How to invest in Ark?

How to invest in Ark?


You need to open an account with a brokerage (like m1finance or Fidelity), transfer money into the account, and then purchase shares of ARKK (or another ARK fund). Go to nerdwallet.com to compare brokerages.


Thank you. That's what I was trying to find out, and I had googled it before posting, but wasn't having any luck getting an answer to my question. Perhaps I wasn't using the right terms. I finally found an article on Bazinga with comparisons of brokerage firms. ​ Do you know if there is a minimum amount to buy in? I could invest 1000 right now but if it's higher than that, I'll have to save up. Thanks again.


Mutual funds sometimes have minimum investments, but ark funds are all etfs, so no limit beyond the share price. And most brokerages support fractional shares, so even that usually doesn’t matter.


Thank you. Your information is helpful.


Arkk and ArkG


Arkk is a great general fund. Look at arkg. That’s the future of medicine and genetics. I own both. Along with arkw, arkq. Can’t go wrong with K, w or g


I agree with this. Start with K then when you start learning about each one you can diversify a bit more. Also because of Delta now is a great time. Temporary deflation will really help ark funds


Google is your friend.


I realize that. I had tried googling before posting on here. Perhaps I wasn't using the right search terms.




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