that they were close to being ripped / anorexic, despite lots of food and availability to good, healthy nutrition. Then they got spayed and bam, fat basically over night (okay, within a really short time). Same goes for humans, who have hormonal troubles, who get fat super easy and have HUGE troubles losing the fat, and actually need to diet and exercise rigorously, sometimes even add medicine, simply because of the hormones. Not all of them, obviously, but there are cases.


I supose cats are naturally more sedentary. If they don't need to hunt food or climb, they don't *really* need to be in great shape. Dogs are more active and being unable to run around impacts dogs way more.


Well she was belly acting as a dust cleaner fat, but was also sick since birth


Going for the whole people never change angle, classic.




I used to have a landlord whose cat was shaped like a football. Said my cat was way too skinny and I was abusing him, even though my vet said he was at a perfectly healthy weight for his size. He made my cat gain so much weight by sneaking into my place when I was at work and feeding him pizza. I couldn’t understand why my cat was suddenly putting on the pounds after I moved in, cos I didn’t realise he was doing it till one day I came back home early and he let himself in carrying half a leftover pizza while I was in the shower.


WTF! Pretty sure that's some illegal shit.


Yeah but who's going to charge a cat with stealing pizza? Everybody knows cats are shady


Yeah, but he said "I own this property so even if you're renting it, I am going to come in any time I like." He also kept referring to my cat as his child, which was weird. e.g. "Have you been looking after my child properly?" So I moved. He was pretty pissed off at me moving too, cos I did it in winter and he had trouble getting a new tenant. I was honestly scared he was gonna come in and steal my cat in the days before I moved out.


nope. still illegal (at least in the US.) have to give 24 hour notice unless it's an emergency and then it has to be documented and they have to leave a nlyice about why they entered and why. This was criminal trespass and probably some other stuff like harrassment.


Yeah, I know it's illegal. My point is that he didn't give a damn that it was illegal. That's why I moved out.


Also I Australia. Illegal that is. Wonder which country the poster is from. Although when I was 19 I had a landlord that would come in and "fix" something with no notice. I was too stupid at that age and also scared of repercussions if I caused trouble but now I know he would have got into a lot of trouble.


That's illegal. Landlords cannot enter private residences without permission, regardless of whether they own it or not.


This story just gets better and better


Jesus. That should be grounds to sue, and I absolutely would if I had the means to do so in that situation. Human food is so bad for animals. Doesn't mean I never give my cat any food, but definitely not actual bits of pizza. I might let her lick the cutting board, or something. Damn, that's so irresponsible. So many people should not be pet owners, man.


Like a real licensed landlord, or he just owned the property and rented it to you? Because you could, and should have taken him to court for that if he was an actual licensed landlord. That man needs his license suspended or revoked.


That sounds like a horribly made up story




I said the same thing concerning a cat on a treadmill. I was attacked, insulted and in general verbally abused. You got off easy.


From Carbo to Keto


All he had to do was... eat


but less tho


It’s cold in here ok?!


He actually cut back on the sausage


Shame on whoever let him get that fat.


Shame on whoever is letting all our children get fat.


Parents and companies It takes two


Take two interactive too


Lol this hard-hitting truth is gonna ruffle some feathers around here


diabetic boogaloo


Companies are not responsible for fat children. Parents need to raise their children. It's no one's fault but theirs


Companies are in charge of their marketing, which can influence kids when they see it. No, that's not their fault alone. But we know they do this to try to get kids to want their product. Not inherently bad right? That's what marketing is. Okay, then why do they add unnecessary stuff to their products or put unnecessary stuff on the product packaging to attract kids who might not be interested otherwise? Marketing, they are responsible for it. If we want our kids to get healthier, they have to want it to.


Exactly. People worry about fat dogs and cats but what about the children?


It's possible to care about more than one thing.


yes, obviously. but the implication here is clearly that a lot of people seem to care way more about overweight pets than they do overweight kids, not that you can only care about one thing at a time.


But this is a thread about an overweight pet not a kid though, so it makes sense for overweight pets to be talked about more than kids


How many times are you going to make this comment wierdo?


What are you even replying for? Just spreading negativity to strangers over the safety of the of the internet 😂


What are you even replying for? Just spreading negativity to strangers over the safety of the of the internet 😂


Very cleva ☺️


As many as necessary


their parents


wild wiener dogs actually get this big because humans have eliminated all of their natural predators


I hate when I'm hiking and I have to splatter a group of these wild animals.


Now idk how true this is but apparently the previous owner kept over feeding him cause of dementia or Alzheimer’s. I can understand too cause my grandpa has dementia and sometimes feeds his dog more than once. I usually catch it before he can tho so no danger


he lost 3 dog worth of dog


Dog gone


I’ll say that again, and again!


Invest in dog


4 actually


If you let your dog get that big you’re an asshole


There's a story about him. He was indeed with a negligent family but he was rescued and adopted by a more loving family who brought him back to good shape.


Awww I’m glad the new family cares about him so much


Where can I find a loving family that will help me lose 200 lbs


200 lbs is 90.8 kg


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Not sure what a kg is. How many double sided 60 inch mermaker pepperoni pizza blankets is that?


It's about same weight as the cut tips 0.39 inch (1 cm) of the turf on a single football field (American).


200 lbs is the same weight as 141.84 'Double sided 60 inch Mermaker Pepperoni Pizza Blankets'.


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How loving? I might adopt you, but I can only love so much.


It’s good luck for this little one but I know of personally and have seen pet owners who do this to their dogs. Like why would you do that? My husband’s family had an accidental litter and they gave the puppies up for adoption. One puppy died, because of this, at the ripe old age of 4. She was tied in one corner fed like so much damn food. People who can’t take care of another living creatures shouldn’t be allowed to own pets or reproduce.


I've a dog that weighs about 10 kilos (small wiener mutt mix, not quite sure what she is). We used to feed her twice a day, some 200 grams per meal. We noticed she was getting fatter so when we made our next vet visit, the vet also noticed this. She had some 13 kilos then. At one point, we left her with a dog sitter as we were away for 4 days. He told us that she's a bit overweight and asked how much we feed her. To cut a long story short, she still gets 2 meals a day but they're 100 grams each which means she gets circa 200 grams of food per day. She's now back to a healthy 10 kilos. And to be honest, 100 grams of food looks like very little but when you turn it into how much food she takes in compared to her weight, it's 2% (200 grams/10,000 grams). For me (97 kilos), 2% is almost 2 kilos of food PER DAY. And that's not even how much I eat usually. I can easily see why some people may think they're starving the dog by giving them comparatively little food, but the issue is they're comparing the dog food amount with how much we as humans eat. So they overfeed them. Then there's also people like a friend of mine who basically fills up the dogs bowl with kibble to the brim so the dog eats until its completely full, and there's still leftover food, so the dog goes back to grab a bite or two every few hours.


Didn’t the vet ask how much you were feeding the dog and then correct it? Usually the complaints are about people who either don’t care or know that their dog is fat or think it’s cute and overfeed on purpose. If you’re noticing as soon as your dog looks fat and taking them to the vet that’s responsible pet ownership. If the vet doesn’t give advice on fixing their diet and more exercise if needed then they are a bad vet, you’re not a bad owner.


Yeah they just told me that she's gotten a bit larger but never told me how to fix it and I didn't know how to calculate the proper amount of food. We switched vets shortly thereafter and have a great one now (the old one also got more expensive for basically no reason and they never told us why the price was increased). But yeah, there's nothing cute in overweight pets. I don't understand the people that think that. If you want to make something fat, then do it to yourself, don't torture the poor animal like that and shorten their lives. They don't live long so why actively shorten that for 'aesthetic' purposes..


200 grams of solid gold is worth about $11318.0.


Good bot


Thank you :)


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Bot fight?


You were 79% sure just a few comments up thread... Might want to tune up your algorithm there


Bad bot


My parents have one of those feeders that let's food out as the bowl gets empty and their dog isn't getting any bigger, kinda curious if there's some type of psychological affect with that


And that's a fact!


Yeah its a weird title saying he took on "Healthy habits", as if he made a decision to be healthy. He's a dog, all that happened was someone stopped feeding him so much.


Not to mention he’s a doxie, they have ZERO appetite control and as an owner you HAVE to be on top of their food intake. They’re great lapdogs (when needed) but they do need like ~30 min a day of play/exercise and will burst into action when needed.


I’ve got what I’m pretty positive is a pug/Doxie. We got him in March, he was under eight at 8lbs. He’s about 13 now. Because it’s cold outside now, he is up about a lb. He gets a chicken breast treat almost daily, it’s like chicken jerky. He gets these tiny treats for training reward. We play often. He will fetch those small tennis balls and a huge squeaky pacifier haha The word thing about his eating habits, we tried times feeding, but we’ve been successful with leaving food down for him. He gets a cup at s time and usually this last two days. He tries bites and drops some on the floor then scavenges it haha. We do a snuffie mat a couple of times a week, no chicken jerky those days. Quality of food also matters. We use Wellness. He’s getting good nutrition not a bunch of fillers. I over shared, sorry. Haha. Doxies are a trippy breed.


I love the breed, and I love dogs in general. No such thing over sharing on the subject 🥰


Yeah the title was clearly half-assed and this definitely was not posted by the owners of this dog.


I read about a dog like Dennis who belonged to a person with dementia who loved him very much, but who kept forgetting whether or not they had fed the pup. So they fed him a whole lot. Finally the dog was removed when the person needed inpatient care and everything worked out much better for the dog.


And by ‘negligent’, it looks like not so much that someone wasn’t paying attention, they thought they were ‘loving him’ and slowly killing him with that ‘love’.


Additionally if you do the same to your cat.


If you do this to your venus flytrap, you are an asshole and a public danger. Also you are a dentist, probably.


If you let your human children get obese, you also are an asshole No?


Real question! I'd say yes. Even more so.






>living alone comes with a 250% higher chance of dying early but nobody has ever accused me of being "morbidly single." Make sure you chew your food thoroughly.


One thing has been bugging me is that it seems like almost everyone says don’t talk to your kids about their weight because that is body shaming etc. If the parents don’t talk about it, their friends don’t talk about it, and they don’t realize that they are ballooning, who will give them the valuable feedback until too late?


I think it depends on context. If you're a single mom working multiple jobs and sending your kid to public school, the public school only feeds your kid crap, and you have no time to cook and you live in a food desert save for the odd McDonalds or Dominos... I think the real asshole is the combination of societal factors that have made it so difficult (and maybe impossible) to keep your child healthy.


You can eat like shit and not be obese We live in a society.


I grew up like that and obesity really is the last possible outcome in that situation. Every time my mom came home it was fast food time and while she was away I basically only ate candy. Its the quantity that counts. In that situation you're describing, a kid definitely doesn't get enough to get there, despite only eating crap.


Believe me, I've taught kids like this, and plenty of them can get obese regardless. Big mac for breakfast, crap public school food for lunch, Dominos for dinner, leftover Dominos for breakfast the next day... Frankly, my lower income students struggled with obesity a lot more than my higher income students, and the statistics back that up. Obesity tends to be highly correlated with lower socioeconomic status.


Yes...? Did they imply otherwise?


This is why I hate the chonky animal trend online. People will post pics of morbidly obese cats and dogs and everyone thinks it’s ‘so cute’. It’s not fucking cute. It’s animal abuse.




My brothers dog is similar to this size and recently I told him A.I take your dog and help get her back to a healthy weight with you helping me or B.I take your dog and you dont see her.Currently helping her out and as far as I know shes doing great with me.Helps having her brother who is a very healthy boi


Not true. It's not my fault. And dieting and healthy habits wouldn't work with my dog because his weight problem is *glandular*


Please send advice. I have a standard poodle that identifies as a fluffy hindenberg. She has addisons and has to take prednisone daily. She averages 88 pounds. She eats 2 times a day 1/2 cup kibble and 1/2 can canned food. She's 10 and had reconstructive knee surgery. She's currently around 80 pounds. Any advice is appreciated If she doesn't eat enough food, in her opinion, she starts eating non food items. Guitar straps, belts, girlfriend of the months pants etc...


Talk to your vet. we put my dog on Science Diet kibble to help her lose some chub and it worked insanely well.


Where else would I bring my tank?


Yes, talk to your vet- and see if you can supplement with veggies like green beans to give the dog volume without calories.


I might be able to help! My dog had IMPA and during her recovery and with daily prednisone, she got up to 86 pounds when she is normally 65ish. It takes a lot of work and feeling guilty, but this is what we did to get her weight back down. My dog always acted like she was starving (prednisone + diet + cbd drops will do that), which made me feel bad for her, but the weight loss is important for the knees. I suggest cutting out the canned food. She will pout, probably, and maybe protest, but it's so calorie-dense that you can give almost twice the dry food. We fed our dog 1/2 cup of kibble 3 times per day. She was a treat monster, so we found "Fruitables" treats. They are 3 calories each for the minis, or 8 calories each for the normal size. We also found these plain biscuit treats, don't remember the brand, that were "Lite Snackers", at 11 calories each. She had a ton of treats every day, never counted how many, but they were all low calorie. Blueberries also make really good treats. If you don't do a lot of treats every day, then you can give more kibble instead. My dog had to take pills every 6 hours, so I factored the cheese/turkey into the calorie count as well, but I don't know what your situation is there. With the changes above, my dog lost between 2-4 pounds per month.


86 pounds of double AA batteries could start a medium sized car about 7.22 times.


Good bot




Also, freeze dried minnows and liver make good treats, nutrient dense and low calorie.


I feed my 30lb dog 1/2 cup of kibble 2.5 times per day.... Insert calculating meme here.... But he's on a small breed dog food. Maybe I still need to cut back.


My vet recommended replacing dog food with lower calorie vegetables, specifically canned green beans.


> girlfriend of the months pants She’s clearly acting out due to your unstable household you heathen!


Give her less food. And no table scraps or any human food whatsoever. And count all the treats that you give her (including the ones that "don't count"). The eating of non-food items is something that the vet may be able to help with.


Talk to your vet. Are long walks possible at all?


Does she have a doggy gym membership? I have mine doing crossfit


That’s almost as much food as my fit Dalmatian, you might be over feeding.


My Cairn Terrier had addisons. It took a little while to get her medication to the proper dose. After she was stable for a year, I sucessfully weaned her off the prednisone and her eating habits got better. Talk to your vet. There is also an excellent Addisons group on Facebook and the mods are extremely knowledgeable.


Poodles are really athletic normally, so maybe she has trouble being mobile, but still has the energy to be bored and destructive. I'd try feeding her with a kibble dispensing toy, that way you can get some activity out of her food drive. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001JQLNB4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FQJKZXXHGNKS13AYVZ7H?psc=1


I have a chiweenie that was over weight and we had a similar problem. The vet thinks it might be a thyroid issue. She weighed nearly 15lbs when she out to weigh 7 or 8 max. I put her on high protein food and I feed her in her kennel until the other dogs are done. We don't really do treats anymore. She is finally down to about 9 lbs but it took a year. Still.she eats everything, paper, poop, chicken poop,bird seed,chicken feed, bugs, oyster shells, basically anything that smells good or is crunchy.


9 lbs is 4.09 kg


Fun fact, 9 lbs of whatever is exactly the same as 9 lbs of candy... or big macs... or doofenshmirtzes.


9 lbs is 4.09 kg


Alright, will you two go get married already?


PSA: Don’t chonk your pet. It’s not cute. It’s cruelty.


Having a hard time about the same amount of fur in both pictures... like did he lose skin? Or everything just shrunk so he still has the same volume of hair?


This is real. A quick google search shows the full photo album. Owner paid for surgery to remove excess skin. https://www.boredpanda.com/dennis-dieting-daschund-dog-brooklyn-burton/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic


Thank you. I came here wondering if it was really the same dog bc there was no way there could be zero excess skin.


Thanks for the info 👌


Top dog ate the bottom dog. And his friends.


Idk if this is real, but if it is he could just be stretchy now. My dog has about 2x as much skin/fur as he needs and it just seems to scrunch up. He has a couple of folds/rolls around his neck but all over his body you can grab big handfuls of just fur/skin.


Another commenter mentioned the dog had to get multiple surgeries to remove the excess skin (because it was still impeding his ability to walk)


Well, people who lose a huge amount of weight -- usually because of ~~barbaric~~ *bariatric* surgery -- end up with a lot of sagging skin that it takes surgery to get rid of, so I would expect the same thing would happen to a dog. So, yes, the story is a little hard to believe. EDIT: spelling.




Definitely bariatric. I am tempted to blame spell-check but I should have proofread. Good catch. (Is that why I'm getting downvotes?)


Lol, I think people just took offense to the word barbaric (or rather *barbaric surgery*), so that's probably why you were getting downvoted.


When I see fat kids I feel the same emotion as when I see that fat little doggy. Your parents are abusing you poor thing.


His diet book is currently number k9 on the NYT best seller list.


That was ruff


No bones about it.


I'm glad the dog changed his habits, it shows a lot of foresight and willpower on his part.


Good shit, Denny


I really hope the images aren’t reversed and the dog went from healthy to fat.


Look at that tail go in the second pic!


Potato on top


That is a beefy lad bro what the hell he been eating lard?


Anyone who can help me my lab is struggling with her weight and it’s starting to show. Any good ideas on good ways for her to lose weight. I take her swimming and on walks every day I just need some advice


>With Healthy Habits Translation: owners giving it less food.


And healthy food too


Little guy doesn't have the clearance to be fat. He's bottomed out in the first picture. He looks a lot happier now.


That's awesome, you can even see that the look of "kill me" has left his eyes. Thats great


good job dennis!


Why not 100% fuckin loser!


Looks like he shit another dog


Dieting works, fatties.


this is such bullshit, the smaller dog is clearly younger. y'all buying this?


Why wouldn't we? Good things are possible! 😁 https://www.boredpanda.com/dennis-dieting-daschund-dog-brooklyn-burton/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic


Lol. Dog would have so much loose skin if it lost the weight...


Another user said this earlier in the thread. The owner paid to have it removed. Good things are possible. 🤗 https://www.boredpanda.com/dennis-dieting-daschund-dog-brooklyn-burton/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic


That money could have gone to buy food for homeless people, instead some rich asshle spent it just so he could improve his dog's beauty standards.


It's not about beauty It's about health Don't parents do the same thing for their kids What's the big deal if a pet parent does the same for it's pet


Lmao is this satire? It sure made me laugh


I prefer him as a loaf but as long as he is healthy and happy that is what matters


You're Awesome!


Hope you have a great day!


They had to say he lost 79% of his body weight because it sounds lame to say he lost 8 pounds


Article says he was 56lb and is now 12lb. 44lb would actually sound like a lot considering his size. That’s like a 4-5 year old child.


Dogs weigh less than humans A fat dog would weigh less then a fat human A fat dog needs to lose less weight than a fat human to get in shape


8 pounds is the weight of about 13.96 cups of fine sea salt. Yes, you did need to know that.


Those are two different dogs. Am I the only one who notices this? Look closer. Nice try. 🙄👎


I think they just photographed a different dog after the top one died from a heart seizure.


There’s a whole article linked about him; it’s real.




They got him surgery to remove the excess skin.


That's great to see but also sad on the owners part for letting him get that way in the first place. Like come on bro what were you feeding him chicken McNuggets four times a day....


If you read the comments here, the previous owners were shitty and his new owners are much more loving


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Good bot.




Hooray for the skinny Weiner dog!!!


They should have never let the dog to get that big in the first place


That’s amazing!!! Good for him!


His color is better too! Great job with that wonderful pooch!