The Voynich Manuscript


I agree with this. Do you have a theory?


I kinda always liked theory that Leonardo Da Vinci made it as a kind of side project but at the same time it kinda doesn't make sense so I'm not really sure. But whatever it is sure has me wondering, what about you?


If it wasn't so long, I would say someone ate some "shrooms" and decided to write a book. Honestly, it's a weird one. I've watched 2 documentaries on it and looked at it quite a bit and I just really have not landed on a solid theory. I do feel like it was written for women, but by a man.


Who killed Jon Benet Ramsey.


Her brother. It was a child's fight that's gone wrong.


That's what I think too. And her parents covered it up. But they've never arrested anybody for it, so we may never know the truth.


Her parents were the richest in the neighborhood. They paid off the residents to be quiet about this. JonBenet was very quickly becoming a child star and it caused a rift between her and her older brother.


Who let the dogs out?


I put that in the back of my mind for years, and yet again, the question comes back to haunt me.


A co-worker and i took our dogs to the veterinary hospital where we worked. One day we heard a commotion in the large kennel area. These wWe kept an eye on the and saw what they did--My dog opened the door to the room to the room and then my friend's dog opened the opened the latches. Dog Party!


Dyatlov Pass


This one weirded me out. In addition to being batshit insane, there was also traces of radiation at the site….what?!


My money is on radioactive yeti


I believe they were a witness of something. And someone,maybe KGB, just killed them


Elisa Lam


The Newflix documentary did a great job is dispelling myths and gave a very realistic account of what happened. Knowing this story for so many years, I was satisfied with the conclusion.


I watched it and I still couldn’t put my finger on why I feel it still goes unsolved. There are a lot of coincidences that could be just that, but I imagine it’ll never truly be put to rest as only Elisa knew really what was happening.


Taman Shud


Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?


The murder of Nurin Jazlin. Happened in Malaysia. Someone kidnapped her while she was at a night bazaar. Some weeks (or was it close to a month?) her nude body turned up in a sports bag at a empty shoplot. She was found to have endured severe sexual torture and they found bits of vegetables that were shoved inside her privates and bottom. She was also beaten to the point that her parents could not recognize her. They had to make DNA comparison. This incident caused a frenzy in the whole of Malaysia. I remember parents pulling out kids from school and schools implemented strict buddy system to ensure no child was alone at any time. In some places there were police escorts too. An Indonesian woman was arrested, but she swallowed a SIM card that contained vital information on who did this to her. By the time they got it out of her system the SIM card was too damaged to read. We even brought FBI/CIA guys to assist. The case very quickly turned cold. NO ONE at the bazaar saw her being taken/lured by anyone. There was a CCTV footage that showed a man alighting a motorcycle and dumping the sports bag containing her body at the shoplot. This is where the CIA/FBI guys came in. We could not decipher the plate number on that motorcycle. Again, NO ONE at the shoplot saw the bike dude dumping the sports bag and leaving. Nurin deserved to get justice. Someone ought to pay for what was done to her.


Who killed tiger king


where did all my socks go?


The murder of either Jon Benet Ramsey or Madeleine McCann. Don't get me wrong it's obvious in both cases that the parents are guilty to some degree but I just wanna know, guys🤣 And if I can't have that it's this crazy weird murder that happened in a night club I frequently went to as a teen. It's such a brutal strange case and they never found out who did it and all the evidence is strange as well. Then there was another murder series around here that unfortunately targeted boys aged 4 to 8. It's believed that someone working for some kind of youth organization that makes him travel around a lot is committing these murders. Again, no real evidence here. One body was found in the woods not far from my High School and there is no matching DNA evidence or anything.


Why did the chicken cross the road?


To get to the Otherrrr Siiiide.


My father's assassination. He wasn't well-known or prominent. He wasn't wealthy or well-connected, but he was a good man. His wife, in my opinion, got away with murdering him. On his death, she made a comfortable life for herself.


Is David Bain guilty of murdering his family? It is a well-known piece of New Zealand history. I strongly advise you to listen to the podcast Black Hands, which is about the incident and inquiry.


The Chicago Tylenol pill murders


Why is not nothing?


The point of existence of life. I don't mean "we're born for a reason" kind of stuff but like the entirety of why and how are we and everything that exists here. I know there are religious answers to this but I can't seem to be completely satisfied with the answers I get even when I'm religious myself.


We are the universe experiencing itself.


whether there is true justice in america and trump goes to prison for the rest of his life.


Intelligent alien life elsewhere in the galaxy/universe


Boy in the box.


who am i ?