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Luck. I mean.. I’ve *probably* gotten covid and was asymptomatic Edit: Same


Same. I'm in a small room with clients for four hours daily. I'm honestly surprised that I haven't gotten it. I've worked on clients who were exposed to covid, but decided not to tell me until *after* I massaged them.


Wife and 2 kids had it in my house decided not to hide from it and never got it.


Maybe you gave it do them and was asymptomatic. And by the time they had symptoms you are already immune and if you did get tested negitive you may very well fully recovered as it does have over 1 week gestation period in your family while you were 'recovering'. Unless you got a test to see if you got immunities to show that you didnt have it.


My wife is a school teacher her and 2 others teachers got it from the same class and had symptoms with days of each other.


Roommate got it kept him isolated and just cleaned and disinfected frequently and immediately after he had to leave his room. I also tend to only get sick when under tremendous stress so I could've been asymptomatic and never known. Also a smoker though so the asymptomatic thing seems less likely.


I have had the same thing happen. I actually got covid from a client that was vaccinated with no symptoms but I was only sick for 4 days so I got off easy


Same. Luck, and those flint stone vitamins.


This comment has just given me a 'omg' moment. 40 years old and seeing it like that, I got it. Flintstones. Flint stones. Damn I'm dumb.


What are you going to have for break fast tomorrow?


I don't remember...


Ngl I thought it was a typo.


My mind has also been blown


This is the only possible answer for me. I go to a crowded gym twice a week, been in plenty of crowded restaurants and theaters, etc. I’ve been vaccinated, and think the only possible answer is that I’ve been asymptomatic. Anytime I’ve felt sick, I’ve done multiple home tests, and they’ve always come back negative. One of my friends just got it. I was hanging out with the kid for hours, and tested twice. Nothing.


Man you are so so so lucky. I have long covid (long term symptoms that last month's). I have temporary ( hope) nerve damage and sinus damage. Plus bad fatigue. Been off work for ages because I'm swelling in my right arm a lot due to random inflammation. Had all my vaccines too


I’m sorry to hear that. It just seems to affect everyone differently. I have a friend who can do a 100 mile ultramarathon, and he was down for a month. Another friend barely works out and it didn’t affect him any worse than a cold. Best to you on a speedy recovery, and no long term damage.


Thank you so much:) I'm fully vaccinated too.. my boyfriend is like you! He's never had it


In case no one had mentioned it: Vitamin D helps support nerves, and is recommended for people with nerve issues and inflammation...take lots! You can take up to 5000 IU daily without risk of side effects or complications. Source: I have to take vitamin D to support nerve function.


You can do the antibody test. I get one every few months and I’ve never tested positive. It happens.


I am in the same boat as you. Whole family had it and did not isolate and never got it. I did get a 102 degree fever after I got the vaccine though. It only lasted 2 days.


Yeah same here. With the booster I ended up vomiting and had a fever. I was completely miserable. My dad had a very similar reaction. My nurse mom said “that means it’s working, that’s a good thing it means you have a good immune system.” I thought that was a crock of shit until recently when my mom & foster brother came down with it pretty bad, & my dad and I are doing just fine.


I had Covid toes (google it). I had no other symptoms and continued testing negative, but the issues I had are spot on with being Covid toes. It was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but would flair up on one or two toes at a time so it lasted for weeks.


Coworker of mine for the longest time was in the Covid isn't real, it's not that bad, no worse than the flu until he got it. He got Covid toe and had nails fall off and it took 4 months before his energy levels went back to normal. He is an avid hiker and he wasn't able to hike more than a quarter mile before being spent. He said a quarter mile hike and the hike back were more taxing on his body than the times he did 20 miles in a day. He's back to normal now and Covid is finally a real thing to him.


> He's back to normal now and Covid is finally a real thing to him. It's sad that that's the case with too many people. "It's not real!" until it affects them. I blame misinformation-spreaders for making this pandemic worse than it had to be.


I had those too but it turned out that it was just regular chilblains because I wasn't used to working at home and my feet were cold all day.


What on earth?! Had no idea that was a thing!


Covid is causing so many problems! For example, I have neck pain, lockjaw, random inflammation swelling and nerve damage in my right arm. I had it in march! Lots of people don't even know they're actually suffering with long covid. I only know because a doctor diagnosed me.


Same I also have hobbies that are things I do myself and at school I took less crowded routes or came early bc I’m not good with crowds.


This is what we assume for our family. We’ve been pretty careful, but we still have to buy groceries and do things. Our son has to go to daycare now that we are back in the office a couple days a week. We assume we all got it asymptomatically at some point. Hooray for the vaccine being available for under 5s though.


Being a hermit probably


Same. I'm an introvert who stays inside and away from people a lot.




My dog is my homie. And I work outdoors.


Meanwhile I've managed to work every single day 10-14 hours a day for the past 2 years aside from a 8 week vacation, working in the service industry, on touchscreen devices of all things, without being sick (aside from a few food poison events that lasted overnight). Not a cough, fever, puke, sore throat, loss of smell/taste. I'm in my 30's and the last time I even had a check up was 12 years ago. I'm not in shape, not out of shape either but average, last time I was sick was 8 years ago and was told it was strep.


This was me through my 20s to my mid 30s. Now I get sick at least one time a year. Work thinks I am sick more though ,gotta use those sick days.


Yup. Aside from working remotely during the pandemic, my main hobbies are all solitary. My fav thing to after work is throw on my fishing waders and hit the local creek. The feeling of standing in cool water on a warm day while being surrounded by nature without a soul around is amazing.


Maybe a stupid question, but do you actually go fishing, or do you just throw on the waders to walk around in the stream? The latter actually sounds kind of fun. No judgement!


I fish for smallmouth bass and always catch and release. I suppose you could throw and waders and just explore, take pictures, etc. though.


Sounds similar to my weird hobby. I just roam around the woods and “collect” wildflower species. I never ever pick them just take photos, identify the species and plug them into an excel Worksheet. I have a list of the ones I’m trying to find but haven’t found yet as well. When I go on vacation somewhere the thing I look forward to the most is all the new species I’ll find. I have drove multiple hours away to just camp and wander around in a new ecosystem. I am unusually dedicated to this shit. I’m male and live in a redneck place. I have gotten shit for it but I don’t give a single fuck. Seeing a unique wildflower brings me so much joy. And yes I actively avoid people in the woods also lol.


This is such a unique hobby, I love it!


That sounds fun! Almost like a catching Pokemons, but instead it's wildflowers. Do you have an elusive holy grail flower that you've been aiming to find?


I have many but right now my number one and highly unlikely to find (it’s endangered) is Calochortus coxii. Google it, it’s the trippiest looking flower you’ll ever see.


Whoa, yeah… like a hairy flower. I actually used to live in Eugene, OR. I’m guessing you live in Oregon.


I just moved here. I’m on the line between the desert and the forested part. Drive an hour either way and it’s a completely different world.


I never understand why people have to hate on something that brings someone joy. Oh yes I do ,they are miserable fucks. You do you ,fuck um.


>I never ever pick them just take photos, That is so frigging wholesome!


I went to Colorado for a bachelor party and one of the activities was fly fishing. I'm not exaggerating when I say it eas hands down the best day of my life. I'm actively looking for another class or trip where I can experience that again. There is nothing like it on this earth.


I'm the same. I found it totally absurd when we were in lockdown I couldn't walk ALONE to the river and go fishing ALONE. You can't isolate any more than that.


Um, why couldn't you go fishing? You live somewhere with a strong enough lockdown to actually enforce that? Living close enough to a fishing spot to walk there makes me think of semi-rural areas at the least. Enlighten my American ass.


The only time I go out is when I drop my kid off at school or go to the grocery store.


Yup. Never have I been so grateful for social anxiety. Although I’ve been back in the office 3 months unmasked and others have tested positive. I’m thinking at this point I’ve had it and not known….


While only my husband is a natural hermit, the kids and I have become them too for now to stay safe.


I've worked from home for 11 years. I was a shut-in before it was cool.


That and N95, I attend numerous Covid positive patients


I honestly have no idea. Early February of 2020 we went on vacation to Hawaii, and on the flight down my kids were coughing. Then my wife got super sick. I never felt an ounce of illness and felt super guilty sitting on the balcony drinking beer by myself while she was sick as a dog the whole vacation. Then we got back home and we’re like “hey this COVID thing sounds kinda like what you had”. The only thing I can think of is that I got it and never noticed while we were there, since then I’ve gotten the vaccines, taken about a million tests….nothing. And I travel a lot for work, interact with a lot of people, so I don’t know why I haven’t gotten it.


This is what I think too. I have a very similar story…got sick right before Covid was on the news with the absolute worst flu (so I thought) imaginable. Then I was super exposed, as I’m a teacher, and we were back in person in August 2020. I really think I had Covid before I knew what it was, and that kept me safe through the first wave until the vaccine.


I think that's what happened to my husband and I. We got so sick , with what we thought was the worst flu - just like you- and then it can on news like a month later and I think that's what happened with us, too.


This also happened to my dad, my twin sister, and me. It was hellish but it passed. My mom was in the hospital during that time but come to think of it, the place they sent her to recover was horrible. Horrible staff, horrible conditions, and all three of us went to go and see her on separate occasions. So I think it was actually the facility that made us sick. My mom was not sick at all. Just in extreme pain after her leg was shattered by one of our dogs. We managed to get her home I’d say a day or two before they started locking down facilities because numerous people started dying from it.


Leg shattered by a dog?!


Well, see the leash got underneath my St. Mastiff’s giant paw and with how fast she was going they got tripped up and mom didn’t want the dog (still a puppy) to break its leg so she took the L. It was gruesome like bone and everything. She never lets the dog forget it.


They're doing studies now of people who have had close exposure but haven't caught it to see if there's any innate immunity


Oh at my mom's last job she had technically 2 coworkers and a supervisor who kept hanging around even when the higher-ups were like "hey, covid exists, please limit your exposure), and my mom is pretty sure that the coworkers, the supervisor, and one of the supervisor's kids all had covid, with the two coworkers having it in December 2019. So either I've been EXTREMELY lucky in that my mom somehow didn't catch it from them and then expose me to it (and my sister), or else we all had it and were asymptomatic. I really wonder how many people who still at this point haven't gotten any strain of covid actually *did* catch covid in 2019 and just had no idea.


We departed our Hawaiian vacation around December 20, 2019. The morning we were due to fly I woke up with a heavy cough, felt like I got hit by a car. I was miserable the whole 16 hours home, almost delirious. I was sick through Christmas and part of January 2020. But I haven't got Covid yet. My husband did and we are pretty much attached at the hip, but I still haven't got it. Who knows, could get it tomorrow.


i social distanced before it was cool. life long hermit. only go out to buy groceries.


Same lmao


Same except I’ve had it twice, I think I contracted it at the grocery stores too!


Me too. And I also still wear a mask when I get groceries or go to other busy areas (despite barely anyone else doing it). The one time I forgot my mask this year I caught the flu (or some other non-COVID respiratory illness, according to the tests). So, the mask stays on.


I was doing the same well before March 2020, but I caught it by going to my therapist's office two weeks before lockdown. The person I caught it from wasn't even there, but he'd been there shortly before I went in. Had it not been for that, I probably wouldn't have ever gotten it


Being away from society has it's perks plus it's cold here in Antarctica


Sounds like you have be best reason. Do you happen to be at Shirreff or McMurdo station?


Thou dost will to conceal thy location


Oh, in your parent's basement. Gotacha! 😉


Jokes aside, it's practically being sanitised that kept me and my family from COVID-19


wait there are settlement in Antarctica or just ships?


Over a thousand people live there in the winter, and a few thousand in the summer.


no shit!!! I would love to do that for a bucket list...


There's some good videos about it on YouTube, I'd check it out. It's pretty interesting


Yeah you’d think. I’d imagine it would be awful


Well, they need support staff to keep their bases operational. If you can cook or have other skills, maybe you can get a seasonal job there.


Hygiene, and a lot of luck. I worked through COVID at vaccine clinics, and with all that volume (thousands of people a day) you’d think I’d catch something. But nope, not even a cold.


All through peak covid I never got sick, and it turned me into a complete wimp. Now that I'm back to living a semi-normal life I get a cold every once in a while and I just can't cope like I used to


Luck, remote work, masking in crowds, getting vaccinated, doing what I can to keep my immune system strong (exercise, Vitamin D, eating healthy) and luck. Did I mention luck?


Same. I stringently complied with all precautions as I work in public health. We went remote, I ordered everything pick up or delivery, wear masks in public, and every time a family member told me about their "cold" or "crazy allergies" I noped out of their company for a while. I know I avoided Covid at least twice by doing this. I go out more now but still avoid crowds and mask in any place that'll be close quarters or more than one or two people.


Same +avoiding crowds like the plague


A combination of being a hermit, masking and sanitising in forced shared spaces like the supermarket and the cinema (ok, so I havent been forced the cinema, but I wanted to go and it's a shared space) and, I think the biggest one, the people i would share time with are also sensible about not sharing bugs. My colleagues who have had it didnt come to the office, my friends have isolated when they feel unwell.


My MIL lives with me and is a hypochondriac. The house and children are constantly kept clean.


professor mcgonagall said it best, Sheer dumb luck. I had to quarantine more times than I can count and every time I escaped somehow.


There is a small amount of Luck but vaccines, masks, distancing, work from home, sanitizing, etc all hep push the odd in your favor. No one can say with a straight face that those things don’t help.


I’m a ginger. My boss said “see, not even covid wants you.”


Staying home and avoiding contact with most people or friends that might have it. Also HYGIENE.


avoiding contact with most people or friends ~~that might have it.~~


I've never had it confirmed, I was kind of a germophobe even before Covid so I contribute most of my success to that.


Definitely this. I wash my hands a lot.


I have probably been asymptomatic, but I sont know that I have had it. Mostly keeping personal hygiene while out along with adding a small thing of hand sanitizer on my keys. Also removing all the ignorant fucks from my daily life.


Avoiding people. Going to the gym when is the least crowded, same with the store. No clubbing or parying either and only meet with friends if it's an open space


Yea parrying is still contact. Best to just dodge attacks .


Clubs are a pretty sub-par weapon category too, so probably best that OP avoided clubbing.


Everyone I know that went to Glastonbury has come home with covid. It's only 7 people from 3 families, but still, all the people I personally know that went, cane home with it. I'm not sure how many people attend each year? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Quick Google search says 200,000.


I wore a mask when I was told to wear a mask and I got the vaccines when I was told to get the vaccines. I didn't do anything special other than that.


It's almost like the health professionals know what they're talking about eh?




Yep, it hasn't been that complicated. And I've had lots of PCR tests mostly to be able to visit my grandson who just became eligible and received his first vaccine. Actually, our children and their families have not gotten it either. Hmmm, maybe we're on to something.


That and washed my hands a lot.


I did all that for 2 years (triple vaxxed, wore KN95 masks everywhere they were recommended, worked from home, social distanced, the whole bit), then finally May 2022 I took a plane trip (wore a mask on the plane) and got it. Luckily it was mild, but still not fun. Sadly at this point it’s still a toss up until we get new boosters.


Masks, washing/sanitizing hands a lot, not being very social and luck. Also have a pretty good immune system, never have been a sickly person. I also don't know if I have had it with no symptoms and just didn't realise.


1. When I was still working, I was masking the entire time. My work first gave us blue surgical masks, then started giving us n95s. 2. When my work was no longer mandating masking for staff and students, my doctor wrote me off since I'm pregnant so I've been home the last few months. 3. My husband works from home. 4. We don't tend to see many people beyond a small circle, the people we do see are still generally taking it fairly seriously or are at least respectful of us being concerned what impact covid could have on me whole pregnant. 5. Three vaccines. 6. Still masking any time we go out and generally only going out for necessary things. My husband golfs, but that's outside. 7. Sheet dumb luck on some level.


I just followed the rules and wore a mask


I'm a forest hobo and I live 8 miles from the nearest paved road. I wear a mask in stores, have had all my shots, and use hand gel. Most importantly, I make regular sacrifices to HORTH, the Inkuin god of health, rodents, and seasoning. HORTH sees everything via his agents here in the mortal plane: the squirrels. As a forest hobo, I am surrounded by squirrels. HORTH is always watching me. Since HORTH is the god of seasoning, I try to make sure that all my food is flavorful. The more herbs and spices, the better. If you're going to be a forest hobo, you can at least make your shitty food smell good. My hope is that any hikers or hunters wandering the wilderness will say, "Hey Bob, do you smell... curry? I keep getting the faint whiff of some kind of masala." Then Bob will say, "Yeah I can smell it too. Also, these squirrels are giving me the creeps. It's like they're spying on us. Let's go home." Anyway, that's how I haven't caught covid yet, thank you HORTH.


I have no idea. I sat across from my parents for an entire dinner as they were contagious (none of us knew) and my daughter caught it after only being near them for 15 minutes. I slept next to my husband for 5 nights before he finally went and got tested (he swore it was just a sinus infection) and never got it. I've actually wished I caught it so I had an excuse to sit at home for a week because nothing makes me happier than hermiting.


>(he swore it was just a sinus infection) I carry MRSA. I wear still wear a mask, I sanitize, I'm vaxxed, etc., but I figure that if any COVID happens to make its way up into my nose, the MRSA will beat it to a pulp before it can do any damage. MRSA is mean! Don't fuck with it!


my doctor told me if i got covid i would probably die cause of my major health issues. this was when it was a little more “serious” i suppose. i just stayed in my room and worked from home


My doctors said the same to me around the time people were complaining of wearing masks. Was a stressful time. Just tested positive last night :( it’s knocked me on my butt and I’m hoping my Covid vaccines can out do my immune suppressant shot I got two weeks ago.


Man Fuck those people that didn't want to wear masks. It's not that hard, and it might literally save someone's life!


Yeah, I was told I might not die, but my doctor didn’t want to find out.


I sanitise and/or wash my hands frequently and continue to wear a mask in public spaces. My daughter goes to school so god knows how she hasn’t gotten it or given it to us. But none of us have.


My friend sent me this: "I've absorbed so much hand sanitizer by now that every time I pee it cleans my toilet."


I'm assuming I'm immune somehow. I've looked after a few people that got it but still never caught it myself, slept in a bed beside someone that had it. Cuddled my daughter when she had it. Daily testing to make sure while I was caring for them and for a week after. Never had it. I got scared right at the start of COVID that I had it and had to isolate before lockdown became a thing but it was a false alarm. Right after I had a baby and was breastfeeding him everyone in my family caught it except my baby and I. At first I thought it was because I was a hermit but since having my son I've been out and about most days. Traveled back and fourth to another country to introduce my baby to his dad's family. Didn't get it. Had all of my partner's relatives appear to stay at my house, for a week, the day my son was born. Really didn't appreciate that as I was exhausted but still didn't get covid. Been on lots of public transport and of course hospitals. Still not sick. Never got the vaccine because I was pregnant and didn't want to be the guinea pig for that. Turns out I don't need it and they've stopped offering it anyhow. So make of that what you will. Then again I rarely get sick. I have loads of allergies but almost never get sick.


Four vaccinations, masking every time I'm out in public, washing my hands, and staying home most of the time since 2020. I have cancer. I can't fuck around with Covid.


I have no idea. I'm a respiratory therapist, and I was neck deep in it since the beginning. I don't think there's any one thing you can do. It's random as fuck. It has to be something to do with genome


Just luck? I may have had it mildly and not known. But I'm not about to shell out $70+ on an antibody test either.


My piss poor social life.


Luck, wearing a good KN95 mask (N95s don't come in kids sizes and I have a tiny face), and avoiding socializing indoors. Mostly luck though. I've picked up a number of nasty colds from my friends' young kid the past two years, but none have been covid. I have also been around two people who tested positive the next day and didn't get it. Also, from spring until fall 2021, it was thought I might have an immune deficiency (thankfully I don't) and I was super super careful during the delta wave because of that.


Getting vaccinated, wearing my mask, social distancing, and not going out when new cases were at their highest. I’m young and healthy so I’d probably be find if I got it but I’ve been seeing a lot of reports of long Covid and Covid having all sorts of other long term and unforeseen affects on peoples bodies. I’d like to live a long healthy life so I just did what I had to to avoid getting Covid.


I stayed home and if I had to go out, I wore a mask. It's actually really easy and we could have been done with all this bullshit if people weren't so shitty and selfish. PS I got the vaccine and booster.


High cannabis intake, wearing masks, vaccination, and being an introvert who seldom goes out due to trauma.


> High cannabis intake This is the only one I've done reliably and I also haven't been sick. And had to test weekly for work for about a year.


Didn't prevent me from getting it.


Curious about the cannabis bit. Has there been any discussion this helps?


Yes actually! [Cannabidiol inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication through induction of the host ER stress and innate immune responses](https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.abi6110)


We are doing our part.


I just now got covid for the first time 2 weeks ago, and I've worked in a hospital since the pandemic stated. Masks galore, and I got vaccinated immediately. Maybe some luck? I'm not sure. I got it recently because I went to large social event, everybody was vaccinated, but I just wasn't careful enough. It was definitely my fault.


Luck. Or either I’ve had it and been completely asymptomatic.


My wife and kids all had it and I've had close contact with them before they did. I never stopped going out. Even during the height of the pandemic. Hit the grocery store at least once a day. I work in New York and ride the bus and elevators with others. The only thing I did differently from the rest of my family is take a vitamin D3 every day. I started taking it a couple of years before the pandemic on the recommendation of my doctor. I'm in IT and sit inside too much so I didn't get a lot of sun. Not sure if D3 mattered, but it didn't hurt.


Me in Florida: ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I attribute it to the fact that I don't really like ppl so I stay by myself


Just luck I guess, I'd been in close contact with several people who then found out they had covid, but ive always tested negative If I ever had it I either got it in like February of 2020 when it was apparently just starting to appear in the US (I felt like I was fucking dying and for about a week, anything more than a slight inhale would send me into a coughing fit) Or I was asymptomatic


i wear masks religiously and also hate people so either way i wasn’t getting it. probably luck however. i’m an at risk group so I have to be more careful.


Not being invited to a lot of parties turns out to be an advantage for once.


It has required some changes, but they are not that hard to adjust to. * Isolation during high virus concentration in surrounding areas * Working from home 50% of the time * Wearing masks when meeting with others and indoors * Using gloves when buying groceries * Using alcoholgel as a quick handwash when I'm not near water/soap


Vaccination plus luck. I've travelled enough that I can't say I've been careful to avoid exposure. I went to fucking Vegas for a weekend before the vaccines were out.


Wearing a mask and working from home.


Since the start of the pandemic, I rarely leave my home. And then, as soon as I could, I got the vaccine anyway. Can't get COVID if you aren't around people sick with COVID.


There's a limited body of evidence that the nicotinic acetylcholine reaction plays a role in defense against covid / other viruses - smokers are suspiciously absent in covid ward statistics, it's not well-studied, and i can't explain what i just said any deeper than that. I'm not a smoker, i use snus, there's a dose of nicotine in my mouth good enough to de-mite at least 10sf of garden i also don't talk to people, don't party, and make very quick trips wherever i go


So it looks like some people have come to the conclusion that smokers are a lower percentage of Covid patients, but those studies have been flawed, partly because of the percentage of different populations in the study didn’t reflect actual populations, and it also looks like some of the people doing the studies were in a rush to publish so they weren’t peer reviewed initially. So the verdict is still out whether smoking actually decreases your chances of getting COVID-19. Idk. This study has a better explanation than I can give. https://ebm.bmj.com/content/26/6/279


ive noticed this about alot of smokers and make the joke that covid enters their lungs and doesnt see a livable landscape


I don’t go out much and didn’t go out much prior to the pandemic anyway so I dealt with not seeing people a lot better than most people did and so I didn’t break or bend the rules, I was using hand sanitizer beforehand anyway because I just didn’t like germs. I’m pretty cautious about touching things that others have touched and I keep my distance from people anyway and still wear a mask in crowded area’s that are indoors


Dumb, random luck. Everyone I know, except one person, has had it. Now, I'm just kinda like... Hm. Maybe I have had it and just never noticed? Maybe the tests I took were all defective. I don't know. I will never know, either. All I know is that I have never officially had covid and I am no super human.


Barely leaving the house, and when I do, I wear masks. Wife is the same. Kids did school remotely this past year and the year before. So no real risk of exposure. Coming school year will be in person, though, so I expect all that to change.


My youngest was remote for almost 2 years and went back this past school year and immediately got COVID. It was awful but he hit the honor roll all year after having to go to summer school the pandemic year. Not really funny but he got it while everyone was distancing and masking as soon as they dropped that at school he didn't even get a cold the rest of the year (shrug - he's an introvert and literally stayed inside the whole time) I have no idea why but that's what happened.




I was a very outdoorsy kid who didn't like to wash their hands. Resulted in an ironclad tank of an immune system. I can count the number of times I've been sick in the last decade on one shop teacher's hand.


I assume I've gotten it and was asymptomatic. I also vaccinated as soon as I possibly could. But that said - I don't do shit. There are three places I no longer mask - my home, my office, and occasionally a restaurant in off-hours. If I go on site somewhere for work, go in a business, go anywhere but those places, I'm wearing a mask. There's people who haven't seen my face for two years, or more. I also don't do shit anymore. Other than seeing one friend maybe once a week in said non-busy restaurant, I don't go anywhere. I've only recently (last few months) started going back in to my grocery. Until then I had them do the shopping and deliver it to my car. Might still do that anyway. I was never much for going out and doing shit, but even I've hit a point of wanting to do things. I've been playing D&D for two and a half years with people in my town over Roll20. We've done most of the campaign virtually. I haven't seen a movie in a theater since 2019. I haven't been to a bar or gathering since... Feb of 2020 maybe? It's still infuriating to me that people are acting like it's all over just because they want it to be over, then complain loudly when they get 'rona for the 4th time.


Lots of bourbon and not leaving the house


A wise person knows they can't know all; my son (who I live with and isolated when sick) got it but no one else did. Could be luck, could be a higher power, could be healthy immune systems...maybe all the above.


I had my 3 shots and I'm an introvert. I always stay away from people as much as I can.


Lots of hand sanitizer, masks, face shield, breathing techniques around others and luck. I'm immune compromised with 4 full shots and evusheld. I travel quite a bit through airports for work in hospitals and am perplexed I have not caught covid.


I live in an isolated place outside city limits.


Practiced good hygiene. I followed whatever “rules” were in place but beyond that I lived my normal life. I understand why some people took extra precautions beyond that. But I didn’t.


2020 I didn’t have a life beyond school and work beginning of 2021 I was at sea, spring 2021 zoom lectures, summer 2021 at sea again, autumn 2021 studying on campus but limited amount of students in a classroom, winter 2022 vaccines and a ridiculously good immune system


Good hygiene practices, masking, social distancing, and luck. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work since the pandemic started, and I still get tested before and after each trip even though it’s not required. So far, nothing but negatives! If I have caught it, I didn’t show symptoms. But I’ve always had a really good immune system, like a Spartan phalanx really.


Being a hermit, wearing a mask, social distancing, and ensuring the people I am around are themselves being safe.


Luck combined with wearing a mask when I‘m around a lot of people, basic handy hygiene, vaccination


Partially, luck. I live in an area where people have never really taken precautions seriously and our per capita rates of infection have been very high and vaccination have been very low. Largely, I live completely alone and I have isolated a lot for two solid years. I am conscious about group events. They are either with family (blood or found) I trust to stay safe themselves, or I do what I can to mitigate risk, like staying out doors, masks, washing my hands, etc.


I’m very careful about using hand sanitizer and washing my hands. I work with the general public, go directly into peoples houses and worked through the entire pandemic, work out in a public gym daily and somehow never got it*knock on wood*


I test a lot for work, so I know I've been COVID clean through the pandemic. Reasons in order: * No kids. (I literally don't know a single parent with school-age kids who hasn't caught COVID) * Mask whenever indoors or in proximity to untested folks. My good masks have a silicon seal to ensure no leakage around the edge. * Mostly remote work, never work in contact with large numbers of random strangers. * Avoid indoor settings unless essential. God bless curbside pickup. * Vaccinated. (declining in importance with current Omicron variant being what finally got most people in my cohort) * Treat house like a sanitised zone and wash hands with soap when returning from exposure. After extreme exposure risks (eg. hospital A&E) dump all clothes and shower.


I never stopped masking up in indoor public places. I honestly don’t get why people complain, wearing a mask is not that bad to me.


Always wearing a mask in public


Not being stupid.


Following the CDC guidelines


* Playing it safe early on and taking it very seriously * The ability to work from home * Vaccines * Luck Seriously, my wife got it and had it for probably for 2 days before she tested. I also went on a trip with someone and the day they got back they tested positive and I never did. I’ve generally had a strong immune system my whole life but not sure if immune system really matters for Covid at this point. Also very likely that I got it and had such minor symptoms that I didn’t notice or was asymptomatic


I only go out when necessary


Not giving a shit.


Avoiding it like... the plague?


I was obsessively using hand sanitizer until I was vaccinated


My SO got it and we live together. I never got it despite us not caring about it, being very close, kissing, having sex etc. No idea how a virus supposedly that contagious didn't catch on to me. All my tests were negative and hers were positive. Still haven't got it and I couldn't care less if I do. I'm 36. Healthy. Normal weight. Don't smoke. I was vaccinated but that was a year ago so the effectivness of them have mostly worn off. I think I might just be naturally immune/resistant to it, because I can't explain it any other way.


eating a clean diet, working out, taking zinc, Magnesium, Vit D3 daily


I hold my breath when i walk past people. I am very strategic about how i breathe around people in public spaces. This works 99% of the time. My family and i met up on memorial day. everyone contracted covid, except me. I live with my parents, who both caught it. I simply followed the rule of "no more than 15 minutes of contact." And when i did have contact with my parents, we werent directly across from each other, in the line of fire of being sprayed with saliva. Then finally i went somewhere with large crowds, where social distancing often enough to take a few breaths of air and hold it again would have been highly unreasonable. Thats when i caught covid If i am walking down an aisle at the store, i will make sure im a good 12 ft away from the person, and i avoid following the path of other people. I used to smoke. My thoughts are usually "if this person was smoking, exhaling smoke, where would the smoke be? Where does it lingure the most?" Thats what i avoid. Wherever the smoke would hypothetically be, that air is potentially contagious.


People will probably laugh at your first paragraph but it’s exactly what I do. Or, I time it so I breathe out when walking past people in close proximity. It’s kinda second nature to me now unfortunately.


Exactly! 💯 I been doing it probably since before covid, getting a whif of someone's breath is just gross. Id imagine its a normal thing people do


I have also been doing this the entire time, no idea if it makes a difference or not.


Natural immunity


Strong immune system


100% total luck. Wife and daughter have never had it. Did the social distancing, vaccines, and masking through February, but been doing normal stuff without masks since then with lots of concerts and travel and nightlife. Been around positive people (including me, my son, and my parents all on separate infections) and they still didn't get it from even those close prolonged contacts (as verified by negative PCRs). So there's definitely a genetic component or something that helps keep them from testing positive so far. Or maybe were just asymptomatic but didn't give it to someone else. I dunno, it's luck.


I live on a military base and all federal employees were required to get vaccinated (I did too, of course)


Washing my hands a lot, eating somewhat healthy and working out. I also wipe down my phone with disinfecting wipes and any other thing we touch/use often.


Staying home most of the time.


A lack of friends.


Getting all my vaccines, wearing a mask, social distancing, and only going out when I need to


People saying covid is fake please stop! I had got it and my condition had got very much worse did get most symptoms like no taste and smell which is terrible itself! Please maintain distance and wear a mask on!


One of my coworkers is the “most exposed” in the company and has never had it. He is a personal care aide and has been directly exposed in close contact on several occasions. He also said that he takes a medication daily for something else that is one of the treatments for it and attributes it to that. I don’t know what the medication is.


I barely left the house until this past January. I'm immunocompromised and live in a state where covering your mouth when you cough is considered oppression. I've gotten three shots, I wear KN95 masks everywhere, and I spend most of my time outside or with my dogs. I've been to no parties, no restaurants, and the few people I've spent any time with have tested negative before they come over.


I wear a mask most of the time I go out in public and stay home a lot


I havent been anywhere but work and the gas station since it started. Normally I get sick once or twice a year but I haven't even had a cold since covid started.


Luck and avoiding people as much as possible. I worked in an orthopedic office most of covid and always wore a mask and constantly use hand sanitizer and washed my hands and now the past 4 months I’ve been an administrative medical assistant in a fertility clinic. I have zero contact with patients and work in my own private office in a basement.


I have absolutely no idea how me and the gril havent had it yet. We are pretty safe, got the vaccine, used masks, we did wfh so it’s possible the wfh stuff worked? (So working from home?)


I think luck plays a role bc i go to the gym, etc, but except those few moments, I honestly don’t have a lot of social interactions. I just see the same 2-3 friends, and they don’t see other people neither. Also, I still wear my mask in some occasions (subway etc), wash my hands very often and don’t touch my face. When the restrictions where still actives, I never took off my mask, in any situation. And, of course, there is still the possibility that I had it but was asymptomatic.