My first daughter was born in December 2019.


My old lady cat died ):


I'm so sorry.. I recently lost mine too. I hope the grief has lessened a bit in time, and you can smile in remembrance.


Thank you. She was like 1,000 years old & had kidney disease so it was expected, but I miss her fluffy grumpy butt all the time. Recently lost 3 more pets to illness & it sucks, there’s just nothing to say about it except that it sucks sooooo much. I’m sorry for your loss too. Pets should live as long as we do so neither they or us ever have to say goodbye.


We had a porch kitty that we shared with several neighbors over the last decade. He seemed to like our porch the most, as we had a box bed for him for good days, and a repurposed foam cooler for cold days during which we'd put a hot water bottle inside as well. This was almost a year into the pandemic, but on NYE of 2020, after I'd gone to work in the morning (I saw him lounging in his bed, and he looked up and watched me pass as he often did) he died sometime during the day. I came home from work in the evening and saw a blanket draped over his box and I immediately hoped maybe somebody thought he was cold and gave him an extra blanket, but I guess deep down I knew exactly what that meant. To this day neither we nor our neighbors know what killed him. He was probably only in his mid teens, and he had been active and playful all up until that point. He just curled up in his bed and died it seems. I'm told that cats will often wander away from their homes to die, so I guess at least it was comforting that he stayed there so we knew rather than him just disappearing and leaving us all wondering.


Cats are so good at hiding their pain that you’d swear even the healthiest cat was still healthy, until a necropsy is performed & then you’d be like “How was this poor thing alive so long?!” I’m happy that you were able to have a connection with your porch kitty, that he enjoyed the spaces you gave him, & that he felt comfortable enough to die in a place of shelter that you made for him. It was very kind of you to look out for porch kitty & I’m thankful that he had you in his life.


Thanks. All that time I wished we could have taken him in (he did once nonchalantly stroll into the house when I had the door opened, and he got as far as the kitchen before we could shoo him out, never tried again after that) but pretty much everyone in our house has a debilitating level of cat allergy if one is indoors. He never really wanted for much though, and with at least two known houses feeding him, he became as finicky an eater as any indoor cat.


Aww. It’s really nice when random cats get to know you so well that they think they own you. My neighbor’s cat hangs out outside with me sometimes & I’ve even caught her meowing at me to go let her into her house, but I always gotta be like “Yo, I don’t live there, sorry!” Just the way she glares at me to go turn the door knob for her, it’s precious & priceless. Hopefully porch kitty will point another kitty in your direction who can use your help as much as he did. It sucks not being able to keep pets indoors, but outdoor kitties could always use the love & shelter. You & your neighbor are good people for looking out for him all those years.


Being bedridden for about 10 days with the nastiest flu I’ve ever had. The cough was worse than all the times I had bronchitis and the one time I had pneumonia. It was so bad I felt like my rib cage was going to explode. Then once the official “announcement” of covid came out, I realized I didn’t have the flu and everything started to make sense.


Same here! It was more then six months later before I could get an antibody test and my asshole insurance company denied it. I guess I’ll never know for sure.


I had to let my best dog friend of 14yrs go, my Grandpa passed away and I had a miscarriage all within a 2mo span. I'm ok now, but 2020 was a shitty year for the most part.


This was in the middle of November. I was getting ready to leave a job, but that wasn't really weighing too heavily on my mind at the time. I had to go into the city for a CLE course, and I don't drive long distance unless absolutely necessary so I took a train. I guess while I was in the city, a storm blew through, knocking trees all over the tracks. When I was leaving the CLE, I found that my train home wasn't running at all, and wouldn't likely be for a couple hours. I was not accustomed to this circumstance so I sort of waited around in a coffee shop for an hour trying to figure out what to do. I ended up taking a series of buses around the city and the long way home. All told, I think it took about 3.5 hours of riding the bus when the train would have been one hour. Frustratingly, I later found that the train route did start up again, so if I'd waited one more hour in that coffee shop, I could have caught a train and been home an hour and a half earlier. Also there was a huge pile of human poop on one of the bus stops in the middle of the city.


My sister was violently sick, I had to take care of her. It almost seemed like a really early case of the 'rona, but it hadn't hit America yet, so I have no clue.


There are some studies that suggest it may have already been here as early as December of 2019.


About the time she got sick, I think. Maybe one of the earliest cases, but we're so far out of the way of literally everything, i cant say for certain it was covid.


Participating in a huge choir thing at college in late December 2019.


It was funny because I joked with my boss in February of 2020 that if I sold x amount of dollars that quarter (I was on track to break some sales records) he should let me spend a year working on the beach in California. He said the company would never allow anyone to work remotely for that amount of time and then March came and…well it’s been almost 2 years now. So that’s one that definitely sticks out to me for irony lol


I saw the band Yacht in the side room of First Avenue in Minneapolis (where Purple Rain was filmed) and had an awesome night. The first half was them playing their newest album, then the second half was basically a dance party where they dimmed the lights and played dancier songs. Looking back, it’s funny that the highlight of my last pre-Covid show was dancing to “I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler.”


I guess this doesn't count since it was just a couple weeks prior to the lockdowns starting in March, so the pandemic was well known already, but I was starting a new job and there's a Regal Cinemas near where was, and I though it would be a fine thing to join their monthly subscription thing to watch unlimited movies. Figured I'd just stop by to watch a movie after work every few days if I was tired. Never got around to it, so I guess that worked out at least.


Economics exam.


Flew to Australia from the US in February 2020 to go on a cruise to New Zealand. Stayed in Auckland for a few days before flying home on Friday, March 13. NZ shut down that weekend, no flights in or out for more than a year. We had booked that cruise the previous September, before Covid was even a word. Somehow we timed it exactly right. We didn’t catch the virus, but my boss made me stay home an extra two weeks because I traveled outside the country. A vacation from my vacation.


Makes me think about my general physician. I had a routine physical exam in January I think, and while I was waiting in the exam room, I heard him briefly conversing with some coworkers about his recent vacation to Vienna during the holidays. I guess he just barely got that in in time. Coincidentally, I guess there had been just barely enough mention of some disease circulating in China that I jokingly asked him if it was something we were likely going to have to worry about.


Vacationing in Joshua Tree, March 3 - March 9, 2020. It was night and day going thru the airport. March 3, TSA was chill, standard, what you would expect. March 9, they didn’t even want to touch your bag. A week later I got laid off my job for a year. I did receive unemployment, read a lot of books about alcohol and cocktails. Now I’m a bartender and I love it.


Getting an apartment


I saw three concerts February of 2020. I had just turned 21. It was awesome. Now life sucks.


My best friend's destination wedding at the Stanley Hotel in February 2020.


Disney on Ice with my kids and brother's family.


Rapping for my students(:


Broke up with my toxic Ex and got a sword.


Starting dating a stripper/pornstar in march of 2020. Hard to believe that relationship didn't last